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  1. Full no claims with Churchill £350…..
  2. Hi Phil, I had my windscreen replaced by autoglass last year (not genuine Lexus) took the fitter about 1.5/2 hours. Looking at the job sheet they also replaced both side and the top mouldings with genuine Lexus parts. Very satisfied with care taken by fitter and replacement screen seems no different to the original..
  3. Having driven in Europe for many years (worked there for sometime) I’ve never experienced going 70mph holding up the flow of traffic (faster cars you let them pass no problem) .and some cars go slower and some faster than 70 with no problems and with HGV speed restrictions they’re not a problem...
  4. Don’t agree with you there paul, 2019 we traveled 2000 miles across Europe mainly on motorway and across the Pyrenees average speed on motorway 70mph and averaged 40 ish mpg the only time it dropped to mid to high 30mpg is when we were doing around 80 mph. Car was also well loaded up..
  5. I’ve used fine pumice powder and water to remove scratches from glass but not sure if works on plastic...
  6. Doh! Didn’t realise there are two different screens for displaying POI set up, one in set up the other in map, now sorted..Thank you all...
  7. The problem is when in an area with many restaurants the restaurant POI‘s blots out the roads therefore making the display useless...
  8. Thanks for the reply...unfortunately there’s no delete option on the screen...
  9. Hi, Can restaurant poi be deleted from the sat nav display on a 2016 NX300H uk version..I’ve looked and tried but to no avail... Thanks...
  10. Yes,ATS were doing an August promotion of £50 of off 4 tyres plus a choice of Amazon show or kindle..Cheapest I could find anywhere else was £576
  11. Dealer couldn’t match ATS price of £517 for the four tyres
  12. Yokohama tyres, front around 2mm and rears 4-5 mm, changed them all as had read how much better the Michelin are...
  13. Hi, changed the tyres on my NX to four Michelin Cross Climates and what a difference they make. Road noise greatly reduced and rides a lot smoother over rough roads. Has completely changed the the way the car rides and drives, well impressive...
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