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  1. Hi Darrin. I Invested in a karcher, two buckets and a load of products recommended by my detailer, even bought a hot air blower to dry the awkward bits. Only takes three hours to wash and dry now. Wife not happy. No more public car hand washes any more.
  2. Was done in Coventry and Cost about £900. Worth every penny.
  3. You wont be disappointed. Had mine done by a detailer when I had a ceramic paint protection put on. Rain water will bead and just blow off your wind screen at 30mph and the water will not stick to the side windows. Even helps when other cars have frozen windows yours will not. Good for 12 months as well.
  4. Gyeon Q2view at £22 will do the job if applied correctly. I have it on all my windows and can honestly say it is awesome.
  5. It's been a few months of ownership now and I realise the lexus protection paint pack is not as I thought it would be. So off I went to my local detailer and after one week I have a full Ceramic coat and It looks awesome. Highly recommend. VID-20200111-WA0010.mp4
  6. I could be wrong but... it sounds like it could be an issue with the brake servo or master cylinder. I have seen this problem with cars in my previous life as a mechanic. Far be it for me to question Lexus technicians, I haven't touched a spanner in years and not up to speed with current technology. ABS sensor fault would just flag up an alarm without brake failure (red herring maybe).
  7. Hi all. Collecting my new NX this week and planning ahead. I have paid £620 for the paint and wheel protection pack and think the cleaning chemicals that my local £6 hand wash peeps use will ruin it. Question is. Can I use my current collection of Poorboys waxes and shampoo with carnauba wax or do I need synthetic stuff? Just purchased a pressure washer and snow foam adaptor. Which snow foam is safe to use with the Lexus protection treatment? Thank you for reading my post and will value all advise. Regards Nige.
  8. I'm sure it will. Waited 4 weeks so far. Nearly there. Was plannning to keep it well into retirement.
  9. Hi. Been in the motor industry all my life and always admired Lexus. Now I have ordered a new NX due in 3 weeks. So excited....
  10. Welcome to Europe's Leading Lexus Club! Please Enjoy!

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