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  1. UPDATE** I was multi tasking at the time and maybe the keys were in my bag after all, ive got loads of keys for work and must have got hem mixed up. Only explanation is it must have been in my pocket the whole time. i used that windows down feature this summer actually and its great when its hot out there. sorry for posting in the wrong place, i posted using my phone and done it quickly. thanks for moving this post and everyones help.
  2. Well atleast it wasn't snowing right lol. No I haven't touched the engine, mainly because I know nothing about cars lol. Took it for an oil and filter change the other day but that's it.
  3. It's not that mate as I never pressed the button on the keys and the keys were in my bag in the staff room at the back, weird huh... Thanks anyway but I still don't mind getting it deactivated, they might charge too much though
  4. I'm just at work and my colleague told me ALL of my car windows and it's pouring with rain. Went to check it out an all the windows were fully down, can't believe it as I didn't open any windows this morning and now all my leather seats and interior are full of bloody rain water. Has this happened to any one else just windows opening randomly? Lucky I'm parked in staff parking at work but now worried when I park somewhere else and someone can steal it 😞
  5. Your comments about the police are illogical and based on emotions. This man has had his car stolen, let's just hope he gets it back and the thief's caught and prosecuted to full extent of the law.
  6. sorry to hear your car got stolen, hopefully they will recover it and then consider a tracker
  7. fair enough then, i guess it could happen. I used to have a RX300 and loved the power boot, made it much easier for the weekly shop. im still gonna try it with springs though. guess it comes down to personal preference whether people want them done
  8. i've never heard of that before, how do you even open the boot without knowing, even if you do, you can see if open in the rear window straight away, so pro's outweigh the cons. sounds like really bad luck for that person at your work.
  9. just in case anyways tries this - dont use bungee cords. I just finished trying them and they end up snapping lol
  10. I just came across this video of this guy fitting some springs for his boot so it opens fully when pressing the release button on the fob. I'm gonna attempt to fit one myself on my IS250 2007 but was wondering if anyones ever tried it or seen a guide anywhere to help me out out? Thanks, heres the video by the way
  11. Hi, I just bought a Lexus IS250 SE-L 2007 and looking to take it for a full service. I was about to book it in at my local kwik fit then then I thought to try a Lexus specialist instead. Anyone know any within about 1 hour or so away from Luton by any chance? I came across one in north London called JEM but was wondering if I could any any feedback or other recommendations please? Thanks 🙂
  12. Thanks, how long did you have your RX300 for and how many miles was on it when you got rid of it? Just wondering how many miles it can take as mine is high lol
  13. Thanks for the welcome, one of the reasons that swayed me into buying this particular one was the wheels on it. It has the Lexus logo on them so figured they are official but didn't see them on the others RX300's I had shortlisted. I also tinted the rear lights, got 2 dashcams fitted and debadged the rear. I just took these photos this morning and yes I know I need to take it car wash tomorrow lol.
  14. Hi, I've just bought my very first Lexus, I've had it about 2 weeks now and just getting used to it, love it so far. I don't know a great deal about cars so wanted to join a forum, this looks like a good website and looking forward to getting involved in any banter also lol.