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  1. Hi John, Thanks for your quick response. My original post was on 9th April headed Strange problem. I am sorry, but I don't know how to link my original post to this one. I am in the UK, I have had the car for four and a half years, bought from a small trader with 92k on the clock and now has 193k on the clock. Can you read my original post or tell me how to link it, that would be great, thanks. Regards. Martin
  2. Hi All, Hope you are all safe and well. This is only my second post so thanks in advance for any replies. Had an issue whihc I posted a few weeks ago and the same problem happened again on Monday. Have tried to get it booked into Lexus but dealers in Exeter and Plymouth are not open at present. The lady I sopke to said I could try lexus Assist, even though i don't have cover. To cut a long story short, the AA have been out this afternoon and read the codes whihc are P3190, Engine power too low and P3193 Tank empty. The tank is not and has never been empty since I have had the car. the power was low and this has been an intermittant problem for some time. Any one got any ideas where I can start to look to solve these - I need the car as I need to get to my mother to look after her when my brother can't. Thanks.
  3. Thanks Herbie. I did give all the connections a good clean when I changed the battery but will check just to make sure nothing has come loose. Seems strange that the faults occured after around 1 mile the first time and after around 9 miles the second time. I have been having intermittent power issues for a while - happens at odd times but often after sitting on the motorway in a 50mph zone with the cruise on - try to accelerate away at the end of the roadworks and it has the acceleration of a 2CV. The engine is revving but car is not matching it. No warning lights and no codes stored. I took it into Lexus Plymouth a few weeks ago and they checked it out and couldn't find anything. The technician came out on a test drive and I could not get the fault to occur - typical! Hopefully, there will be some codes stored now so they can find a fault !! - when we get out of this lockdown! Thanks again.
  4. Thanks Chris. The battery is only a few months old - it was replaced under warranty as the one I had bought from my local motor factors failed. These issues are not just after starting so I don't think it will be the battery. When parked, the engine only restarts when the hybrid battery indicator drops to a low level which can be quite a while if nothing else is running.
  5. The latching mechanism is all plastic so silicone lubricant is better.
  6. Hi Herbie, I had a similar problem with the left cover. When I opened them to put the parcel shelf in, the left one would not stay shut. The latch was not coming back out to its full extent. I used a paid of pliers and simply worked the latch in and out a few times and it seemed to loosen it a bit and haven't had the problem since. Some silicone spay lubricant may help.
  7. Hi All, Newbie here. I have a 2005 RX 400h with 193,000 on the clock. I have had a strange issue. When pulling up to a junction, braking gently, the engine "stalled" and the braking jerked, like some one had run into the back of me. The check VSC system light came on along with check hybrid system. The car then ran on battery only for a short distance so I pulled over and switched off. I restarted it and then only the "check hybrid" light came. The car then ran as normal, using engine and battery but with the engine management light on as well. After arriving home, I switched off and the started it again 5 minutes later and no lights were on and it ran normally. This happened last week and then exactly the same the other day. My "local" lexus dealer is closed at present and are booked up for all of May so can't get it looked at which is a bit of a worry as my mother is not in good health and I may need to help out and she is 120 miles away. Has anyone had anything similar or any thoughts on what it might be. Thanks in advance.
  8. Hi All, Newbie here hoping someone can help. I have a RX400h, 2005 with 184,000 on the clock. I have an issue with lack of power. Sometimes, after driving at a steady speed for a while, I lose power when I need or want to accelerate. I can floor the accelerator and the engines revs but the acceleration is more akin to a 2CV. At the same time, the battery indicator on dash (in the speedo as it an SE model) also drops to practically nil when this happens and seems to take ages to "top up" again, even when going down hill and braking which normally does it quite quickly. After a few miles like this, or sometimes the next day, it is back to normal This happened a year or so ago and I took it into Lexus. They said that there were no fault codes recorded and the technician came out with me. We drove for several miles and it the fault did not appear - typical! A hybrid check revealed no issues. The gearbox oil pump went and was replaced by Lexus and the fault seemed to disappear for a good while but now it's back with an ever increasing regularity. Has anyone experienced this ? I am loathe to get rid of the car as it is ok apart from this and I would like to see it to 200,000 miles. Thanks in anticipation. Martin
  9. Welcome to Europe's Leading Lexus Club! Please Enjoy!