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  1. I had a set of blizzaks on oem ISF alloys, on a very snow flooded winter back in 2015 I kept up and out breaked a heavily tuned evo fq360, absolutely phenomenal performance out of these tyres. I was quite happy to run the OEM alloys, I just treated the alloys with some G technique, it protected them very well. On a front wheel drive car and also a van I have used cross climate, they were awful in snow - useless in my experience.
  2. I cannot comment on any particular reason for why it may have failed however, as the car is in warranty, subject to no neglect, I cannot see why a diagnosis and relevant repair wouldn't be covered. I had a gearbox failure on a 2007 gs300. It was a year or so out of extended warranty however, it was zero previous owners with FLSH. A gesture was made from both Lexus GB and the supplying/servicing dealer, it left nothing to pay. I was told of a story where by a few years after the launch of the ISF, a customers engine blew. I was told that a team from Lexus Japan flew over to try and understand more! These things happen!
  3. For the last 12 months the prices of used vehicles have gone through the roof and there are several factors: Firstly, when the world went into hard lockdown Jan-Apr 2020 brand new vehicle production came to a stop, like a domino effect there were a number of reasons - let’s take Nissan GB operations Sunderland. So, in January 2020 China goes into lockdown, they stop the import and production of raw materials (plastics) in turn, for Nissan GB, who at this point are still operating and producing cars will shortly run out of stock of their interior plastics. March comes, GB goes into lockdown and not only are Nissan out of plastics, but they now cannot produce vehicles. June/July, the return to work starts and Nissan GB open the plant, social distancing rules apply so the factory operates at a greatly reduced capacity, pre ordered 2020 cars fall behind and there is catch up to be done. The plastics start to arrive for Nissan, but they are behind on surplus orders, so Nissan, along with the rest of the world demands additional stock (plastic interiors), demand increases, supply/stock reduces, so in turn a price increase happens, Nissan stall on their request and instead wait for stability in the market - this could take months. So, once again production slows at the plant. Secondly, in the meantime Mr and Mrs Jones who were due to replace their 2-and-a-half-year-old car in September 2020 discover that there is a 6-month delivery on September cars, problem is, MOT, warranty expiry, Motability 3-year agreement and all the rest of it dictates that they must settle for a 12-month-old used car (demonstrator, ex lease, whatever!) So suddenly, a portion of previously new car buyers, become used car buyers, thus eating stock. Thirdly, the next issue that follows on is Mr and Mrs Jones, who just like the above example, now need to change their car however, unlike the above, Mr and Mrs Jones are happy to wait. So, in turn Mr and Mrs Jones 3-year-old car does not come into the system for at least 6 months, thus contributing to a choke in the used car market. So not only is supply reduced, but the demand is also increased. Fourthly, Jo Bloggs, April 2020 gets furloughed from work, he is over the moon. He can now sit at home and get paid for it, so in the meantime he decides to set up a little business, cooking food from home and delivering as takeaways, he is making a good bit of money. On top of that Joe is no longer having to pay to go the pub with his mates on a Thursday night. His once-a-month weekend trip with his Mistress is now out of the window and his wife, well, she isn't looking at booking the next holiday to Portugal. Joe has surplus cash but is bored at home and his outgoings have massively reduced, so what does Joe do, he goes and achieves a long-life ambition and looks at what V8 cars he can buy with his surplus cash - he has to buy used as new stock is not readily available or, affordable. Another choke on the used car market. Today, prices have continued to rise dependent upon the desirability of the car, the difference today been, that cars are not turning over as quick. As furlough and aid to businesses stop, the financial and personal choke is now taking place and for most forum members we have witnessed this for ourselves, where by in 2019 a 2015 50,000 RCF would retail for 26-27k and would sell within a month or two. Last year (2020) the exact same year 2015 50,000 RCF would retail for 30k but would turn around within a week or two. Today, here we are and the exact 2015 50,000 RCF still retails for 30k but, will sit on the trader for months on end. This scenario is not exclusive to Lexus. In 2019 a 2006 v8 vantage 60,000 on the clock was down to 22k and would sit around for months on end. 2020 the same 2006 v8 vantage with 60,000 on the clock was up to 27k. This year 2021, the absolute same 2006 v8 vantage 60,000 on the clock are now as high as 29k, admittedly they are now hanging around, but the car, is no more exclusive in terms of numbers, it is purely the increased demand. At some point this bubble must burst, it is basic economics of supply and demand. As the free money stops, brand new stock starts to get delivered, used cars start to make there way through the system things will change. SCOTT - in reference to your 58 reg ISF with 89,000 on the clock I would be suggesting purely based upon your description and current pricing, 15k would put the car in competitively priced category, 17k, the less competitive but still fair. As always, price the car upon how eager you are to see it go.
  4. reasonable? Can you elaborate on reasonable, when I hear that word, I usually translate it as someone wanting to pay "less than the going rate"! The above has recently been reduced by £1000
  5. The car was not priced anymore "realistic" but in fact was priced "relative" to most of the others on the market. 2015 average spec, 50,000 miles priced at 25k. With 20-30k extra on the clock than most examples that are listed and that appear, was it really priced all that competitive? I would suggest that if this was priced at 22-23 then it would represent better value for money than the others however, it was not. The situation here with this one moving is quite simple. It is one of "budget threshold" as opposed to "realistic pricing".
  6. Obviously failed to observe only that there is only one ISF for sale on the trader!
  7. Barmy Barry is still going! Wow. He was one of the first in proper detailing and very good too. If you want to see him go crazy ask him about "mopping"....funny guy.
  8. It is a breach of the Highway Code, Rule 123, to leave a parked vehicle unattended with the engine running or to leave a vehicle engine running unnecessarily whilst that vehicle is stationary on a public road. Imagine the complications! I did once own one of the first PHEV, a v60 estate that had preheaters, the car had a diesel type generator, but it was very quiet! Similar to that of an Auxiliary Power Unit used on aircraft.
  9. Lowest price ISF I have ever seen. The listing does state a frozen screen, although I have never known a screen freeze on this unit, the CD player was prone to malfunctioning on these and they are not a cheap replacement from lexus. All that be said, on the forecourt it must be a £15000-£17000 car.
  10. As it currently stands NX is £795 on the 2 for 1 offer. For the last few years there has been rumor circulating that Lexus was going to end the 2 for 1 offer that has now been running for around 7-8 years.
  11. Sorry, I have been busy for a while, I was hoping to get round to this post. I have to question as to why any car - brand new, still under original manufacturer warranty (3 years) only gets its first service from a dealer and then the remainder independant! Out of warranty I understand and military/service vehicles where they get serviced on site (including royal mail fleet) I also understand. But Joe public, first three years, I don't personally like. Discs and pads are the big wear and tear expense, crica of £1600 from the dealer, so as this was done 1000 miles ago, no need to be concerned. Tyres and service are the next expense wear and tear wise. You say that tyres are good but are awaiting service invoices. The 60k (6 year) is the big one, circa of £900 (spark plug fitting) if this service hasn't been done then take that into consideration. Warranty; as members here have already suggested, it is well worthy. In the grand scheme of things Lexus are well built, so in turn offer confidence in reliability however, like anything mechanical, things go snap, crackle and pop. The warranty is a great product and is by far more superior to that of any other warranty on the UK market. As the guys have said here, 18k - no such thing, 30k+ too high. 26-27k is where I would be sticking my money. 2 years ago a few 2015 models with 40ish on the clock creeped down to 26k but since then they seem to have just halted and in fact one was at Lexus Wolverhampton late last year, 2015, 30ish on the clock up for 27k, it was on the site for around 3 hours before it sold. On the same token, there are a small number of RCFs that for a short while now have remained on the trader and a few other places. Buyers seem to be a little scarce but sellers seem to be happy to hold out. So it all comes down to your budget and eagerness. If the 60k/6 year is due I personally would be gunning for 25k, 26k if you really like the spec. If the service history is as it should be and the 60k is done then it is a 26-27k car. But just to add: sub 30k RCFs seem to be a rare sight, even in their older age, mileages really seem to be low so in turn possibly have helped values. This may help you.... Best of luck, they are great cars, but just as you have done, prior to commitment certainly bombard this forum with your questions. There is an abundance of knowledge and opinions.
  12. Agreed, compared to the below;
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