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  1. Ended up being the discs warped. Had to change all 4 of them!!! NOT good...
  2. I see 3 of em every morning. All downstairs of my office building... chauffeurs waiting for the bosses to be whisked off somewhere! Very nice indeed, although i think the front end looks too similar to a Toyota Camry! I guess you guys over in UK wont have the problem as Camry is not popular there at all...!!
  3. Hmm... well i am booking it into Lexus HK this week, so we will see what they say! Really dont wanna cough up $$$ for another set of discs!
  4. I am having the same problems... shuddering under braking! I only changed my discs during the last service bout 8 months ago. Took it into Lexus here in Hong Kong and m total service bill was HUGE. Could there be any other reasons for the shuddering???
  5. Looks nice, but the grill looks a bit too Mercedes Benz...!?
  6. Gotta admit he does a bloody good job... and what is the cost of the detailing compared to the price of the car?? He uses some pretty fancy waxes which cost a bomb as well... from what i remember on the top gear episode that i saw..
  7. If it said Will, then its a Toyota import. Its a small civic size car available only in Japan and america and uses the same 190bhp engine found in Celica's... There are some pics on that website.... its a WiLL VS. There are quite a few imports of them here in Hong Kong
  8. Aido, you beat me to it! I was gonna say the same thing...
  9. I am based in Hong Kong and currently run an ES300 which is doing what it says on the tin. However, i am looking for something more fun to have a play with and have seen a couple of 300ZX's, Mitsubishi GTO's which are going for peanuts now! Which do you think is better? I hear there are some probs with the auto GTO's and that they are quite heavy!
  10. Yeh, i was wonderin what happened to it... the thread just kinda died!
  11. I have just got a throttle repsonse mod for my ES300. It it some electronic thing that plugs under the throttle pedal and improves reponse dramatically. Think it only works for automatic cars, although I dont really know to be honest! haha.. I bought it in hong kong for 250 EUROS. Its called a 'Sprint Chip' Instant improvements...!! Its great!
  12. Another way to quickly improve performance. Add a "Sprint" Chip. Went down to get my car serviced the other day, and my mechanic asked if i wanted to try it out. Basically some computer wizardry which you plug under the throttle pedal, and there is instant improvement. My car accelerates much faster with it and also revs higher!!! Its great fun!
  13. I found a pretty nice SC430 with low miles and full service history. Car is black, with the beige/cream interior. It is a HK car, so its a Lexus rather than a Toyota Soarer, however, the asking price is a little high on $380,000 with some room for negotiation.