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  1. Thanks Herbie... I shall indeed try that
  2. I have exactly the same button but mine is not actually Lexus (sorry) even though reports on this forum suggest its the same family. It's my newly purchased MY05 Outback (3.0L 6 cylinder) and have been experimenting with said button. From said experimentation it seems as though it does a few things but the most important of them all is, to annoy me. 1. Seems like it beeps when temps are going down. 2. Seems like it beeps when I'm too close to the car in front when parking up and if I don't acknowedge that said button knows better than me, the bleeping gets more aggressive and annoying. 3. When I turn the car on from cold it keeps beeping if I drive off immediately but seems to reduce said beeping when the temps have gotten to acceptable range in the dash board. 4. Just beeps randomly when none of the above are relevant... so I try and keep it in the off position as it was probably most of its life. . Looking forward to hwaring what dealers say. My inkling says that they won't have a clue
  3. This reminds me of the time my Subaru Legacy (apparently its part of the Toyota group according to reports on LexusOwnersClub ! 😊 ) had a problem with the key fob not working. I tried everything and in the end went to Subaru. Ended up charging me around £90 for a new inner for my key. When I got it back home and checked it over once again I realised it was when I'd swapped out batteries. I had ended up putting in the battery the wrong way and in my frustration never thought to check that during my fsult finding mission. Dealers must have had a right laff as they would have seen the battery inserted the wrong way round when they opened it up. They didn't think to tell me though during charging me for my new innards and the fob they'd 'repaired'...
  4. @RgrWynne been with my Legacy SpecB tourer for past 3 years and clocked up 60000 miles (slight misfire meant its being replaced early with just short or 10500 miles before its 200k birthday/mileage anniversary)... @royoftherovers Subaru... really part of the Lexus group. Wow. That might explain why my outback feels silky smooth at 109000 miles just like its H6 engineded predecessor at 189200 miles (thanks again)
  5. Roy... sorry sir. Yes, its indeed really appreciated and after looking at it (and kicking myself as my warranty would still be voided cos of my annual mileage more than 20,000) I was left in awe of how you'd found it. I looked everywhere and was convinced you'd dreamt it up 😊.. obviously not. Still on the subject of why my manners forgot me for a second: I was in the middle of trying to screw these 2 parking ticket companies over who've tried to do me over but I'm fighting back... lol... all the while trying to send my info for a new job to occ health dept at York hospital and having only slept 4 hours afyer a night shift 🙂 Anyway, sorry Roy (seriously) for the manners issue... regards the praying (another thing that got me caught up and missing my manners). I managed to pick up a £1600 2005 plate Subaru Outback 3.0 H6 and did a bit of praying (do so regularly) before it as well as giving about £10 in sadaqa (to the poor/needy/orphans) and am convinced thats the car thats gonna help me save up for that all elusive super-cheap LS600H or 460.. probably a £3k 460 😉 Anyway... Lexus.. what a car ...
  6. Also... don't forget where the actual lithium or whatever comes from. I believe its being mined away from a people not totally honestly as well as them not totally wanting to give it up ! Bloody developed world... screw everyone over just so they (the powers that be) can make us think we're being kinder to the environment. Don't ask me where i got my info from, twas a radio report of what the battery firms are doing in lithium-rich lands. Similar to how the Aborigines were done over as well as the Red Indians 😐 Just saying...
  7. Roy, Where can i find info of the 15 year warranty? I can only see reference to 8 and 10 years on their site... thanks 😊
  8. Thanks Malc... I'd just assumed they didn't enter the UK market as I only ever hear of them in the american reviews (IIRC)...
  9. Yes... Sorry sir. You indeed are right. I've always been a bit impulsive and sometimes get carried away with my thoughts and what I've read... I'm glad you posted that though as I purchased a new (to me) Subaru 4wd wagon just this week after my old Legacy developed a misfire at only 190000 miles. Planning to spend as little on it (the new to me 3.0 Outback) as possible and was just discussing with my mechanic mate earlier today that I 'need' a Lexus V8... It can be a 600 or a 460 but 600 with the AWD makes more sense to how far I commute and times of year. Best get myself saving (to get the most economical* Lexus limo I can find). *Yes I did mean cheapest 😊 Shafiq
  10. Thanks Malc for opening this thread. What an eye opener. Looks like the prevailing opinion is to just stay away from both the ls600Has well as the LS460 and 430!!! Looks like I'll stick with my Subaru Legacy SpecB for a little longer (hopefully exhaust will get sorted tomorrow and it'll bring me many a happy year of motoring for the foreseeable future... whatever that statement means [sorry])... Hope you will share what's you're final answer of what you'll stay with (the LS400 I assume)... Looks like Lexus (and by default Toyota: of which I owned the super-smooth CarinaE as my luxury limo as my 2nd or 3rd car after a couple of citroens many many years ago) just maybe isn't what it used to be. Shame on you (Lexus)... NB. Sorry for causing any offence
  11. Thanks all... so in a nutshell, am I right in saying its not 'The One'... ie. The one that owners have found to be the mist reliable out of all historical Lexus' (I think that could possibly be the older ls400 if I understand it al correctly
  12. Thanks Roy... I intend on utilising all of the above with the exception of that watranty you mention as I have seen oje with excellent stats as private. I take it these are chain driven engines? Money pit= in what are the main things to be worn/wearing?
  13. Right then. Been browsing on here and thought I'd sorted my brake issue (I have) on my Legacy 3.0... But yesterday something happened and it seems like a driveshaft issue so won't be able to save up just yet for that all elusive LS600H. Been browsing and noticed the LS460 isn't much far off an LS600h (except for the excellent road tax, fuel economy and 4wd). Question is... is a 2008 or 2007 model LS560 with 130000 on the clock gonna be a minor money pit for me with bearing failures and suspension issues and other age related stuff. Cos quite frankly I'm not sure I can really afford them overheads as I wish to be saving for the 600... Any and every input greatly appreciated including real world MPG if you drive nicely like eggshells under the pedal on a long motorway run. Cos thats where my csrs live generally and I try to use my bike for other local trips... On the MPG front, I think the tipping fsctor for me is that its not much farther than reported real world MPG figures of my Legacy SpecB and the road tax is almost the same aswell (sad face goes here)...
  14. Hi Roy... no sorry. It would not allow me to put otger than a lexus in the bit to register (I think)... gs450H is what sparked my attwntion initially but now intent on an ls600h once I've managed to save up for one. For the moment i just need to decide on which older/cheaper midel i might get away with buying... Like a 'chitty chitty bang bang' if you see what i mean.
  15. Hi all... Just joined today in the hope I might be able to get some advice on which bigger (we are a family of 5) Lexus I should be looking at. Eventually I plan to save up for a ls600h (obviously I will value your input before going ahead), but for the moment I just plan to buy a super-cheap model to see me through (as I'm almost up to my teeth with this brake-shake issue on my current Legacy SpecB which has had so much money thrown at the fix for the past year that I could have saved at least 700£ or so). Sorry for the abrupt intro and any input appreciated. I will make an appropriate thread in due course. Once again, greetings... Shafiq