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  1. Perhaps I might ditch the idea of putting led bulbs in the fog housing, too many variables and there is the legalities to content with. So.... Has anyone fitted the fog led replacement drls that you can get from China? Might be a better compromise.
  2. So what bulbs do you have in yours? Are they original or have you had to replace them. This is what I want to know really, which ones are any good. There seems to be a lot of rubbish ones out there. As Herbie has said, I don't think the fogs are included in any checks on the Mot. I have put some t10 leds in the sidelights but will probably put the halogens back in for the Mot. Or, might just try my luck. 🤞
  3. Can anyone give any pointers for these bulbs? Is it worth changing the halogens to leds or should I just upgrade to better halogens. I have just put led t10s into the sidelight spaces and it looks very good alongside the hids. The fogs look horrible though. I can't seem to find any decent reviews or recommendations for good quality, reliable hb4s. Anyone gone down this route?
  4. Sorry to hear that. I have installed a security camera and 2 led security lights to the front and side of my house. The camera can be set up to watch "Zones" to stop getting too many alerts to my phone. Took a bit of setting up but gives me piece of mind.
  5. Fitted the 501 cree LED's to the front (sidelights), what a differance. Makes the front look so much nicer. Ordered some more for the rear along with the reverse LED's. Oh, and some LED's for the front fogs. In for a penny.
  6. Oh, my bad about the brake lights. Agree about the replacements, that's why I need advice on known error free bulbs.
  7. Had a check bulb error on dash, it's the tail light on rear drivers side. I thought I might as well change/upgrade all the rears whilst I've got the trim removed. Obviously the brake lights are led and enclosed (I think) so don't need to bother them but, any advice on makes and types of bulb to replace with. I will also change the reverse bulbs and shroud whilst I'm at it. Any links to decent tried and tested items would be welcomed. Herbie sent me a link to reverse leds a few months back but I never got round to getting any due to Covid etc. Thanks in advance. Col.
  8. Thanks for the info, I really appreciate it. I did actually look through the above vid but the indicators issue completely passed me by, I will put that down to brain overload as I spent most of the weekend trawling the net for answers. The info given has given me the confidence to explore the possibility of changing a few things. Having said that, I think I will leave the indicators as stock. Rewiring electrics isn't a strong area for me. Electricity is "Witchcraft" as far as I'm concerned. I can just about cope with plug and play, so I will stick to that. I've had the car since November last year and it's probably the nicest motor I've owned. I've been a bit of a BMW fan boy for the last 35 years, the 350 beats them all in terms of comfort and presence with one exception, a 1993 e32 7 series that I had for years. Although it was a great car it was lacking in tech, probably why I liked it so much, but, it was a looker and a great wafter. As for the 350, I will change the bulbs that are within my knowledge and I'm thinking of restoring the headlight lenses as they are looking a bit tired, should keep me busy for a bit. Once again, thanks for the advice. Col.
  9. Thanks for the heads up, I have looked through the post that you mention about the shroud. I will be getting rid of them then. As for the led upgrades, is it just the reverse lights, or all the others bar the hid and halogen dipped beam? Would I be able to replace the anything else and last but not least, do you know where I could get some bulbs that don't push out errors. I'm assuming that the front fogs would be Halogen also. I'm gutted about the mot rules. The led "seed" was planted when I saw a same year as mine with added drls and obvious led upgrades on all the headlight bulbs. It looked much better and didn't look out of place either.
  10. I have an old Chinese 0801 mini cam that I bought about 8 years ago that is still working fine. When I first got it I had to format the sd card in the actual dashcam. It would only accept a class 10 card and I found that a 5 min loop was the most stable overwrite option. IF I want to browse the footage I just take the card out and plug it into the TV or my android via USB and card reader/adaptor. I would imagine things have moved on a bit since I first got mine, but, if it ain't broke and all that. Does your Nextbase allow you to format the card in the cam or on your laptop?
  11. Hi, I've been looking around the forum for some specific MK2 Rx350 exterior bulb info without much luck. Anyway, could someone enlighten me as to which bulbs I could upgrade myself. I have the hid headlights I think, because I have AFS and a lens cleaner up front. I would like to upgrade the oem bulbs with leds if possible as they look a bit dull to be honest. The main hid bulbs are nice and bright but everything else lacks a bit of Oomph. The reverse lights are next to useless when using the the rear camera. I've spent most of the day getting confused on the net as to which bulbs I could switch and where I could purchase them. Really hoping someone on here has got experience on the subject, and with an Rx350. My motor is a 2006 SE model. Thanks in advance. Col.
  12. Hi all, finally pulled the trigger on a "New to me" 2006 Rx350. Have been lurking and looking for a couple of months, picking up tips and advice. A car really local to me came on the market and as soon as I see it I had to have it. Will try an attach a couple of pics.
  13. Welcome to Europe's Leading Lexus Club! Please Enjoy!

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