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  1. I went for 265/40/18 for mine on the back, 255/40/18 is the original size but got that extra grip now car feels fine!
  2. I should try this on mines, my headlights are pretty bad. My driver side has a pretty deep scratch on them which was actually caused by a toyota dealship😑
  3. Yeah was thinking the egr might be clogged up. Seems to be running fine now though.
  4. Managed to get it to work just held the throttle at about 3,000 rpm and it did start to increase itself, cleared the fault and never came back on, went on the motorway was doing 60mph and seemed alright just hoping thats it solved but still might check the EGR valve and maybe give it a clean.
  5. Yeah on techstream dont really know how to get the forced regeneration to work looked it up too and most people dont know how either.
  6. Was pretty much a barn find. Feels so much better to drive than a SE or SE-L
  7. On my dads Lexus is220d SE-L 2006 only 21k miles getting check VSC light. Checked on techstream and gave the P2002 fault code, any idea on how to solve or any solutions?
  8. Just introducing myself! Drive a 2006 Lexus IS220D Sport with only 20k miles on the clock!!!
  9. Welcome to Europe's Leading Lexus Club! Please Enjoy!