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  1. You have not stated a price you are looking for.
  2. If it was the dilution rate for Glycol in water why is it embossed on both sides?
  3. While topping my washer bottle up I noticed a small motif embossed into the black plastic of part of the engine cover. It looks like a headlight motif and along side of it also embossed is " 10% ". I have searched my hand book but can find no reference to this. Does anyone what this is for?
  4. The engine was cold so I assume that it is as your members inform me and is steam. Thanks everyone for your input it is most appreciates. Regards Peter.
  5. Hi There. Having researched the methods for protecting your CAT I have decided to invent one of my own. The prices they are charging are ridiculous. If I am successful and it proves too much of a bother to make them in enough quantity at a fair price I will give you all the details to make one of your very own. All I am waiting for is my son to source me a ramp for a few hours. Keep your fingers crossed. Regards Peter.
  6. Where the original tool box or storage place so to speak, was bolted to the boot floor I made a short piece of 3/4" flat steel bar, found a longer bolt and fastened the wheel down with this in the hole vacated by the tool box.
  7. I have read that members are having trouble with finding space for a space saver spare wheel. I was the same and wanted a spare wheel and not the gunge inflator supplied with my Ct200h. I bought a spare wheel on E-Bay then came the problem of the box that would not fit with the wheel in position. I cut enough of the box bottom away so that it cleared the spare wheel. I then screwed 1" x !/2" wood strips to the inside of the sides of the box approx.2 1/4" down from the top edge of the box. Next using strong cardboard I made a template to fit inside the box which I then transposed on to a 1/4" thick MDF sheet. This was then covered by a cheap carpet purchased at QD I hope the photos show it better than my description of the procedure. Hope this helps. Peter Collins.