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  1. I once had a Fiat cinquecento turbo (modified in the Netherlands) for three years... I don’t know how I put up with it, it was horrendous
  2. Considering the hefty discount I got on mine compared to what it was listed for I think they are an acquired taste but then again there are some m4s that have been up for sale since I started looking for a replacement for the xkr in October last year
  3. Hello looking for an aftermarket exhaust for an rcf. Quite open to options. Please get in contact if you are thinking of selling many thanks
  4. I would be interested in this deal but i have also looked at the NVIDIA q300 exhaust which has good reviews in the USA. Anyone got an opinion on this ? It seems good value and is cat back not just axle back.
  5. I think this might be spam or the start of some kind of scam as I received something very similar when I sold my XKR. The injectors were mentioned when it’s not known to have those issues. This is just a copy and paste job from a bmw N54 engine I think
  6. You are right. I have booked a front ppf protection package for next week and now I am trying to find a good detailer
  7. I have, I picked it up yesterday. I am definitely looking at trying to pick up an exhaust from a Fellow member as while it sounds great, you really need to be going for it to hear it and I do like a lower down rumble. Other than that, cannot fault it. Next step is to ppf and the front and ceramic coat as it will be spending its time outdoors and I think that will be it
  8. Just to update I am still looking for an exhaust so if anyone wishes to sell theirs or they see a good deal on one please let me know 🙂 many thanks
  9. Yes I think that it’s the one. Right now it’s 1880 plus vat and I can see it’s been cheaper in the past. I am trying to get a good deal or a used one if I can
  10. Apologies one was me for the exhaust !
  11. I am thinking of the quicksilver. Has anyone had one from Hayward and Scott ?
  12. rather than pics here is a video of it, with all the sound effects anyone could ask for
  13. I previously had a spires switchable exhaust on my xkr and I think I had it in quiet mode perhaps 0.3 percent of the time in three years of ownership but it was a very good system with just minimal drone at very very low revs, hence I was thinking to not bother with switchable this time I have seen the armytrix and gt haus ones but they are quite expensive over 3k? Maybe if a used one comes up I’ll go for it