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  1. How is this car in the hills? My house is in a hilly area, with steep inclinations, so I wouldn't like a lot of engine noise going uphill
  2. You're on your 2nd IS300h? What happened? Did your 1st one break or something like that?
  3. So... Now I know I really want a Lexus, but Yesterday on my way home I saw an IS300h, on my country, the difference between a used CT200h and an IS300h is 5000€ (20.000€ vs 25/26.000€). Is it a big difference between cars, or I wouldn't feel much difference between the two of them, knowing that I want to cruise in them, most of the time between 70/60 mph.
  4. Hello everyone, So, I’m currently thinking of buying a car for next year (only when I’m 25 since I pay too much of insurance for being under 25). I’m thinking about buying a lexus CT200h, however I use mainly motorways, around 140km’s each day to my commute, 80 motorway, the rest is nationals (in between towns), should I go for an hybrid? I always wanted an hybrid, love the technology and new things, however doing 140km’s each day on my ‘99 VW Jetta 1,9TDI is making me see that I want to be doing my commute in the most comfortable way and with good MPG instead of fast or with some kick to it. Do you guys advise me to go with the usual diesel, economical but dirty as hell power or should I evolve and go into comfort with a used hybrid lexus?
  5. Welcome to Europe's Leading Lexus Club! Please Enjoy!