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  1. Here is their response: "The extended warranty cover is available for all UK registered Lexus vehicles up to 10 years old with less than 140,000 miles at the point of sale. Unfortunately your vehicle is over 10 years old and therefore is not eligible for this product as the point of sale would deem the vehicle age to be over the allowance."
  2. I sent them an email yesterday evening asking them exactly that. I will post on here any response I receive.
  3. I contacted the warranty provider. They are the ones who said it is not eligible. They said that is why they did not send out a renewal notice
  4. I have an RX 450h that is just over 10 years old (registered Jan 2010). It is currently under a Lexus Warranty but I have been told I cannot extend the warranty as the car is over 10 years od. I thought that as long as the car was under an existing warranty it could be extended even if over 10 years old. Only yo could not put a new warranty on a car over 10 years old. What has people's experience been ?
  5. I was in the same boat as you, looking to spend around £10k ona use RX. I was trying to decide between the 400h and the 450h. In the end, I decided to go for the 450h as it is a much more modern car and a more luxurious car compared to the 400h. The 400h is a great car, especially at the £3k to 6k mark, but as I plan to keep the car for a while, I preferred something more modern with all the toys. In the end I spent more than planned but picked up an SE-L Premier (with all the options available), under 70k miles and the balance of a Lexus warranty. If that car hadn't come along, I would have been comfortable spending £10k on a 100k mile SE-L car. In fact, one of the members here has a lovely one owner SE-L car. You could potentially add a Lexus warranty to it as it is under 10 years old. See here: Good Luck with the search
  6. Hi all, In my other cars, I usually have a phone holder suctioned to the windscreen. On the RX450h, due to the shape of the dashboard and depth of the screen, it doesn't seem to be the best option, particularly if you want to run a power cable from the centre console to the phone. I am interested to see and hear what type of mobile phone holder others have used in their RX450h and where you have located it. Photos would be very useful 😀
  7. I recently bought a used RX450h. The car is really impressing me so far. I am still learning all its features but one thing I did was check my car's factory specification using the VIN number. The spec seems to suggest that it came with a 'Towing Package' but I can's see any sign of this on the car. Does anyone else have the factory towing package ? What and where should I be looking for evidence of this ?
  8. Thank you for all the help and offers. I bought a car earlier this week so the search is over.
  9. Not a winter tyre but an all rounder, the Michelin Cross Climate tyres are meant to be a good all weather tyre: In comparative tyre reviews, the Michelins are either at the first or second in their group
  10. Hi J, I live in North London and just this week I have bought an RX450h after looking on and off for a few months. As well as saloon and estate cars, I have previously owned a Range Rover Sport, a Freelander and a Honda CRV. None of them have been an issue driving around London, even in central London. Here are some answers to your questions: Common issues / factoids I've read 1) Brake bark I have not come across this 2) 2011 and later have timing chains (vs belts) - this is better right? 2009 onwards is the 450h which has chains. The pre 2009 car was the 400h whch had a cambelt. This needed changing every 100k miles or 10 years, whichever is sooner. 3) Lexus maintenance costs can be pricey I don't imagine they are any worse than other luxury brands such as Mercedes or Range Rover. In fact, Mercedes are not too bad but Range Rover are quite pricey. Lexus offers service plans that allow you to spread the cost of the servicing over 12 months if budgeting is a worry. Alternatively there is always the independent network of garages. Questions 1) Issues from buying from 3rd party dealers vs Lexus dealers? You would normally expect a Lexus dealer car to be better prepared and generally a better car otherwise they should put lower quality cars through an auction or sell it off to some independent dealer they know. Also Lexus dealer cars will come with a good 12 month warranty that is as comprehensive as the new car warranty. I would always treat a second hand dealer car like a private sale in terms of the checks and inspections I would do on the car. Any recourse via the warranty may offer is a bonus but not be relied upon. 2) Is there a sweet spot on age/depreciation vs road tax / MOT concerns? If it is a 450h, make sure it has had the 6 year service where the spark plugs need changing. If it is a 400h, make sure it has had the cambelt changed as all will be over 10 years old now. 3) Generally I like to keep my vehicles for a long time but my wife tends to bumper bash a bit and I'd expect the Lexus to take a bit of a beat over time. How does body damage affect the MOT approvals if at all? Scuffs and bumps won't fail an MT. The MOT is mainly mechanical safety and structural safety eg rust which you shouldn't expect on these cars. Other MOT areas would include lights, seat belts etc 4) We'd have off street parking and a tiny garage - Is this size of vehicle appropriate for on-street parking (going to the shops) / this part of London? As mentioned at the start, no problem at all - Is this a real bad idea from a theft / vandalism perspective? The only thing to worry about in London is theft. Vandalism not so much unless you are unlucky. I am not sure how popular Lexus are with thieves but I don't imagine they are worse than Range Rovers which are highly targeted. My main worry about these cars is not theft of the car but theft of the catalytic converter. Apparently they are worth quite a bit of money and quick to steal so are a prime target. - What about insurance costs - garaged vs off street? Insurance is highly variable so you should get some insurance quotes beforehand using comparison sites such as, etc Try variations of on street, driveway and garaged. Garaged should be cheaper but you may find that on street is cheaper than driveway. What I will say is that I have found these cars more to insure than saloon or estate cars. 5) Any issues with drive-train? I cannot find anything on repair costs / frequency of the CVT or the hybrid/batteries I believe these cars are pretty reliable hence not much information on failures. I would imagine a failure is quite rare and therefore you would be unlucky if it did happen. A Lexus extended warranty would cover it though. 6) Is there a way to diligence the hybrid system before purchase? Can I tell if the batteries are in good nick? If the car is serviced by Lexus it will automatically undergo a Hybrid System Check. If it passes, it receives a certificate and the batteries are then covered under warranty for the next 12 months. Alternatively, you can pay just for the Hybrid System Check at any Lexus dealer. I believe it costs £75. Should we find a couple of good candidate cars - can someone pls recommend a good shop for a pre-purchase inspection in the area? Many thanks I would imagine your best option for a pre-purchase inspection is Lexus Edgeware Road/Jemca
  11. Yes it is grey with almost new Michelin cross climates all round. Here are some photos:
  12. Thanks. That is like the ones I linked to. And experience with them ?
  13. I just wanted to thank everyone for their help. On Tuesday I bought a 2010 RX in SE-L Premier spec but without air suspension. Paid a little more than I had originally planned, as you do, but it is in beautiful condition. Really happy with it 😀
  14. I used to have a rubber base in the Range Rover Sport I had and it worked great. The RX though has a cream interior which means the base,sides and seat backs are cream. It looks beautiful but thought a boot liner like these might provide more protection than a rubber base. Interested in people's views, particularly those who may have had these.
  15. I see many people have the rubber mats in their boots but has anyone used tailored boot liners ? Are they durable ? Easy to live with ? Etc these are the type I am referring to: or or