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  1. Well i don't know how much truth is in it but the owner of Prater wouldn't budge below 37k & said i don't need to as i can just send the car back to Lexus as its coming to the end of its lease plan & we can get 37k through lexus. Doesn't make Much sense if they refunded my deposit & still tried to sell the car below 37k months on. Such a shame as it was a lovely color with cream interior.
  2. I would say a re spray on more than a few panels. More or less the whole front end & drivers side paint was way too sketchy. What really put me off was the front carbon splitter looked like a child had wrapped it in some cheap carbon bought from halfords. Obviously must have had damage & couldnt replace it as i found out through Lexus just the splitter is over 2k alone... And the fact no service history at all just didnt stack up for me. Nevertheless ended up with a much loved GSF that has been pampered from day 1 from its last owner & now in even more safer hands 🙂
  3. Yes after a lengthy battle they did finally return it. The owners last words to me were if you cant afford a car of this calibre stop dreaming & wasting our time which made me LOL 🤣🤣🤣 it was still up for sale for quite some time afterwards, then vanished. Thy had reduced the price down to 36k so maybe someone not knowing any history of the car snapped it up.
  4. Thanks. Its parked back up now with covers on, il take it out close to my birthday Next lol, il get some Close up pics then.
  5. Hi everyone, bought my GSF back in sept last year & has been in storage since, only just pulled it out this week as weathers been nice. Booked it in for a gold clean package at Voss in south wales. Ordered the Toms mirror & fender carbon trims & applied them too. Have spacers on so the rims sit nicely in line with bodywork, especially the rears make it look more aggressive. Going to get the front end PPF protected. Heres a few pics. Sorry should have taken some close ups.
  6. Hi, as you all know picked up the gsf this tuesday. Want to replace the exhaust tips as its too small for my liking & in proportion to the car size IMO. Wouldnt mind toying with the system itself by removing the silencers & changing the cat to a sports cat. So as the cars new to me & some of you have had your gsfs a while would you recommend this & has anyone in the club done any of the above? Im not keen on changing the whole system for an aftermarket one just yet. Below is a few pics of a tailpipe im thinking to go for to give it the jap & apexi n1 evo look. Also after an intake, any recommendations please? Thanks.
  7. Thanks all. @ gb1600e dealer wasnt playing game so couldnt do any of that. Coincidently the chap i bought the car from had visited the same dealer years ago to experience the same issues when he went for a pickup there so walked away. Still pursuing the deposit at the moment. Im sure it will sell but they weren't willing to go down on price by much when i was negotiating. Unless they do it will be a very hard sale.
  8. Ok thanks il check it out been looking at the apexi with the blue tips. Anyone done a intake on the gsf?
  9. Hi All went down yesterday to view & ended up driving it away. Sorry been busy with work forgot to mention it on here. just couldnt resist lol what an amazing car. Only driven it home & parked it straight in the garage. & credit to the last owner for looking after it so well. Im well happy with it. Booked in for a full ceramic coating. Will also be doing a few mods soon. Will post pics up soon. Anyone know of a decent intake & exhaust? Ps. I dont think the blue one will sell so easily considering the price i paid for this & the fact that has a dodgy front end no service history & a terrible garage to deal with. Pic just after i bought it filling up at the pump 🙂
  10. Ye im down in high wycombe visiting family today so not too far but the chap isnt answering his fone just yet. Perhaps its too early for him still lol. Hopefully he does & i can go check it out. Keep you all posted. Thanks.
  11. Thanks once again for all the input guys. After reading all the posts looks like previous owner really neglected it which is a shame because its such a special rare car & if he had cared for it it would have shown on resale. Anyway i think its best to leave it & walk away. Even if i bought a new grille with the carbon lip (which i suspect would be near the 1k mk?) i would still always be doubting myself about any other damage the car may have had. And of course no record of any maintenance. Seen the white gsf advertised quite tempted but its the earlier model & doesn't have AVS. Would you guys recommend a car with or is it really not noticeable? Thanks
  12. Thanks guys for all your replies. Im going to ring them monday & ask for deposit back as it just doesnt add up. If its had no maintenance done it definitely wouldnt have had the fuel pump recall done. It is a shame as its a lovely car & IMO the best color combo. I dont know why they have it still advertised even though i paid the deposit on wednesday this week. The reviews left for them does not reassure me the slightest. Has anyone read them lol. Going by this i doubt i even get my deposit back 😞 Does anyone have any pics of the front bumper so i can see how the carbon lip is meant to look, surely like the rear. It honestly is real bad. The car itself is hpi clear, bodywork does look all original to me with no tell tales of any major paint or bodywork being carried out. Perhaps just the front bumper was damaged? The trim around the front grille i think is meant to be chrome or dark chrome? Thats definitely been resprayed in gloss black.
  13. Yes thats exactly my point, why spend all that money & then not service it to requirements. Just cant get my head around it. Like i said earlier its also coming from a dealer with very bad reviews. Gutting as i had plans for it already, luckily i haven't placed any orders for the parts.
  14. Hi all, firstly apologies for commenting on this post right away (iv only just signed up but been a loc member quite some years ago then went over to the german side owning rs’s & amgs but the gsf is just a stunner so im back lol). Right the car in question here is for sale by praters near milton keynes. Iv been to see it wednesday this week test drove it & paid a deposit. Btw it does have 2 keys & a keycard. The dealer doesnt have the logbook for it but said i could drive it away & he would fill it in & id have it but i didnt feel comfortable so im waiting for him to have the logbook before i part with my money. Theres a few issues though which worry me. 1. The car is listed as having covered 14k miles infact it has just shy of 20k. I noticed this on the trst drive, when questioned he said its an error. Well if it is which surely it is why dont you correct it as its misleading. 2. Theres absolutely no service history for the vehicle. The service book has not been stamped by lexus or even a independent specialist. I rung lexus being the supplying dealer they checked main network & its not been to any lexus dealer for any maintenance whatsoever. The dealer did show me a reciept for service which he claims his local garage has carried out at a cost of £500 when he took the car in. 3. The front carbon spoiler looks fake, it is badly faded & is almost silver grey in color. I was questioning myself whether its had a bump & its been resprayed or wrapped. It looks terrible. Iv not seen another gsf in the flesh so not sure is it meant to look like this? Pause & zoom in on the video on walkaround. 4. If you google praters reviews & read the bad reviews left you will want to walk away. & iv experienced few of the same issues already. All This worries me as iv already paid a deposit. Its just when i came back home & thought it all over i knew i shouldnt have paid a deposit but you know what the pressure can be like. So what do you guys advise? Its got no service record would you still buy? This is a specialist motor, Its done 20k surely the last owner would have wanted to look after it, it doesnt make sense. Its done 6k miles more than advertised & some of the story telling told by dealer doesnt add up. The car itself is gleaming, bodywork & interior very clean. Any help be much appreciated. Thank you. Ps i do still own a Toyota Altezza all them years :) 1B8B5522-A544-494D-B8DF-905FFC27D578.MOV