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  1. Cheers for your replies and thoughts, as said Lexus probably don't want to sell because the car didn't officially come with them and they don't want to sell something which may come and bite them back on the backside. It will be left upto me to do it, and go through a non dealer if i wish to pursue this option. Again thanks for your advice guys
  2. it is the Sport model, not F Sport. F sport alloys were the ones I was looking at, see attached, but Lexus said that they weren't available too me. Only the basic ones on the !S300h which are prob 17" were an option. I'm just going on by what the dealership said, I can't see them not wanting too sell me any.... They stated that they weren't available on the 2016 model, however the below picture is from a 2015 IS300h. I assuming its a different chassis, or something like that.
  3. Just taken ownership of a 2016 IS200t, after getting rid of my 2006 IS250 SE-L. Some might say its a downgrade on what I had before, especially in terms of the spec. Anyways, I'm not overly keen on the alloys that came with the car, Lexus said its a "specific" alloy for the particular model. I did ask what was available as an alternative but was only given 2 options: Re-paint the alloys which are on the car Some standard looking silver alloys that are on 300h from the same year, which don't look sporty at all. Not sure if these are the only options that are available, if it is then fair enough and I will stick with whats on the car. I've attached a pic of the alloys that are on car at the moment. Also looking into new tyres, got Dunlops (225) on the front and some no mark cheap (255) on the rear, surprised they are not branded but I'm putting this down to the lack of choice and costs for the rears on this model. Any help will be useful, cheers.
  4. Welcome to Europe's Leading Lexus Club! Please Enjoy!