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  1. Sorry, I have been busy for a while, I was hoping to get round to this post. I have to question as to why any car - brand new, still under original manufacturer warranty (3 years) only gets its first service from a dealer and then the remainder independant! Out of warranty I understand and military/service vehicles where they get serviced on site (including royal mail fleet) I also understand. But Joe public, first three years, I don't personally like. Discs and pads are the big wear and tear expense, crica of £1600 from the dealer, so as this was done 1000 miles ago, no need to be c
  2. Agreed, compared to the below;
  3. Heaven behold, see the below So if this article is true, then maybe the "F range" is about to up its game more than what we are currently used to.
  4. Is it just me or does this shout out "Audi S range"?
  5. And if the part ex refuses children? Back to slumming it in the GSF.
  6. The diamond cut finish is stunning, but I believe in the UK, brand new, Lexus decided against it. They look so different but yet, are the same.
  7. In the 5 years of following the GSF I am yet to see in the UK market one come up with the original diamond cut wheels.
  8. Rumour has it that behind closed doors at Lexus HQ, the brand is reffered to as "Sexus". Only a rumour though people.
  9. The below image is a picture of the blue inteior on the GSF, certainly wasn't a factory option in the UK however, if you have got the 10th anniversary blue interior you may find that you have a few buyers lined up, "shotgun" me first please. I recall that between the perforations on the seats in my ISF it was blue, ever so strange it was almost like blue was used in order to achieve the black finish on the leather!
  10. Each to their own however, I am happy to hype about the GSF all day long and that is reflected in the fact that as used these things move so much more faster than both ISF and RCF - furthermore reflected in the strong values seen over the last 2 years. Having owned all 3 along with an exhaustive list of many other marques these are my feelings and opinion ISF - Special, I totally loved the first effort from Lexus with this car, it always felt so special getting in and starting, at the time there was an RX450h and GS300 on the drive, the ISF was something else however, in comparison t
  11. Would it be out of order to suggest pinning this thread?
  12. 🤣🤣🤣 go on, amend the topic to read "sold". Beers are on me for that one.
  13. Great Idea. I totally agree. I have created a new topic. Great idea from both of you.
  14. A running thread to post your UK GSF - with less than 70 sold in the UK they are a rare and exclusive vehicle. 2016 Black, Red interior, Mark Levinson, Sunroof - Fair And Square. 2016 Blue, Red interior, Mark Levinson - CB 2016 F Sport White, Red interior, Mark Levinson, Sunroof - hockeyedwards 2016 Black, Black interior, Mark Levinson - Arnett 2016 Blue, Black Interior, Mark Levinson - Rensin55 2016 Black, Red Interior, Mark Levinson - Speedfreek 2016 Black, Black interior, Mark Levinson, sunroof - mrfunex 2017 Sonic Titanium, Black interior,
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