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  1. Thanks for the responses guys, I'll get them done this week
  2. Good evening everyone, I hope you are all keeping well in these strange times. Now that the weather has turned for the better , I'm going to have go at bleeding my brakes. I have watched videos on-line, and it seems easy enough. In both videos the work was done with the wheels off the car, however one presenter said it could be done with the wheels on. Has anyone tried it? wheels on of off ? how did it go? any tips? Thanks in advance, and stay safe.
  3. Hi all Has anyone any experience of using either the Apexi or Blitz (or other) throttle controller for improved throttle response, they have had some good feedback from people in the US. Thanks in advance
  4. Hi all, I've bought one, its amazing! however I bought it during the day and didn't notice the interior lights weren't working until the day after when I went out in the evening. I replaced what I thought to be the correct fuse (no 19 in the fuse box in the passenger foot well) and that hasn't fixed it. I haven't checked all the bulbs but I cant imagine that they would all have failed. Is there another fuse I need to check or any advice on where to look next ? Thanks in advance good people
  5. Hi all, prospective SC owner here. I'm considering purchasing a 2003 sc430, however, on checking its MOT history the last 2 have been passed with an advisory "corrosion to rear suspension, not excessive". Has anybody had similar problems and if so how expensive was it to fix?. The car is MILES from where I live, but looks good apart from this. Should I consider this a deal breaker and keep looking? thanks in advance
  6. Welcome to Europe's Leading Lexus Club! Please Enjoy!

    1. Jambo_H


      thanks Steve, not got one yet, but hopefully will have an sc430 soon