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  1. I've been in talks with Lexus Cardiff about potentially sourcing a GSF for a P/X. They have said that the market for RCF/GSF/LCs is so tight right now the cars are flying off their lots within days. Cars often don't get listed because they have a waiting line of customers who will take one any day. The latest RCF they sold was sold within a day, 4 weeks before the previous owner was ready to part with it. LCs right now are selling for silly prices too but from what I was told the shop manager was bidding at above suggested price just to get one into their showroom. So it's not even like the garages are making any money on these cars.
  2. Adrian Flux always gets a +1 from me, very pleasant bunch to deal with.
  3. One more point to add, I'd be intrigued to see if it could potentially be brought to phase out the RC. As the GR86 is supposed to start it's pricing at £28k, Lexus would need to start from mid 30's, which brings it very close to the RC300h starting price. And I'm worried that Tetsuya Tada would completely disagree with slinging so much added weight into a lightweight chassis with the hybrid option.
  4. As a current twins owner I'm following this quite closely, Toyota is bringing the GR86 to FOS next month. Having said this, however, the hybrid combination is what worries me the most in the Lexus rumoured offering. I'm absolutely happy to have a CVT in the GS as it's comfort orientated, however this vehicle deserves a more sportier drivetrain. I will wait to see the official release, who knows maybe the rumours are not right?
  5. Hi Lexiguy, From what I know, Lexus Cardiff have just accepted a px'd SC430 facelift with around 60-70k on the clock in mercury metallic and cream interior. It might be worth keeping an eye on their listings or simply giving them a call?
  6. Hot hatches, whichever ones you are looking at will never provide you with the same class of comfort inside. Even the F Sport boasts luxury of which the spartan hot hatches will leave much to desire. If you are looking to get a hybrid and are worried about performance/MPG - it's probably one of the worst choices you can make. The car will not bring you great fuel consumption numbers if it is being driven like a diesel and you will simply find yourself not doing the fast lane speeds because there is nothing in the car to make you desire it. The gearbox feels sluggish as there's no kick in the back but don't be fooled, the BHP numbers do not lie and the 450h can shift just as well as the rest, only not as suddenly. Driven reasonably you can start seeing >40MPG but your partner will start calling you granddad - just like your mates will when they see you pull up in a Lexus. However, I bought mine whilst comparing it to a BMW 5, Audi A6 and a Merc E - all of which I've driven and considered for a long time. The performance wasn't on par with the 3L drivetrains (especially as I've gone for the gs300h), however it was an all round better package - no brand could match the interior design and ride comfort and that was the winning argument for me. Reliability wise it will take you further than most others, consumption will be really good once you've driven it for a while and possibly changed your habits. Just don't fool yourself thinking you'll be able to use it to carry anything more than a few passengers and a suitcase. I do around 25-30k annual motorway miles and couldn't think of a better car to choose - it's quiet, comfortable and reliable. Plus a good Mark Levinson is better than the same age B&W or Bose.
  7. That interior is so unabused. Look at the drivers seat - barely any creases in the leather especially considering the mileage. Will make a nice buy for someone willing, I'd say the price is justified, just a shame about the bonnet bubbling!
  8. Selective door unlocking setting must have changed. It can be modified using this method in your vehicle:
  9. Bird droppings are a one big nightmare, however I always carry a bottle of No Rinse Shampoo around with me and have dealt with a few dropping this way whilst away with no issues. Another great product to have on you is Gtechniq W8 bug remover. Essentially what you need to do is soak the affected area and let the liquid emulsify it, there are many products that will work better than just water. Let it really soak for longer until you think about removing it abrasively. Depending on what the ***** has eaten this may require compounding later but depending on the condition of your paintwork you might be better off leaving it as it will become less noticeable with every wash.
  10. +1 to this, other options will only appear once you're following a navigated road as it's unable to predict until it's en route.
  11. I'm on the same boat as yourself, I did read somewhere in one of the posts on the forum (There are now 4 threads regarding this topic) that Lexus shall refund the warranty cost on a pro-rata basis however I'd like to see how proactive they will be at doing that.
  12. Is he trying to double charge that car? What's plugged into the lorry? By the way... How many signs is enough to designate a Tesla parking spot?
  13. Sorry if this isn't going to help but I have found a manual extract for your exact year and it seems that the procedure is slightly different to the one mentioned above. Seeing that you didn't get a beep then maybe the key pairing hasn't worked properly yet? You say one has been successfully remembered, but have you always had it paired to setting 1 or have you set it between 1 & 2? I remember it working correctly on the earlier LS430 model however this may not be the same in your gen. Are the keyfobs at all different from each other?
  14. So what happens to those that have taken out the Extended Warranty recently and instead of a refund would like to run it until the end? If I take my car for its next service which will automatically trigger the Lexus Relax will my extended warranty be overwritten? Looking at the list of inclusions I'm most worried about the shock absorbers as they have previously came up as "advisable replacement" about 15k miles ago during the service, something I've been told did not yet require replacement as there was only "slight misting" observed on the shocks.
  15. AFAIK there are no limitations as every key can be assigned to a position on the 1-3 memory recall. Although a model up this is the instruction for the GS in the owner's manual.
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