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  1. Hi i've an Lexus CT200h 2013 with the panasonic media system. It works good streaming audio to the system but when im trying to make a call with the phone (using the phone, the vocie controll dont work) the system puts on pause. I have tried to following this vidoe when connecting the phone: And have noticed that i cant choose "device type". Now im thinking: 1) Is my iphone XR not comaptible and i need to update the car 2) mabye my car cant make calls? 3) im stupied and dont know how to make a call with my car. Im very thanksfull for help and yes i have been searching the web for information. 🙂 /Johan
  2. I will soon buy my first Lexus and it will be a CT200. I wonder which package that includes a sunroof?
  3. Welcome to Europe's Leading Lexus Club! Please Enjoy!