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  1. my engine seems to run most of the time especially when i am on the dual carriageway to work, when you pull away i like the sound now but to muffled. can't help it , i'm a reformed petrolhead .😁😁😁
  2. I am getting a custom stainless exhaust fitted next month but not sure whether to go for a single exit, dual exit or quad and not sure how the sound would be by adding either a dual sports resonator or none ? anyone here have it done ? i just think a v6 should be heard "not to loud" but enough people know im there. I quite like the look of this rx ?
  3. happened to me also. I went to a local car parts shop,had the battery checked and was found to be healthy but no charge. i bought a ctex mxs 5.0 ,connected it directly to the battery for a few hours and now the car is running perfectly and no alarm during the night.
  4. lexus can confirm on there system the services that were completed, if there are a few from a particular dealership, they will have the details on there system.
  5. Hi, not sure if i should be posting here but i am looking for a sport exhaust and have a few parts to poss swap. i have roof rails ,front under bumper skirts, and front grill painted black.
  6. I have pictures and video of the car and put a deposit on it. I have dealt with the dealership on many occasions and they have always been very honest, upfront and have always looked after me and anyone I have sent there to purchase a car. When I purchased my nx there was a bit of damage on one of the wheels, they replaced the wheel. Yes it is annoying I cannot pick it up, I have no option. looking forward to it though.
  7. Hi. I have bit the bullet and bought an rx 450h from a lexus dealership. Need to wait until restrictions are raised before going to see it. Looks clean in the pictures sent to me. Does anyone know if anyone on the forum owned the car before me ? And what do I need to look out for. Thanks.
  8. thanks for youre response. I have been offered luxury ,advance and fsport ? Whats youre thoughts on the best model ? thanks
  9. I currently have a 2017 nx300h with low miles but im not loving the drive. I am considering changing it to a 2015 rx450h ? would it be worth it ? or am I better keeping the nx? Thanks in advance.
  10. Welcome to Europe's Leading Lexus Club! Please Enjoy!

  11. Hi , i have a dilema. i have een offered a 2015 64 lexus rx450h with 51000miles in black or an nx 300h fsport with 26000miles for the samemonthly costs.hat do you think is the best buy ad will hold its value better ? thanks