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  1. Hi All So I finally had time to go play with the wires, the seller was telling me this change would resolve the double click issue I did try to change it and I had the key for it as well, I managed to take the pin next to the orange wire out easily, but I think I pushed too hard on the pink one and damaged it So I couldn't take it out anymore, if anyone else wants to have a go and see if it resolves the issue, I would apricate it if you could let me know as well, then ill just cut the wires and change them if it resolves the issue.
  2. Moleman, This is completely optional. As I stated in the first post the item works without any changes and the issue we are trying to solve is minor, however changing cables isn't time consuming, its to know which cable and once we know this from the seller we can share it with everyone here and whoever is interested doesn't have to repeat the same process. That is only if you want to make sure it works perfect.
  3. Thanks Max, that's very helpful, I have sent them to seller and will share what he has to say
  4. Hi Max I am making progress but the communication with the seller is hard as they are not very good at explaining and the time difference Could you please take a picture of 1, 2 and 4 so I can exactly see each wire and draw a diagram and send it to them, so they can explain it better? I can share everything once its all done.
  5. it does not close my mirrors, no. Aw, no I just couldn't remember if it would close all doors or just the one. mine is the same as yours and no effect on the mirrors.
  6. So for the first part when I am talking about pressing the button twice, I am talking about lock button on the remote or the door handle not the mirror button. For the second part, when I put the car in gear, my car settings are set to lock the doors. since I have installed this in my car, I drove it a good few times and it only happened to me twice out of many times that mirrors started folding, this might just be a bug with the unit. locking it manually doesn't fold the mirrors, I tried that few times. Although I noticed something, I would appreciate if someone could confirm. when you using the lock button next to the door handle does the car locks all doors or only the one you are locking? (to avoid confusion im talking about the button that you turn and you have one on each door next to the door handle and not the one next to the windows buttons).
  7. Yes, I have the same one, I thought this was only used in case you need to swap the cabals of locking and locking wire for RHD cars.
  8. Hi John I installed the unit as it was right out of the box, and it works okay. It's just me that likes things to work perfect 😄 and also for me it's fun to learn these things and play around with them. If you just install it, it does the job the only issues you might experience is that to close the mirror you have to press the lock button twice and all these suggestions to change the wires is to resolve that issue. The issue with the automatic lock function when putting the car in gear only happens on rare occasion, but I am also trying to see how this could be resolved and will get back to you as soon as I have a solution.
  9. Hi Max Did you buy yours from the same link I shared in the post? I can't remember exactly how mine was but it look hell of lot like yours. I have already installed mine so I have to put some time this week to open it up and take it out again. I am talking to the seller so that I know exactly what I need to do before opening it up. They did ask me to send them a picture of the device so if you bought it from the same link that would help and I can send it to them and ask for clarification.
  10. Hi, So the product works okay as it is, I have raised the two issues I get with the seller, 1. To close the mirror you need a two button press to make it work 2. Sometimes when putting the car in gear and the car lucks the doors it will also close the mirrors but I am finding it very difficult to understand, here is my conversation, I would appreciate it if someone can explain what they trying to say: Me: I have received the product and installed it. the product works fine when unlocking the door, but it doesn't close the mirrors with a single press. Could you please let me know what is the problem here? is the product faulty? Seller: could you adjust the pink wire? Me: Sorry could you please elaborate on the instruction. What exactly do you want me to do with the pink wire. In the first pic you are pointing at the pink wire and blue one in the corner? do you want me to swap them? and at the bottom of the picture you want me to swap the blue wire with the white one? Seller: change the pin wire to the pin beside the orange wire Me: So I only need to change the blue wire with the orange wire that are pointed out? also when I put the car in gear when the car automatically lucks the car the unit folds the mirror, how can I fix this? Seller: the white wire of the product is ACC, does it have 12v when starting the car? if no, cut the white wire, then the controller side connect to ACC This was the chat with the seller, does any one understand what are they saying?
  11. YEah I might just do that. Is the picture the model you had in your car?
  12. Hi All Sorry I am a bit of a noob here, and I don't understand when you guys are talking about grom etc., I assume that's the type of screen. Can someone dumb it down for me and advise me if I can upgrade my system with a potentially bigger screen and one that I can mirror my android phone on to it? I would like to still be able to access the car functions on the screen. My car is an old model (2013 is 300h F-sport), so I'm not sure what model will fit my car. I would also appreciate it if you could advise me on where I can get a good reliable system, the price, and whether it's simple enough to do it myself (is there an instruction video link you can share). Also if it helps I have the "" mouse type.
  13. Sorry to be a bit ignorant, but how do you know when you need to replace them? I used to replace the blades every 18 months on my old car, but I had my Lexus for the past 3 years without changing them, and I don't see any problems with them. The only thing is that the passenger side squeaks a bit, but reading the reviews it seems like so as some of the new premium models.
  14. Can the 10" screen be bought separately as an upgrade? is it easy to replace? and does anyone know the part number/ price by any chance?
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