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  1. Yes,ATS were doing an August promotion of £50 of off 4 tyres plus a choice of Amazon show or kindle..Cheapest I could find anywhere else was £576
  2. Dealer couldn’t match ATS price of £517 for the four tyres
  3. Yokohama tyres, front around 2mm and rears 4-5 mm, changed them all as had read how much better the Michelin are...
  4. Hi, changed the tyres on my NX to four Michelin Cross Climates and what a difference they make. Road noise greatly reduced and rides a lot smoother over rough roads. Has completely changed the the way the car rides and drives, well impressive...
  5. I looked at the Volvo T5 (nice car) but after reading owners getting only 29mpg decided to give it a miss...
  6. Welcome to Europe's Leading Lexus Club! Please Enjoy!

  7. Hi Kevin, CatClamp and a couple of other companies sell devices that deters thefts of catalytic converters..