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  1. Everything mechanical we have ever bought made in china appeared to be made of low grade plasticine. I have a friend that repairs scooters and he won't buy Chinese parts but likes those made in Thailand as says they are very good.
  2. I bought some Hako ones for my 2012 GS. took them off after the first trip out the wind noise was just too high. Also they snapped a little on the ends that go into the window channel but still fit. if anyone wants them free I am in North London, haven't taken the sticky tape off so will fit again
  3. Get a similar noise on my GS 250 on full lock sounds like a slight dragging noise. However, had it on other cars with quite large tyres so haven't worried about it.
  4. Wonder if Lexus would help with the repair under good will? Worth asking Honda changed us an ABS unit at 147ish K on an accord just charged us for a brake fluid change. We had a similar issue with Mercedes and they were not interested so mixed bag.
  5. The insurers love 50/50 as you both loose your no claims and or have a fault accident on your insurance record. ive used Adrian Flux for a lot of years but sounds like their claims help is not too good?
  6. Yes I would agree the last set of disks and pads I changed on my sons car were Brembo and very very good.
  7. Are you sure it's not the suspension compressing and the wheel arch giving the impression of forward or real movement? 50 mm of movement between forward and reverse would be a big movement and should be something relatively obvious as to the cause?
  8. A lot of hard work, but looks like the fun she'd article looks good. There is some bad garage welding out there so you should be proud of what you have achieved.
  9. Better it has some protection prior to anyone looking at it though, but your logic is hard to disagree with 🙂