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  1. Hi guys thank you for the info on the IS200d I objectively take in and appreciate it all I bought the diesel as there is no real alternative in the present in this country with the lack of infrastructure and financial support for electric and the geographical industry push towards retaining petrol engines with a hybrid power train so as not to hurt any current motor company or its suppliers for the bountiful European market The motor industry is never to be trusted to supply anything other than what gives it the least financial pain for as long as possible At least the Hybrid is a “development” but for me it’s a stepping stone which I personally don’t need - nice to drive; but I prefer owning than renting Best regards
  2. I love my 2012 IS200d Advance my heart and more importantly my head is now sold on Lexus I have researched and discovered more bad things with the competition
  3. My 2012 200d has been gr8 over the year of ownership ( bought in preference to ALL the upmarket competition wins hands down!) My son worked for Merc for a few years and put me off them very early . Bmw have lots of very expensive issues. Jag for me would be a second choice Ref my 2012 Lexus IS200d Advance = Ive seen some posts concerning injector faults so looked at the LEXUSPARTSDIRECT website and saw they have injector cleaner for sale ! In preference I bought & used Liquimoly fuel system cleaner as a preventative measure - just under 48k on the clock now Of note to doubters of Lexus diesels is that the 220d suffers DPF clogging but 200d doesn’t due to being detuned but still very capable in every respect! I would suggest Catclean for a preventative measure and do the DPF regeneration drive My friend has an Avensis with 260k miles clocked a good advert for the best selling diesels around the world cheers
  4. Welcome to Europe's Leading Lexus Club! Please Enjoy!

    1. LEXIS200d


      Hi and thanks 

      I joined as I’ve just bought an approved used ‘12 plate IS200d Advance with 42k on clock in vgc Fell in love with it 

      seen all sorts of info even been on here checking opinions but came to my original conclusion it was a sensible choice compared to ALL the competition 

      I look forward to climbing the learning curve on here but it would help with a copy of the repair and service manual if any one can please allow me the pleasure (as Haynes have missed it out!)