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  1. I'm sure. And if I had the handbook then I might have read it. But what gliderpilot said actually turned out to be quite useful. Turns out one of my headlamp washers is broken and just squirting loads of water out every time it's used. Off to the scrap yard for me. It still amazes me that it's even a feature. I managed to get through my entire driving life without need to clean my headlamps every time I clean my windscreen at night, but now apparently I do it permanently.
  2. There's a dedicated button to do the headlights. Can't imagine them doing the headlamps every time your windscreen is dirty at night? Anyway, a week is still a very short time
  3. Just a shout out there wondering how often people have to fill their windscreen washer reservoir (400h owner here) Im doing it every damn week. None of my other previous cars (Hyundai, BMW, Nissan) needed such frequent top-ups. Is it because the spray emits more water than my older vehicles? If there's a leak, it's really not obvious; no puddles of water under the car etc
  4. Even though windscreen removal isn't necessary to fix it, this is sound advice....."let it go..." A bit like my left pop up headlamp washer.
  5. That would make sense. I've not been able to find any Google images that relate to this part to compare. And considering it's all snapped off I wonder how easy it is to repair. The three metal elements seem very thin. I suppose I could run a test where I plug it in and see if they get hot? Or is that kind of thing likely to get me killed
  6. That's an interesting suggestion. There's no aftermarket switch or anything inside the vehicle, and the wiring is wrapped around the same loom as the power to the wiper motor, before it branches off. looking at some wiper motors/linkages on eBay, I saw one that has the same additional plug (which would connect to the same thing that I'm curious about) I suppose I shouldn't worry too much if it doesn't seem to do anything.
  7. I fixed the problem of the motor wipers... the cable that attaches to the thing in the first pic broke off and got wound around the motor, stopping it from moving. my wipers seem to be acting normally at every speed, despite the fact that this isn't attached anymore. I've attached a picture of where the location is and the cable that was previously attached
  8. Since I put the wiper motor plastic cover back it's now more or less hidden, but I'll try and take another picture
  9. ... and if necessary how to repair it? Following on from a fixed problem with my front wipers, while I was poking around in there, I noticed this in the engine bay where the wiper motor is. it has three thin strips of metal (all broken off) which then attach to wires which run along the same wiring as the power for the wiper motor.
  10. Thanks. It wasn't a complete loss because I picked up a couple of door cards I needed while i was there...
  11. Just a quick update to everyone here as a thanks to those who replied. Yesterday, between the rain, I found a nearby scrap yard that was breaking a 400h and went there. I tried a relay, and it wasn't the relay. So when I took off the panel to try a new motor instead, it turns out that a cable (I think the one that goes to the rain sensor) had broken off and got completely tangled in the mechanism. As soon as I untangled the wires the motor started working properly again. I'm not sure what damage being jammed all of that time did so I replaced it anyway (£30). Now I need to look at how to fix the rain sensor. I sense a new post coming up...
  12. I was away from home so needed to get them down. If I push them all the way down, they return to the upright position. So I pushed them *almost* all the way down. The only thing which makes me think relay is that a few days ago, for a few seconds they seemed to go faster. I thought I'd maybe imagined it, but now I'm not so sure
  13. In the absence of any reply here I just went with a £20 radio Bluetooth option. It works better than I thought, and I'll likely keep it for a while
  14. Driving along my wipers just stopped, in the up position. Managed to push then down almost to the down position, but I can see them kinda try to move a little now and again. It's not the fuses, I checked (Incidentally, that's the worst placement of fuses of any car I've ever had). Is this a relay issue?