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  1. At some point ALL is220d need a new head gasket or new engine. If you get there fast enough you can get it repaired for 2.5-3k. But if head or block is damaged its game over. Reconditioned factory engine block used to be around 5k. New improved gasket. Head will be skimmed for some mircons, because the place where gasket fails has a very small defect after. New rubber engine seals, intake and egr clean etc. They will remove the engine and have your car for a week. If you car is perfect otherwise and you keep it later it makes sense to fix it. European scrap yards are full on UK is220d-s. People are buying only engines from there to fix their broken one but only get scammed every time. Scrap UK bare block is around 500 EUR here. Its tempting, this vs 3k fix from dealer.
  2. If your is220d spits coolant from expansion tank tube or level drops with no visual leaks you have failed gead gasket. There is no need to try finding some other cheaper and easier fault there. Head gasket is gone and you need to face it. 3k to fix or scrap the car. Stop making those stupid threads.
  3. Welcome to Europe's Leading Lexus Club! Please Enjoy!