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  1. I do not have any AFS only Auto lights button that can switch between low and high beams automatically. I think Lexus does not use this technology on Full-LED lights any more like on HID(xenon).
  2. I looked up in manuals and it only says AHS is optional but it comes as standard in Luxury package........and if I understood correctly fog lights are used for lighting the corners. So is it possible that lights go only up and down when you push the Start button and do some auto leveling only or they can move left and right too but only at certain conditions or this AFS system is only available in America where IIHS make tests, but I do not think that EU an USA models are different. I think they just made a mistake AFS instead of AHS.
  3. Hello guys, I have my lexus now for about a year and i still don`t know if it has Bi-led lights. It is luxury package with Triple-Beam LEDs, when I push Strart button they make some weird up and down dance but I didn`t notice them move left and right when I turn the steering wheel. I found some tests about the Headlights on IIHS (link:https://www.iihs.org/ratings/vehicle...019#headlights) and they wrote curve adaptive? as yes. Please if you could tell me something about the lights, how they actually work?.
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