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  1. Novel and exhautech sound similar, love th sound but yeah if I’m going for power for that price I’d be better off with a sc kit and ppe which is likely but I would love to have that flat plane scream novel gives. Thanks I’m sure it’ll wind up with me just going with PPE
  2. It’s strictly the resulting exhaust note. UEL just doesn’t do it for me, and yes all headers in the market have R&D behind them, which is why if sikky and ppe can make affordable products, and reliable, for the ~$2000 price range, then so can other companies. However all RHD EL headers are $5500+, some cases more than triple ppe price. LEMS wants $9500 for just headers. Novel is $5500 exhautech doesn’t list but they primarily service Lamborghini/Ferrari type of cars so it won’t be much different. However they’re only japan companies, theres tons more car markets and scenes with like minded people, so the fact it’s so difficult to find anything makes it that much more appealing if there is a company that has done what I’m looking for, I know it won't be cheap but it won’t be the previously mentioned highway robbery pricing
  3. Honestly, if the alloy is rigid enough to be altered they’d be good, bring them to reputable machinists and fabricators to be altered to a better configuration that fits and flows properly. But it’s structural integrity needs to be above average at a minimum
  4. Yes, a group deal would be amazing, without violating forums, I would say shotgun yourself on the American and Aussie forums if you’ve not done so already, PPE priced equal length for a RHD should pick up momentum rather quickly...and that’s awesome. That’s the next step after the current set up is due for an upgrade/refresh, 2 piece rotors. I’m in.
  5. Oh, I can install them, I have prowess in that regard, but to tig weld, no dice. Maybe if I already had everything the right angle, and the flange I’d be able to take them together, and yes the age of the platform has been the downfall in affordable product continuation and overly expensive new r&d. Now it’s dated so no major company focus on it. 🤷🏻‍♂️ Late to the party can’t be to bothered by the support. im holding off, I’m praying a used set goes up for sale. But these aren’t Subaru or evo, parts tend to stay on the car long term or not, and the car sells. Thanks everyone
  6. Woah 6k for-hand made? Novel has warranty ones for the gsf for that. I’m trying to avoid titanium. Also trying to avoid a giant price tag; ppe would do was hoping to get the sound captured. Getting another F to fit the ISF would be more expensive than just buying the headers for an isf. But hey thanks for at least getting me some answers, I got shunned on the American forum lmao
  7. Didn’t find too much, really didn’t dig all that deep either, but has anyone had a s hope fabricate headers for their isf? As I’ve mentioned Novel, Lems, and exhautech are common results for rhd headers, also 4x+ the cost of PPE rhd from the states. Starting to realize there isn’t many options out there besides these US and Japan based companies, but I know I can’t be the only fool who’s contemplating having a one off set made; so anyone taken this on with success? Cheapest set besides PPE starts at ~$5500, is rsther oay 3k for a made set out of stainless, I’m not good enough to weld titanium or aluminum so steel is the alloy of choice for me, but I don’t know what companies who have made some for members, or that can and or will, just reaching out I don’t mind shipping costs because for the price of these other options, it would still be less than theirs new and shipped. Thanks a bunch in advance
  8. Thank you much, still long ways from my vision, the car does so much on its own, picking cosmetic stuff to stand out but not clash with the body lines takes some thought. Glad the interior was easier, just all black, the picture does the seats no justice.
  9. Been waiting for a used set to pop up, really not wanting to jump on the grenade that is Novel or Lems pricing. PPE is last resort, call me crazy but unequal length exhaust note reminds me of all the straight piped American cars young military always buy, while unique to where I live, the flat plane sound the equal length gives is the best way to do the platform justice. Completely opinionated, personal preference. So if any one has a set, going back to stock or a part out whatever the case, I’m all ears, well eyes but same point. Doesn’t matter scratches or beat up so long as it’s not cracked or corroded. One off sets confirmed to fit, stainless etc. hoping something is out there. Cheers
  10. Hello, new to the site, joining in hopes to open avenues with vendors on the never ending quest to improve the car, pick at brains of the tenure F owners. I’m former US Air Force, med retired, visited Mildenhall many moons ago. Current contracting all over, primarily Japan. I have an 09 ISF, full adjustable rear suspension, Hardrace, HKS coilovers, waiting on supernow and SIKKY braces bushings endlinks etc. starfire Pearl, 19x9” front 10” rear Rays G25, cwest aero. RR tune waiting to find headers for a right drive and making my own header back. 60k on the clock, first Lexus ever, transitioned from old yota drift missles, and STI/EVO cars. Started off like any good yank with some ugly cheap interior muscle cars. Was a BMW tech/enthusiast and now settling in with the Lexus since manuals are done deal after years of breaking my body down. Couldn’t be more excited and impressed with the platform. Always interested in learning about other regional car scenes and how people live and operate in life generally not just cars. Hoping to network and source parts as well as find cool stuff for my new found Lexus brethren.
  11. Welcome to Europe's Leading Lexus Club! Please Enjoy!