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  1. They are making money from u which probably not did need spending as the discs will be good for loads of mileage.
  2. I only ever read a few online from people who had a good experience with these cheap MOT offers. Never have I been tempted. Always use MOT only place with no repairs, charge £50 current rate.
  3. All modern petrol & diesel have cats, but they are not being targeted. Only certain hybrids are being targeted. * I heard from a friend of mine that the Mercedes sprinter vans entire exhausts are targeted due to £1k price they command on the black market. He used to drive them at work.
  4. They are not going to care, they will steal the cat regardless. The police need to set up sting operations and lock these thiefs away, and enforcement need to be done on metal dealers/export borders. I have to stay put with what I have or change to a diesel auto until such time these doesn't happen anymore. I'm fortunate to have a car which isn't being targeted, but feel bad for the rest of you guys.
  5. Quoting from a Prius owner in the Toyota forum: I have had two Catalytic converters stolen on my Toyota Prius 2008 in the last three months. First in Luton in November 2019 then in Bletchley January 2020. The second time I had a Catloc fitted for protection but it made no difference to the thieves. I was parked for just one hour the second time. My insurance will be much more expensive about double from £450 to £950 approx, I have had to pay excess twice of £250, plus the stress of all this. The whole thing has really had a negative affect on my health. I would not recommend buying any hybrid car mainly Toyotas at the moment or having a Catloc fitted, they are useless. Toyota in Luton (Steven Eagell) who fitted the Exhaust and Catloc could not care less about my situation. I spoke to Catloc who were the same and have not helped or could not care. There is a UK epidemic at the moment of catalytic converter thefts due to the price of palladium and rhodium metals in the cats. I am getting rid of my Prius as soon as possible this weekend I hope. I am not going to buy a Toyota again after my experience, and advise friends and colleges against them, mainly hybrids, due to the thefts. Kind regards James Webster
  6. 60 in 2018 to 4800 theft last year wow. No police manpower to set up stings and catch these scumbags. This is so easily done.
  7. It's not an odd problem and it's not madness if one has been a victim. It's a major problem if u live in the southeast. Other regions may not have this issue, that is good and long may it stay that way. £400 for a cheap alternative exhaust or claim on insurance, that isn't madness, especially when the replacement OEM can get taken again The worry everytime u start up the car. I certainly cannot do with that stress.
  8. My guess would be some have been victims and maybe others want to rid of it because of what could happen. No idea what they would get, perhaps a diesel if EV is not for them atm. I would go diesel automatic if I need a bigger car as planned. EV is not viable for me right now due to no driveway and do low mileage annually.
  9. Exactly. I'm not even prepared to have it taken just the once. With all the grief and cost involved as well as worry everytime I start the car and drive off, no thanks. The auris hybrid or ct200 was going to be my next car, no chance of that now. I have a Yaris hybrid, fortunately the cat is at the manifold and thus cannot get to it or too difficult. Will keep that for now.
  10. Sorry to hear that. It's ridiculous that the police cannot give u an update what they have done with the video been given. Even if they say the number plates were fakes as least you are inform of progress. The fact is they view this an a non violent crime so it's low priority. They don't have the man power to investigate thoroughly. The govt failed the country massively over the last 10 years with cuts that had detrimental effects in the UK. They are only now recruiting 20k police officers, what they had cut. Need more.
  11. If you have a hybrid which the cat is accessible then yes its targeted unlike petrol or diesel cars. Only a victim of a cat theft will know the anguish they go through. I won't get a hybrid which is known to get the cat cut off right now for sure. That is a fair assessment, the thiefs are known to have come from a certain part of EU and they are prevalent in the SouthEast. I live in the southeast so no chance of me getting an auris or ct200 until this is no longer an issue.
  12. Sorry to hear, so many got cat stolen. A guy had the cat cut twice, 2nd one 22 days after replacing the first - auris hybrid. Not enough police and man power in the councils to enforce the law and catch these thiefs + the violent crimes which is blighting our country. Over the past 2 weeks in my area there has been probably over 20 vehicle's break in, breaking door windows stealing contents. I was a victim, I have nothing valuable in the car. Stole under £9 of change, sat nav cable, but not the sat nav? + Half a bottle of my favourite cologne. My window excess was £90, I guess small in comparison to cat theft. I can imagine the nightmares with cat theft. Wait for replacement in short supply, messed up daily life. Claim on insurance, higher premiums next time & can have big impact on NCD. My current policy is only 1 claim in 5 years without affecting NCD, which I will be changing when it's renewal time to more claims over a 5 years period. My car is a Yaris hybrid, think the cat is at the manifold so these scums don't touch my car for the cat.
  13. I want to get an auris or ct200 hybrid but are staying put for now until the govt start to put these thiefs away and also act firm with sanctions (big fine/jail time) on cash metal dealers.
  14. Have read from Toyota owners even with catloc, thiefs are still cutting through them 😞 I have a Yaris hybrid, I believe the cat is at the manifold connected to the engine so it's too difficult to get, thus not being targeted. I do want a little bigger car and remain a hybrid. But think I will keep the Yaris for now as just have changed all new tyres, and go with a diesel auto like a focus later on 😞 Shame these scums are having such a profound effect on as least my car choice, also on many Toyota hybrid owners too.
  15. I have read hybrid cars exhaust can be replace without a CAT, much cheaper and no further fear of the theft. Hybrids are not tested for emissions at MOT. Any knowledgeable people can shed light on this? If this is true then it can be an option for me to own a ct200 or other hybrids. Take out and sell the cat, use the fund towards the cost of parts and labour for new exhaust.