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  1. Anybody replaced the satnav/entertainment with something more up to date with Apple CarPlay?
  2. The cat from my RX400h was stolen in October last year. Insurance company stumped up for new cat + lock after much haggling and convincing them that Lexus supply & fit new cat for £750. First catloc was rubbish, it enclosed the exhaust pipe and was attached to the chassis with a chain that rattled continuously. Due to COVID nothing happened but in the middle of August Lexus fitted for free version 2 which is a steel cage bolted to the chassis with snap off bolts. Nothing is 100% but this will deter most of the crims. BTW Lexus Customer Relations were amazing throughout, and this with a 12 year old car. BTW2 my RX400h is the best car by far in over 50 years of driving and owning about 30 cars. Just did a 2k round trip to France and averaged 40+ mpg not driving particularly slowly.
  3. Mid October I had the cat stolen from my RX400h and it took them about 30 seconds at the most - all on cctv. It's the greater ground clearance and the proximity to the edge of the car underneath the driver's side that made it so easy. Have a part now at my dealer and apparently Lexus will have a Catloc similar to the Toyota one in the New Year so am waiting for both to be done - all through insurance company. Anyone know anything about efficiency of the Toyota Catloc? BTW they don't need to jack up the RX400h.
  4. Welcome to Europe's Leading Lexus Club! Please Enjoy!

  5. My catalytic converter on my RX400h was stolen this afternoon in broad daylight. Thanks to neighbour's cctv you could see the guy took about 30 seconds to take it off. Will check on Monday with Lexus, but see this page https://blog.lexus.co.uk/catalytic-converter-theft/ where Lexus say they'll fit new one for £750. BTW my insurance company refused to pay as they said car was too old.