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  1. got it - these are estimated at fly, obviously. the highest WHP was 355whp
  2. for the LC 10-speed 1:1 in in its 7th. but 1:1 is only the 7th gear itself, the final drive and wheels obv change the actual gearing, and the final drive is a very long 2.9## but, the dyno was done tried in 4t, 5th and 6th. (6th is a top speed of about 177mph. 7th wouldve hit the dynos speed limiter at 200+, so wasnt attempted.). 4th was a waste of time as the run was too short. after corrections, 5th and 6th looked the same.
  3. yes please 🙂 i am in Kent. happy to come in your direction if youve got a recommended dyno? you around in Jan sometime? no car doesnt feel any different, but then on the roads i havent given it full boot in the last month or so since the temp dropped. thanks, noted 🙂 i always use super, with the 12.3:1 compression i would image a 95ron fill up will cost you some ponies. ive taken a pic scan of the graph, but the lines are thin 😞 ive messaged the dyno guy yesterday asking for an emailed copy, rather than from his printer. waiting for that....
  4. ive been on and off dynos many times of many years of tuning and playing with my cars. I am not fixated on the number (hp). my concern was the curve, its nothing like any other i have seen for this engine. it looks to me like a typical static cam phasing that hit its max airflow, and the rpm range beyond that no longer produces the torque. but i would imagine any problems with the vvt mechanism would be throwing CELs. its just a reference to how the graph looks. not really a theory. so, irregardless of what dyno i was on today, its brand or calibration... i was hoping someone might fancy a dyno run, or maybe theres a dyno-day you guys might be organising where i could pop along? that would be the only way i would know if my car has a problem (couldnt give two stick wags to whether the dyno was accurate in its numbers). 🙂 thanks
  5. sorry for dropping a post into your neck of the woods... but i had my LC500 on the dyno today... didnt go so well. in fact, my graph was waaay different (in its curve) to what it should be, or what i have seen posted elsewhere. torque was a little down on advertised figures, but made peak torque at the right rpm range (4,700). this is fine. BHP however, peaked at 6,100 rpm (1000 rpm early) and then dropped off very quickly. as a result my peak power is about 50-70bhp down, depending on what numbers you want to use. i was wondering - the 'F' has the same V8 engine, right? would anyone want to join me on a dyno-day? i really need a back to back run with someone so i had a case to take to Lexus to have them look at this objectively. ill get the graph up when i can. But the figures (torque looks fine, its just the hp drop off at the top). @ Wheels: 355whp @ 6,200rpm 447Nm @ 4,700rpm estimated at Fly: 408bhp 514Nm (379lb-ft) horsepower has dropped off to about estimated 350bhp by 6,900 rpm, which is over 100bhp down on where it should be at this rpm.
  6. cheers guys. not just me then. its with lexus tomorrow for something else, i might mention it
  7. in all my years of driving, i think once i had a stone get somehow stuck in my caliper (between the pads and disc) causing the most awful screech. had my LC for a month.... happened 3 times now. its a real fingernail + chalkboard, except it seems to happen around 20-30mph so the noise is defening. stopping and putting into reverse for half a meter and you hear a nice 'chink-dink' from the stone falling back onto the alloy and then you can drive off. how is this possible? getting something in that gap while driving must surely be near impossible. unless the discs get very sticky and are sticky enough to hold debris / stones while they speed towards the pads.
  8. coppers were ok, i think they must have thought i was flashing them to move over. cars into Lexus tomorrow to get the headlights adjusted - my 6" screwdriver didnt go deep enough to get the up/down bolt (left right is easy). i will upload a piccie... 🙂
  9. thanks : ) ok i found the button. i spent a bit of time actually reading The Manual last night. i didnt realise the 'range' counter on my tacho could be changed... ha, theres even a G-force meter! : ) averaged a nice 35mpg over 20min of motoway driving on cruise control. ofc, thats at 70mph too. cant believe this thing reves at about 1350rpm at 70! madness. thanks for youre help
  10. hey. Just got the LC, so still filtering through the myriad of buttons i have. However, i cant see a way to reset my MPG / 'crusing range' counter. And for this reason, i cant figure out what its basing its average mpg on. ... the lifetime of travel? for example, i filled up yesterday, and the range said 288miles (think i tsaid 18mpg). So i reset the trip (ODO), so my average MPH went to 0, but the range was unchanged. and my MPG was still 18. anyone know which button i need to press to reset MPG for a long journey? thanks
  11. Elo. Newbie. Just bought a LC500, Sonic Titanium, Rose Red interior. Full sports+ with the extras. Happy boy : ) Im a long time car enthusiast, and car modifier so its customary for me to join the Owners Clubs, to say hello, and to get along to a meet or two. Recent car history and seen with a couple of V6's (350z, and F-Type) so i am very happy to finally have a V8 that ive been seeking. Thought i should do it now, before V8s become a mythical hydrocarbon powered machine, long lost from memory. Please to say that after owning my LC for a total of 5 hours, i got pulled over by the police. No, i wasnt speeding. i was actually behind them. my headlight beam is very high, and they thought i was flashing them. lol. Found an adjustment for it under the bonnet so will give that a tweak. Anyone doing any dyno run sessions (for any model lexus) anytime soon. wouldnt mind popping along. Pritchard
  12. Welcome to Europe's Leading Lexus Club! Please Enjoy!