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  1. so there were 2 types of radiators for is200? or just people upgrade to the thicker ones? Do you know why they were some 16mm and some 27mm?
  2. I have a question is lexus is200 sport and is200 radiators are same? because i have leak i went to my friend mechanic to change the radiator and we ordered a lexus is200 radiator it came thinner and the fan shroud doesn't align with the screw holes, the old radiator is the same width like the is300 can it be the sport model had a radiator from is300? or just was after market? because the as i checked the is200 and is300 has the same lenght and height as the radiator just the width is diffrent. so the final question is the is200 sport radiator is wider or exlusive to the sport model only?
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  4. Hey everyone, yesterday i went to my garage to check my undercarrage for rust and riffiled some oil, then after turning my ignition on i heard a loud buzzing sound from my drivers speaker, and when you rev the car it goes louder a bit and just pops after a while, after that when you turn on the ignition sometimes the buzzing sound reapears but still no sound, took the aftermarket radio off the wires are all ok doesnt look like anything is disconected, took off drivers door cover the wires look fine, check the fuses witch are all good too, do you have any idea what it could be? I think its shorting somewhere but didint find anything. Later i will upload a video and post a link to see what im talking about video for my probelm: