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  1. Thanks, unfortunately Amayama is not currently shipping to the UK due to COVID-19. Additionally, postage seems expensive at GBP 30 for two units from Japan to UK.
  2. Have found what I believe to be UK stock! Will be ordering soon. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/181385847044
  3. Weirdly none seemed to fit just right.. If you get a chance to pull your tray and take a look I’d be grateful - no worries if not.
  4. Job done! @ambermarine I can’t begin to tell you how useful your pictures of the switch were. My hands are cut, my head is bashed (hit on surprisingly sharp metal bit of steering column!) but we made it! One last thing - I can’t remember which screws / nuts went in the silver locations in pic attached for the coin holder / would you be so kind as to remind me of the type? Thank you to all who have contributed to this thread - happy motoring!
  5. That’s where we’ve gone wrong! Now where’s my tool kit 🙂 What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger!
  6. Thank you so much for this So I had put the ball bearings in the gully shown in your second picture but I had not taken care to place them in an exact location within Must the balls be placed in a specific location and should they sit nestled against the holes with springs in on the black unit once inserted in? Thank you ever so much jack
  7. Quick question on the two ball bearings in the switch - should they sit at the bottom of the white plastic just acting as a buffer between the plastic and the black item with the springs? thanks
  8. Blimey that was one hell of a job. 4 hours total for me, 30 mins spent getting the darned second screw of the switch out! replaced everything back as I dismantled and whilst everything works, the switch does not feel quite as it used to. Instead of “crisp” feeling intervals between ON / POWER / START etc, there’s now a bit of a mushy feeling especially when turning off the car. In addition, the final twist between phase II and ignition fire feels shorter In twist than it previously did. Not sure if I have re-assembled the switch incorrectly to cause this? In any case I will mull over next steps, whether I order a replacement from amayama and pluck up the courage to do it all over again or leave as is for now and see how we go. Thanks to all who have provided direction! best jack
  9. Hi all, Going to make a stab at cleaning my switch this weekend - bit nervous as this is a big job for me!! Just to confirm, the switch in discussion is the switch highlighted in red on my attached picture (pinched with thanks from previous poster!) ? So: Step 1 - remove screws of lower dashboard (how many out of interest? Step 2 - pull lower dashboard out inc clips Step 3 - locate said switch Step 4 - remove switch Step 5 - clean switch Step 6 - refit switch Step 7 - beer time Wish me luck! Best, Jack
  10. Hi all, I've been on a multi month mission (good eh) trying to find some OEM black mats for my 99 LS400. They are no longer manufactured for the UK market and aren't in stock at dealers as a result. Does anyone know if they would be available from Japan or anywhere else for that matter? Thanks Jack
  11. Thanks Have you got part number for the bolt and washer/nut? Assume the 48674440051 cushion can be used for both LHS and RHS
  12. Thanks, Razor! Did those century bushes need adapting or they fit just with a bit of pressure applied?
  13. Looking for OEM mats
  14. Hi Razor61 I was doing some digging and came across what i believe might be the bushes that you were referring to? Does this look correct to you? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2-x-Lexus-LS400-Front-Lower-Arm-New-Poly-Polyurethane-PSB-Bushing-Kit-1990-2000/183479746676?hash=item2ab83ec074:g:bcMAAOSwvYZbvgNd Thanks, Jack
  15. Sorry for long reply - mine is a 99 so mk4 I believe I've replaced the upper control arms and no luck yet!