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  1. Funny we should mention our downstairs neighbours... I'm currently accommodating a few French engineers at work, my gosh don't they complain about the quality of our food! Granted they are normally presented with whatever nonsense the local M&S stacks their sandwich aisle with, but you'd think they're being rationed canned meat and potatoes!! They were given a choice between that and best local Staffordshire pies and they couldn't run away quick enough! I don't think they were too pleased with their hotel and the dinner menu, lack of cheese selection I heard... Apparently cheddar is no camembert...
  2. MK4 GS is a thing of beauty. Great fuel efficiency, outstanding build quality and passenger comfort. The later, facelifted models came very well equipped and the only thing you could miss would be Android Auto/CarPlay available only in the latest Lexus models. One thing I can definitely confirm is that you don't chose the GS if you're reliant on the versatility and ability to fit many strange items into your car. Small boot for its class and non-folding rear seats could be a deal breaker. But if you can get past that, a GS is a class above the IS with regards to pretty much everything. It's also worth noting that they are one of the quietest interiors tested at time of production, long journey comfort is second to none! With regards to Mark Levinson - to me it was a must. Standard radios fitted are very pedestrian and although you won't complain about the lack of bass if you turn it up enough, don't be expecting any decent performance. If it is already something you're contemplating on, I would not go for a vehicle that doesn't have one (good luck finding an IS with ML by the way). One thing to also note, ML system installed in the GS is very much inferior to those installed in the later Lexus vehicles. If you have a chance, make your way down to the dealership and compare '16-'19 GS with same year RX and you will see what I mean. Whilst you're at it, some dealerships might have a few GS to look at, especially down south.
  3. Is exactly my feeling. Lexus is a very niche brand as it is. Their CVT offering for most vehicles has scared off too many potential buyers already, thus making some of their models become very scarce - facelift MK4 GS450h F-Sport being a prime example. Because of the small numbers sold, there is little in the second hand market to be choosing from. Speaking from a perspective of a second-hand market buyer, this leaves me with much less options when looking for my next vehicle. Beggars can't be choosers, but it is nice to know that when looking for a certain vehicle you are presented with many offering to suit your liking. In many cases with previous models you only had to look for a certain grade + ML pack. For instance, suddenly whilst looking for a new ES, one is found looking for F-Sport Takumi Pack because the F-Sport has already been stripped of some of the features the GS F-Sport would already have had as standard. Now if Lexus decides to start offering their customers the ability to save some dollar to have the F-Sport styling on an otherwise bog standard vehicle, I'm sure many would be happy to make the compromise. Their NX couldn't possibly handle well anyway regardless of the suspension set-up, why not save and go for the spoilers kit only package? But along the way there will be a selection of features suddenly missing from 50% of the F-branded vehicles. This already has been the case in the USA, we're lucky in the UK to have our options previously restricted by the franchise that runs the market, their ordering system bundles features and sells them as a specific grade, so hopefully this will remain the case for us to some extent. Although this is already proving quite challenging when looking at the available spec for the '22 NX. With regards to the "proper" F cars... It's 2021, we're currently busy pretending to be trying to save the planet... The harsh reality is we only have 9 years left, ICE's are on their way out.
  4. Interesting. Are they slowly becoming like JLR? Will there suddenly be a thousand optional extras to each vehicle? I wonder how much of this ethos will trickle down to the small UK market.
  5. Potenza? Bridgestone have been a long time Lexus supplier, so it is no surprise there! I may have learned that very thing from autopsy - GT86, cold primacy's, roundabout, kerb.
  6. Thanks for the update Marcus, sounds like you managed to save a significant amount by going the non-OEM route!
  7. I'm surprised there's no OEM refurb option especially for parts such as these. I wouldn't class shocks as consumables on road cars though. This is the first car that I come across where they are known to fail at low mileages. I mean shocks have been replaced before brake discs on my car which doesn't seem quite right.
  8. I am yet to come across anyone who isn't at least twice my age driving one of these though, must mean only the wisest choose to own these. The second hand market is therefore full of low mileage, well maintained examples, I see no negatives!
  9. I've been very fortunate to still be within my extended warranty period. Strangely enough though, it popped up early at 40k during service and MOT; it was noted that the car had "misting" on the rear shocks. Then nothing during it's 50k service 6 months later. Year on after the 40k - next MOT and 60k service it was an MOT fail but had the components replaced within a two weeks under the warranty although Relax wouldn't have covered it as you pointed out correctly. I was quite... shocked... seeing that it wasn't the first part repaired under warranty on a less than 5 year old car at the time.
  10. @ALAW there are many things to improve on and get a better foam. Without listing the obvious "upgrade your kit" advice, try simply warming up the 1L mix by either keeping it in the bucket of warm water (if you use warm for washing your car) before spraying or boiling a kettle and using that to mix up with the foam in a ratio of choice. Your dilution ratio may need playing with as well. Generally, I'd maybe try a different chemical? I found the ValetPRO Ph-N Foam to be very good in the bubbles division.
  11. +1 to this, we'll bring our RCF. This year's Japfest was probably the worst I've been to although this might be due to inability to bring my 86. My favourite part of the day was watching th F1 on a tablet whilst attempting to listen out for the very few nice sounding cars on track at inside of Copse. Grandstands at Brooklands were closed, UK Drift Championship decided to show up during Trax in October instead so no fun from those guys either. Although there was a red RCF in the facebook 's Lex Nation!
  12. Very good question, although I can only really recall drivers from 21st century. What I know of pre-2000's comes from literature or third person opinions, so I'll only include a handful. Alonso, Schumacher, Ricciardo, Verstappen, Trulli, Sato, Pre-2009 Massa, Leclerc, Lauda and of course Senna. Then the "reserved" ones: Hakkinen, Hamilton, Raikkonen, Lauda (notice he's on both lists), N Rosberg, Sainz Jr, Norris, Barrichello, Button, Vettel, Post-2009 Massa.
  13. Totally agree with part one, Hamilton used to be the most consistently performing driver, and the one thing that set him apart in all years was his ability to improve as the season goes on - this is the one thing for me that I'll remember him for. Many drivers, Vettel for example would peak mid-season and would struggle to keep the points coming after the summer break. Hamilton, even during the '16 season where he won the last four races, is incredible in keeping his momentum and focus until the end of the championship. What I have to disagree with is the fact that they both drove for a "totally dominant" team during their WDC years. Lewis Hamilton, from his first outing on the track, has been driving a world championship contender. The McLaren he was in, of course whilst disqualified from constructors championship in 2007 came very close to the Ferrari of Kimi, who clenched the WDC that year. But then went on to marginally win the WDC in 2008, even then Felipe Massa would have easily won the championship had it not been due to his retirements or, in the least, his team's mistake at the Singapore GP. This is the one year where Lewis had won with not the fastest car but definitely a top runner. His Mercedes titles are very clearly due to the car. Michael's fortune was quite a bit different, and very often he had to put a lot of work with the team in order to get the car to P1. He spent years at Benneton and Ferrari before claiming his titles. His 2000 title saw him retire in three races in a row. 2003, Kimi nearly managed to steal the WDC from him and BMW were a very strong car too. Yes, 2004 will go down in history of dominance, however it is very clear to me that Michael has played a crucial part of developing the cars to get them to there. Lewis had to just get the car across the finish line, Michael had to help his team get to that. I have never been a fan of Lewis, his Ryvita personality changes every year. What I have come to respect and admire about him over the years is his efforts with the Hamilton Commission (although sceptical me sees that he started riding on the wave of popularity of BLM, wasn't ever feeling like doing anything until pressured by those around him in 2020), and his enduring performance. In any elite sport, and I think Tom Brady is a great example of that too, it takes absolutely everything to stay on top of your game for as long as these men have. Lewis' 15 years in the sport is something truly remarkable, but it's not been enough thus far to make me his fan. What I will always disagree with is claiming Lewis is the greatest driver to have graced the paddock. He's up there, but far from 1st. There have been many other drivers that have championed their peers with their performance. If we look at Lewis' 2009-2012 years he was found coming short of his teammates, something we haven't seen from the likes of Schumacher, Hakkinen or Jim Clark. Yes, he may be the cleanest multi WDC winner, but he's also the master of staying in the "grey area" where many of his wrongdoings go unnoticed because they don't include directly taking out his competition (Schumacher, Senna, Prost) or resorting to tactics such as Renault's Crashgate.
  14. Hello Roger, I cannot personally confirm until I get in the RX this weekend, but have you tried referring to the manual? This is what I found with a quick search, if you select the side display to display navigation information you should be able to select "Highway" thus displaying the information you need:
  15. Hi Pablo, welcome to the Forum! Hopefully you will be able to find plenty of information amongst all the topics available. If not, don't be afraid, we are a friendly bunch I'm sure someone will be happy to help!
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