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  1. I find the sound is fine for a car setup. No boom low end and the limitations make it pretty hard to get any sort of decent sound as after all it’s a car sound system. i managed if I’ve read the dash figures correctly a nice 54.6 mpg yesterday on a short trip of around 4 miles driving gently to get the old electric drive as much as possible. I’m sure that’s not going to stay late way for long but I was surprised to see that from a car of this size.
  2. As a guess they have tried to clean it out and have done their best flushing it and are just covering themselves. To be honest I can’t see why as any residue left would be so diluted it would make very little difference.
  3. Hopefully this is the last update. The car is ready to be delivered back to her. The work done regardless off the options meant she lost the warranty on the fuel line side so the Lexus dealership have completed to work for just under £900 and she has to keep the fuel tank topped up and not to let the tank get below half for a min of 5 fills. Personnally I can’t see an issue, if it was petrol in a diesel it would have been a disaster but with a good clean the car should be as it was when she picked it up. I wonder if the title of the thread could be altered to something like dies
  4. There are so many cams out there, I went for the BlackVue 750s in my VW Caddy. I use it’s parking mode a lot but instead of hard wiring I use a Maxoak K2 To power it when it’s sat in the drive. I chose this one as it connects to my Wi-Fi at home so doubles up along side my security cams and with Wi-Fi any movement is sent to the cloud and you get an alert. I have no idea how long a cam in Lexus would work for if parked up for any length of time but I get a good weeks worth out of mine depending on how many alerts and temps. Like most cams it records in segments and any event is sav
  5. Thanks for your kind words Jay. I’ll mention it to her just in case. Thanks.
  6. Thanks Nigel. It’s easy done and I can’t say anything to her but to chalk it down as a lesson. I’ve been over there today to see her and she’s fine. She’s decided now to have the 6k work done to keep the warranty. They have to order in some parts and I will be interested to see what’s changed. She was worried if she sold it on with no warranty on the engine it will create an issue.
  7. I need to take her out for the day and go through all the various bits and bobs. I know how she managed to put Diesel in, flustered and stressed with too much on her mind which is why I mentioned it on the first page of this thread. I’ll take her into a garage on a fill and show her why it’s hard to put the nozzle in when it’s incorrect size wise and I might try and find a sticker so it never happens again. That was one of the draw backs to some of the electric cars, she would need to push forward and be up to date with her phone and networking and understanding how they work and diffe
  8. We got there in the end. its unfortunate she did this and in a strange way as I had recommended the car I’m happy it was not mechanical or electrical and a mistake on her part because I was feeling bad . all but this forums I visited on various cars had issues here and there, and when I read this forum it was just the odd squeak here and there and mpg. I thought great just like all those rating were Lexus are in or just below the top in ratings, she could not go wrong with one. hopefully after this she will start to enjoy the car but I don’t think I’ll let her loose with my van
  9. When I was in it on the way home from the dealer she put half a tank of petrol so it was roughly just over half a tank when she filled it to the rim. I would like to know the warning on the dash that came up. she drove it around 2.5 miles before parking it up. not knowing too much about the system it could be maybe it ran on battery for part of that trip too.
  10. I’m sure it did but being a Gentleman I can’t say too much to her.
  11. Yes I’m sure she did see the receipt which was just the card paying details according to her so I even asked her to contact the garage and I hope she was honest with her replies to me. really they should charge her for the loan car she knows she has to foot the bill. I’m her companion, no type of relationship, just good friends so I can’t say what’s on my mind being on the polite side.
  12. Yes she’s learnt. She has to take it on the chin, hopefully it’s just a clean out required and no real damage done. I did say To her if you struggle with the nozzle when filling it was telling you something but hey ho it’s done now.
  13. There’s no mention of loan car charge but I would think that may be in the final invoice.
  14. Well a nice deep breath but my companion managed to put Diesel in even after I questioned her. the damage is 2 fold, £1000 to have the engine and tank cleaned out and she Loses warranty on the petrol side of the car or £6000 to have all the parts replaced and keeps the warranty on the petrol side. shes following their recommendations by having it cleaned out and will lose the warranty on the petrol side so if anything happens i.e. I guess injectors and so on she would have to put up with a replacement costs. i’m mighty surprised she even managed to get the diesel nozzle into the c
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