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  1. Thanks for the reply odysseus. I read your review before buying and it was very useful. I always research cars a lot if I'm buying them or not lol. There isn't that much about these cars as they aren't that common and are not typical petrol head cars, so I thought I'd add my opinions. Fair enough re the screen, I was comparing it to slightly more modern German cars which I feel do it better, but might be a bit of an unfair comparison. I don't really push the car through the corners etc, I respect that it is a huge barge, and for that I feel it does OK. Also I prefer cars that don't compromise eg between comfort and driving pleasure, so like cars like this where its excellent at one thing and useless at another over being mediocre at everything I love the cvt, thought I would hate it, but it's seemless and to me feels like it suits the car. Maybe that will change with time like it has done for you. Subman, you're probably right, the quietness of the car exacerbates the annoying noises, it's a no win situation. I sometimes drive it like I've stolen it lol. Really cool car history btw. Lwerewolf, for me it was between a gs300 and this, so felt like a no brainer at the time.
  2. Mines had a battery check very recently and it was all clear. It's probably just the way I drive.
  3. Thanks for the detailed reply lwerewolf. I'm glad re your confirmation that the 17s fit. But the ones available second hand on eBay cheaply are in shocking condition. I have read that on 245/45/18s the front left the rubs on full lock to the left, I think I can live with this. I got used to the rat grey dash board instantly, plus have no intentions to modify, just service and enjoy. Same with the acceleration or the way it drives , I have no intention of modifying, as I feel its totally fine as is, but thanks for the interesting info re gsf supra etc. I started a thread re the Bluetooth and aux connectivity. There is a fairly cheap Bluetooth fix but I use the CD changer so wouldn't want to get rid, also have got used to it now and just getting by. I do really like the car and it is comfy even with a child seat in the front which is what I needed.
  4. Thanks for that, I will have a look at the filler tube. In all the cars I have I always get the lowest mpg of the range, so I'm not too surprised.
  5. Hi guys Background I bought my 2007 lexus gs450h in January. For some context, I have been daily driving a honda s2000 for 5 years, and wanted something comfortable now. The car has 48000 miles and is immaculate. It is silver on cream, I would have preferred black on cream or light grey but low mileage ones are few and far between or over priced. Tech/options It is the se-l as I wanted all the options, specifically radar cruise and the ml sound system. The sound system is fantastic. The lack of aux input is very frustrating, and there is no cheap or easy way of adding Bluetooth audio, I have Bluetooth for calls though. The radar cruise control only works from 29mph onwards. There is no option for it to help you crawl in stop start traffic. I also like the electric memory seats. The seats and leather are super soft and comfy. The climate control works fine. I have the screen off mostly as I don't like the outdated graphics, but the screen resolution is really good so it's a bit of a shame. The reversing camera is massively superior to parking sensors alone in my experience. The front parking sensors are woeful. They don't detect low objects that would destroy the lower bumper eg high kerbs even up to a foot high which is shocking considering how large and awful looking the parking sensors are. I love the keyless entry and start. Fuel economy I've averaged 30mpg on the motorway and less than 20 local. I don't think it will improve. Hybrid system I find that the hybrid system is more like a glorified stop start system, I love that when stationary or parking there is no engine noise etc and I like the torque fill at low speeds. Performance Official 0-60 is just under 6 seconds. The car doesn't feel very fast to me, although it is fast enough. This may be due to how well insulated the car is. The performance feels right for the size, and you can feel that you are hauling 2 tonnes at all times. The steering feels fine and is not too light. The brakes are quite different to conventional brakes because the first portion of brake pedal travel is regenerative and the more you press the more regen you get, after which the conventional brakes kick in. I do not notice the change but you can see the changes on the power dial. I love this feature as the cushiony regen braking makes for a more relaxing drive. Suspension is fine for the handling and size, the car doesn't roll too much and corners ok Comfort The car is nice and quiet, especially when the engine is off. The engine sounds rattly to start and quickly quietens down, but is never super quiet and not as refined as I expected from a petrol lexus engine. The 2.5 V6 in an is250 of the same vintage is much quieter in my experience. The seats are the softest I've ever experienced in a car and the leather is nice and soft. The armrest is reasonably soft and a good size. The steering wheel is nice to hold, it's a shame heated steering wheels weren't common back then, as its the only thing I can think that this car misses. The suspension is not as comfortable as I expected. I think this is purely down to the relatively low profile tyres on the 18 inch wheels (245/40/18). I will get 245/45/18 tyres next to remedy this and hopefully will correct the mpg and speed inaccuracy of 10%. Since my ownership I've done around 1000 miles and have developed 2 annoying interior rattles, probably due to the horrible road surfaces, 1 in the centre console which may well be rectifiable, but one in the rear passenger area that i can't find the source of as I am normally alone. Overall impressions Overall the car is fantastic and good value with plenty bells and whistles and all that I needed /wanted.
  6. Thanks for that John - will this play podcasts and have audible? I've actually been looking online and have found some options 1 expensive but seems to work https://www.gtacarkits.com/product/lexus-gs-2006-2011-iphone-aux-kit/ 2 cheap and simple and may work https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07JN9MD28/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_t6PpEbSERHZR9 I may try option 2 if I can be bothered in due course
  7. I bought a 30pin to 3.5mm Jack cable to try out on the 30 pin ipod connector in the glovebox. Unfortunately not even this works. Very frustrating So no way to connect Bluetooth to listen to podcasts etc on the gs. Might have to use one of those old cassette tape to 3.5mm connectors LOL. Can't remember what the sound quality is like though, from reviews it's pretty bad. Or just use earphones. Thanks for all the input above anyway. If anyone figures anything out, let us know.
  8. Thanks for all the useful replies. Upex, have you tried a 30pin to 3.5mm Jack, as I have no aux in the car. I have ordered one in the hope it works.
  9. Just as an fyi, despite the 30 pin bluetooth dongle connecting to the 30pin wire in the car and powering up and connecting to my phone, I don't think it will work as it doesn't play the sound from my phone on the speakers or show up on the screen.
  10. Thanks sherra Trout, you will have a ipod connector in the glovebox. I think it's either aftermarket or an option when buying the car. If you don't have it you might be out of luck.
  11. I'll try and find my old ipod to see if it works trout and will let u know. Britprius - how do you get it to work - do you press on the CD and then it shows up as the second CD? Thanks
  12. Roy - no aux button physical or onscreen Trout - my phone connects to the Bluetooth of the car for calls, but as you know it doesn't do audio, just calls, this dongle was supposed to be for audio. I haven't tried the 30 pin with an ipod but I'm sure it's for more than charging as it goes to tge back of the system rather than to the 12v. I do think it's either aftermarket or optional though. Thanks for the responses
  13. Hi I have a 30 pin ipod connector in my glovebox. I have bought a 30pin Bluetooth dongle for it The Bluetooth connector connects to my phone for audio, but I can't find where in the lexus screen I am supposed to hear this audi for. Ie if I press tape CD fm etc there is no place for it and nowhere to find it. Anyone know a work around? Thanks