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  1. @NemesisUK that looks like a deep grove! I found the problem on mine, i'll upload the pics when my telephone is no longer charging, but i had a stone stuck not in the branes, but inside the brake disck shield (around the back). so when i was driving this stone that magically got inside was gouging out a nice grove on the inner disk. once the wheel was off it was easy to spot, i only needed a little gentle leverages pressure with a screwdriver on the bottom of the cover and it fell out. But, for a laugh, i tried, and i couldnt get it back in! no idea how a stone of that size got in there to begin with. Now i know where its getting stuck, i wont need the wheel off again. should be accessible by laying on the floor.
  2. agreed. think ive only had it twice in my lifetime before this car. i just dont get it. the space it has to fit into, the shield guard, the vertical impossible drop from a tyre to a caliper, how is it even happeneing?!
  3. just thought i would add - 3 more in the last few weeks. It seems whenever i drive over gravel (slowly, mind you! nothing over 10mph), something gets sucked into my caliper. how this is even possible, mathematically i dont know. When i made this post, it was my nearside front, and reversing would get it straight out. Now its my nearside rear, and reversing gets it out (by sound), but it doesnt 'drop' out, as soon as i go forward again its being screeched back between the disk and pad. about to jack the car and take the wheel off to get out this stone thats currently in there. people can hear me driving from 100miles away! its like a banshee
  4. i think the uk law has always been that the exhaust shouldnt be louder than OEM, but ive never had any of my modified cars fail an MOT - unless the exhaust is blowing, or fails emmisions. There is also no law stating that you must use OEM products if you replace an exhaust for repair....well Mr MOT man Sir, my OEM had a hole in it, and i replaced it wit this one. So, this leaves a kind of grey area of proving grounds. But, its obviously well known aftermarket = louder! lol.
  5. Ive also done some google-woogles, and i have found 1 bloke from EU mention in a US thread that he ''has been robbed of 13bhp due to the particle filter'', making reference that the US dont have it. But, looking at model specs on wiki, and other EU sources, it seems they were all sold with 471bhp (477ps) globally? i cant find any model specs for this particle filter, nor can i find any other forum or blog posts about it. i assume this guy has got 13bgp from somewhere. What have you found? maybe i am using the wrong search terms.
  6. thanks (dont worry, i am fine) but i have been sent home along with half of London. hey i am not arguing with you, i dont know these cars that well. i just dont know where i should be looking for it 🙂 i dont plan to remove or modify the rear diffuser. whatever work i have done will accomodate the current arse. AJ if you havent already seen it, take a look at the lc review by Savage Geese (goose?), if you go to about halfway through he has it up on a car lift and pans the camera across all under parts. gives a good look. If you freeze frame at about 22:30 in particular, there is a still shot from the side/bottom, where you can see the manifold cats, secondary cats (with lambda sensors) x-pipe (hidden under that support plate) and then the 2x Resonators. After that is the flange that bolts to the back box section. I have a '68 plate, registered in late September if that helps, and i can confirm what you will see in that video, has the same exhaust as what i have. if that helps in any way 🙂 @AJ500
  7. hey thought i would mention some exhaust stuff in a new thread. @AJ500. as it might interest others. So the LC500 setup (v8) looks to me, from crawling around underneath, to be 2 independent exhausts with 1 per 4 cylinder bank. i say this, as it doesnt look like the -x-pipe in the middle actually allows for gasses to flow between pipes? it looks to be only connected by a structural plate. but, this being said - each bank flows through a manifold cat, a secondary cat, a resonator, then via the exhaust flaps to the backbox. which without being able to cut open, i am not sure if each bank crosses here or not. I did the 'exhaust flap mod' last week to open the exhaust flaps (valves) perminantly. this is done by unplugging the 4 plugs on the exhaust found just before the backbox. The result, in my opinion, is nothing short of amazing. the car for me was too quiet below that 4,000rpm mark. but i am looking at getting a new exhaust. Not for chasing bhp numbers, but to get 'full volume' from the V8. After looking online as to whats available (like the Armytrix for £5k... £5,000!! hahahahaha). and similar brands for not alot less, its clear something else is needed. These off the shelf ones are selling steel drain pipes, for rip off prices probably because they are targetting the 'wealthy' lc500 owners. this is quite typical between car models. After looking underneath, the backbox on our car is a very nice 1-peice, that bolts up to flanges, with 4 mounting points. So i am going to head down to my local exhaust fabricator that i have used before for other cars. i havent yet decided if i am going to do one of two things: - remove the backbox completely, and replace with straight exit pipes (this will be loud. but the backbox doesnt contribute to emmissions. ive never had this done before, but youtubing some US cars of varying V8s, this si bloody awesome.... sounds awful on 4-pot engines though). - replace the backbox with 2x Single backboxes. something similar to what Cobra do for the LC (pictures available from gogle). The estimates he has sent over its £400 and £750 for the above options. much better. PLUS, this also means no cutting, welding, or any other intrusive works. so when i sell my car, i can swap the OEM exhaust back onto the car within 20min on ramps from home. and i have to ask, because i have seen you mention it before AJ - what is this particular filter you keep talking about? where abouts do you think it is in the exhaust system? hope some of this info may be of use to someone... as soon as this Quarantine stuff finishes ill be getting the exhaust fitted.
  8. Do it! just do it. ive always had loud cars. this was always far too quiet for me. on the motoway, the car is at such a low rpm (1250-1300rpm) that there is 0 exhaust noise. no drone nothing. you begin to hear it at the 2k mark up a hill. but when driving through built up areas or carparks you can really hear the sound reverbate back through your window. its lovely. however..... it has also made me realise that i want a new exhaust. so ill be getting one once i am out of quarantine.
  9. So, while my videos are TubeYou uploading.... I drove for about 160miles (see video), hit a high of 41Mpg. finshed in those services at 40.5(?) see video. The missus then took over for a few hours while i slept, and she got it down to 37mpg. so she must have been averaging 33-34 perhaps to bring it down overall. By the end of the run, i had clawed it back to about 38.5mpg. couple of things - Tyres were at 2.5Bar for almost the entire trip. When i was driving, i was on cruise at 65mph, unless traffic made me slow down. My low fuel Warning light came on when i hit 560miles, as you can see from the video i filled up at 595 (a long time with a warning light). BUT, when i filled up, i only got 73 litres in, so i still had another ~10 litres! mad, i had assumed i was on fumes. So my tank range would have cleared 600miles if i kept going : ) Also - ill try to upload the pics (wife has them as i was driving) but i had a few good moments of road when my bar-chart was all 'maxxed out' at 40mpg. Final note - i am quite upset with the result, as ive done a 43mpg run before, but that was in the car by myself, unloaded with holiday gear.
  10. Finished 🙂 been a long drive. got a couple of videos and pics and stuff to upload.
  11. Hey. I have come in the firing line on the a couple of facebook groups (for the LC) due to me apparently talking out of my bottom with the MPG figures i say my LC can do (its the V8, not the hybrid). Well, i have a drive booked tomorrow that spans 600 miles +. Its all motoway, London to Aberdeen pretty much. My Trip is reset and ready to go.... I'll have it on Cruise at 65mph (so its in 10th gear). i'll take a short vid at my first services, which will be about 200miles probably, to give a good average over about 3 hours. If i get stuck in traffic, then it will be included. there are some 50mph average cameras too that i need to go through. Anyone want to guess on the result tomorrow? I would bet a Queen's Head that 45mpg is not going to be a problem after 200miles. Just to prove i reset the stuff! .....
  12. Interesting, never come across this as an issue, nor in converation with other car guys. but, with the aple complaints i have had myself with the Pilot Run Flats, having this as an issue doesnt surprise me. i went for a drive last night, threw the car around a dozen corners and got the tyres up a couple of decimals up above normal pressure (warm) then went to a carpark again - this time i couldnt replicate the issue. I am very tempted to bin the run flats to try a normal tyre when i come to replacing these. thanks for sending me that thread though. was an interesting read.
  13. meh, i am used to new cars going in for niggly things. will keep updated. not sure what that the 'tyre skip' is. i'll take the car out this evening if schedule allows and ill try to record the sound - or even better probably ill get the missus to drive circles around me.