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  1. Hi There. Having researched the methods for protecting your CAT I have decided to invent one of my own. The prices they are charging are ridiculous. If I am successful and it proves too much of a bother to make them in enough quantity at a fair price I will give you all the details to make one of your very own. All I am waiting for is my son to source me a ramp for a few hours. Keep your fingers crossed. Regards Peter.
  2. Where the original tool box or storage place so to speak, was bolted to the boot floor I made a short piece of 3/4" flat steel bar, found a longer bolt and fastened the wheel down with this in the hole vacated by the tool box.
  3. I have read that members are having trouble with finding space for a space saver spare wheel. I was the same and wanted a spare wheel and not the gunge inflator supplied with my Ct200h. I bought a spare wheel on E-Bay then came the problem of the box that would not fit with the wheel in position. I cut enough of the box bottom away so that it cleared the spare wheel. I then screwed 1" x !/2" wood strips to the inside of the sides of the box approx.2 1/4" down from the top edge of the box. Next using strong cardboard I made a template to fit inside the box which I then transposed on to a 1/4" thick MDF sheet. This was then covered by a cheap carpet purchased at QD I hope the photos show it better than my description of the procedure. Hope this helps. Peter Collins.