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  1. I really like the LED dipped headlights on mine, they really light the road ahead. The Autodipped headlights are OK but aren't much use on rural roads where I live you just end up dazzling pedestrians. The Panasonic stereo is OK but nothing to get excited about, you definitely need to adjust a few of the settings to get the best out of it. Least said about the satnav the better!
  2. Is there any more information available about this?
  3. I was right about the maps on my new car. I picked it up from Cambridge Lexus and on the drive home it had no idea about the changes to the new A14. I knew about the changes but the satnav hadn't got a clue. For the money we pay we should be getting over the air updates, Google maps had the changes mapped within 2 days.
  4. I'll be interested to watch how you get on with this. I have also been reading up on aftermarket infotainment systems.
  5. Picked up my CT200H F-Sport yesterday. I'm 6' 2" and have found it a very comfortable place to be in.
  6. I don't think the update will be that new. I'm due to pick up my new CT200H on Saturday and I don't expect to see the new road layouts that have come online this past month or so near me.
  7. I also usually have no problems with DAB but over the last couple of days I'm also experiencing dropouts in both of our cars. TV signal issues also.
  8. I've had these kind of apps for other manufactures of vehicles I've owned and find them a bit pointless. Apple carplay and Android auto are the only things I want.
  9. Just out of interest how many people with a Ct200h have had their catalytic converters stolen?
  10. So if your car is not in a locked garage it isn't safe. And I also falsely thought the CT would be safer due to the low ground clearance
  11. Very sorry to hear you've had your Cat stolen. Can I ask where your vehicle was at the time of the theft?
  12. Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 This is something I would be interested in.
  13. You could change your tyre size but your Speedo can give a false reading.
  14. That is a logical point. It was more it of interest. Thanks