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  1. Stopped raining for a few minutes ... so took a couple of quick pics.
  2. No problem ... worth looking on the carista site first to make sure both your model and phone are compatible ... I think most apple and android phones are ok.
  3. Hi @Ala Larj Basically you purchase the obd2 connector from amazon then download the app to your device if compatible.There is a subscription cost for this but as my nearest Lexus dealer is 25 miles away the organising of an appointment, the cost of getting there and how fickle I am about trying things out and changing my mind over and over again I figured it was worth it. Just plug in the connector to your car and fire up the app. I have attached a few pics from the app but there are a lot more alterations you can make than I can show you. Hope that explains things a little better.
  4. Had the car about a month now and have to say really pleased with it, recently upadated the Sat Nav maps online from the original 2012 maps to the latest version 02-19-00 [2018-11-0] which certainly makes getting around a whole lot easier. Got myself a few bits and pieces like a rubber boot inlay protector and some fancy downlighters to go in the doors but other than that has most of what I want is in the car already. Purchased this week a carista obd connector on amazon for £15.99 which allows me with the phone app to customise loads of so called dealer settings see attached pics Will take some pics of the car next time I actually get a day off when it is not raining.
  5. I used this website yesterday to upgrade my Sat Nav in a 2012 GS250 with 12.3 ML upgrade ... it cost me £82 .... communication with them was immediate. It still had the original maps from 2012 ...02-12-00 [2011-11-0] so now upgraded to the newest available with Lexus 02-19-00 [2018-11-0] It was exactly as @Zotto explained earlier in this thread.
  6. I went into two different Halfords stores today ....The first one had the 522GW advertised at £149.99 with £30 off £119.99 ... The second had the same offer but also the rear cameras £49 with £15 off £34 ..... Went on to the website tonight as at the time was undecided which rear camera to purchase only to find them both advertised at full price. Queried tonight with one of there live chat bods who did not have an answer. So If in store prices are honoured this means As a gold member of the Lexus owners club you would get 15% off ... that would bring the combined price down to £130.89 .... Decent !!
  7. It's a 2012 GS250 Luxury with the Mark Levinson Premium Sound upgrade ... 25,000 miles on the clock.
  8. Hi, First time owner of a Lexus, only been driving for 45 years so about time I suppose. Just wondering if the GS 250/300/350 are all pretty much the same car but with different engines ? Taken me long enough I know but picking up my first Lexus this weekend ....looking forward to it.
  9. Welcome to Europe's Leading Lexus Club! Please Enjoy!