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  1. Thanks for all the replies, 1). It was better Sept /Oct around 38/ 45,I notice that the petrol starts and stays on for longer while it warms up. I do 100 miles Motorway @ 65/70 and 120 miles local driving but no bad traffic.The car has only done 18,000 miles so I am hoping it might get a little better. LIGHTS.--- my LED upgrade light bulbs arrived,they are fantastic,they have a perfect cut off so they don't affect oncoming cars. the focus did not need to be changed they were the same. they are not easy to fit,took a little modification.
  2. So I have my 300h luxury for 4,000 miles and I have got to love it,I did do a lot of extra soundproofing and bought a centre consul shelf,a sun glasses holder to replace the over head handle.( all should be standard) I bought beige mats which look great,I fitted parcel nets on each side in the boot ( should be standard) I fitted mud flaps and I fitted additional rubber sealing in all doors to prevent mud getting in. i have had Mercedes for 20 + years which had all these as standard,the Lexus is a lovely car,it drives well it is now very quiet. i have ordered headlight up-grade bulbs as the lights are not good on main beam with the obsolete halogen bulbs ? The car is far more expensive on fuel than my 220 CDI 9 speed (55 to 60 mpg) just driving it,the 300h is doing 33 / 38 mpg and that is trying,if I don't try it is 30 / 34,( imperial gallon) yet I would not go back to the Mercedes.It is a pity they don't make a plug in 300 H like Volve which would make the Lexus a real dream car.
  3. No you are not correct,if you were to come to live in Ireland with dual citizenship all your own cars & your partner cars would be exempt from VRT provided they were owned & registered to you foe 6 months before coming here and your MOT would be accepted for the remaining time. my hobby is restoring old Rolls & Bentleys and I buy all of them from England and these are exempt from VRT I also Import Motorhome's which have a low rate VRT,what has astonished me is when I bring one into Ireland with a long MOT they are usually failed on our test.In 2014 I bought a beautiful Bentley eight from Hanwells of London with a new MOT and on entering Ireland it had to have a NCT within I month of entry and it failed for wheel bearing play,hand brake play,gear box oil weeping. In 2016 I bought a Rolls Royce Spirit from a co called Mr Motorhome in Manchester with 9 months MOT and in Ireland it failed for corrosion in the back suspension,corroded brake pipes,cv boots cracked,and engine oil leaks.So if the Irisn NCT are satisfied with Lucas LED kits I will be happy to fit them and know I will not be causing a problem to other road users. Yes in some cases you would pay more road tax,my NX is 270€ per year and my last car A 2016 E220 avangarde (161D44414) was 190€ per year the Mercedes had better emissions then the Lexus and the tax is priced on this but it was lights we were talking about and again in a lot of cases with LED kits which are made in China have no control and have no set beam or spread,the proper LED units are made ti the correct HB 3 spec and this means you have the same beam range but whiter and the same spread which won't cause glare.My last car had Main & dill LED lights on the HB 3 light units and were fantastic and made driving safer .
  4. Herbie thanks for that inform,it is an interesting read but does not give much details on retro fitted LED only HID,so I took the time to contact the NCT testing department in City West in Dublin they informed me that the test on LED lights which are retro fitted will not pass if the test equipment shows glare intensity above the machines pre set specifications or light intensity above the same,most lights over 6000k will fail.but provided they comply with the test equipment they are fine.This equipment is capable of testing glare & intensity. HID retro fitted lights will not pass a test unless the light unit is a stamped HID approved. In Ireland our car test centres are government operated in is government owned test centres which at present run under licence by a Dutch compan NOT BY Garages,the equipment used is totally different to the UK,it is far more stringent.
  5. Philips have a LED kit which is manufactured with the exact spread as a halogen HB3 the kit is expensive 250€ in Ireland,there are two versions available Gen1 which is 5200 k compared to a halogen @ 4300 k nd the gen 2 is 5800 k which is pure white. to use the correct unit made to replace a specific bulb with the exact specifications of the halogen HB3 will not cause extra glare ,the Philips unit is made for a direct replacement for HB3 & 7 and is guaranteed to be exactly the same as the HB3 check out the Philips site & specifications.
  6. There was a program on tv in Ireland Crime Watch which highlighted this issue, i feel a little like you,so I have decided to fit a tilt,( shake or bump ) alarm to my NX,it will cost very little to do,I will do it myself
  7. Yes I agree with you,the main beam are bad,I purchased 2 hella 100 watt and made no noticeable difference so I have ordered 2 Philips LED bulbs 160€ they claim to have the same focus as standard bulb and don't cause glare to other cars I won't have them for a week I will post details then. I don't mind if I have to put the old bulbs in for the test they are easy to do.
  8. I know I am a bit late replying but after a month with my 2016 15,000 mile NX I decided to try the sport + and put it to 6 gear and I am astonished at it, it is doing 42 + mpg and I have the Rev counter on all the time & it is going to ev more often . Has Anyone tried this
  9. I have put up over 1000 miles and have succeded in getting over 42 mpg ,I have tried driving in all the settings,I have tried drining like a snail and I decided to give up AND BY ACCIDENT I started to drive in sport plus and putting the gear to 6 and driving in this position I have the Rev counter displayed which looks good and it is doing over 42 mpg.I did 100 miles on back roads ,100 on mountain roads around Wicklow and 100 on motorway at 65/75 mph and got 42 average which is good,Has anyone tried this setting? accessories,I bought a sunglasses holder that fits where the overhead handle is ,a set of mud flaps,a set of chrome (looking) door handles covers,luggage nets (15" long) for the boot) to store small things,a first aid kit,a storage tray to go in the centre storage ,a set of window wind deflectors,Sound proofing for the boot and spare wheel area, 80 watt xenon main beam bulbs. All of which were standard in my 2016 Mercedes,I was a little disappointed with the lack oh simple extras which I didn't notice were not there but only cost about S out 150€.You would a top brand car to have them i love the car and I like it more now,The soundproofing in the back end made a big big difference to road noise. i am thinking of fitting of fitting of fitting 225/65/18 tyres to improve the ride comfort and the harsh bumps,as the speedo is reading 6% out this will work without a big speed error and may increase mpg. The tyres are Bridgestone and are good but I think it would be worth it. i have done this to a number of cars and has worked well HAS ANYONE DONE IT TO A. NX
  10. I am new to Lexus cars and have only put up 1000 miles on our 300 h with 2 drivers,one trying to save and the other just driving .the car has only15,000 miles done and is a 2016 luxury model. we have averaged 44.7 fill to fill.I am very happy with it
  11. Hi all,I just bought my first Lexus NX 300 h Luxury with 15,000 miles after owning 9 Mercedes cars from 1998 and I am astonished at how good this car is,I love it,it is a lot harder on fuel than my 2016 avangarde which was doing 55 to 60 mpg ,I am getting 45 in the NX and it is worth every cent not listening to a Diesel engine doing its stop and start in traffic.The finish inside the NX is spectacular in compare to the Mercedes.the leather is so good,and great fun to drive. i will do some soundproofing to it as there is a lot of road noise which should be easy to do.
  12. Welcome to Europe's Leading Lexus Club! Please Enjoy!