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  1. My wipers are quite noisy , no idea if they are original or not. I was going to replace them with silicon ones , if they are available . If these are original how will I identify them? Are the replacements you mention silicon or rubber and where did you buy them?? Cheers, Alan.
  2. After me just having both bumpers resprayed some body bumped into the rear bumper and smashed the reflector !! Any Ideas where I should look for a replacement ? or is it just Ebay ?? Alan
  3. I imagine this subject has been done to death......sorry ! But, being a new owner of an IS 250 2006 petrol I really would like any and all advice on oil recommendations , both engine and gear box please, Also which filters to use ?? Only owned the car about a month and it has a full service history/ On the last receipt , done at 90k it says it has had both oils changed , me not being of the trusting type intend to do both , plus filters. So as much as it is a pain , whats the thinking on oils for these things ?? In my last car , a C180k Merc I used "triple qx" from euro parts .
  4. hallelujah !! I couldn't find any rubber so I used some of that felt pad stuff you stick under chair legs . Its about 8mm thick ... Slid one piece down the middle as you said and two pieces stuck back to back in the far right near the door pillar and it's Gone !!! I mean its really just GONE !!!! Such a HAPPY BUNNY !!! Thank You Guys !!
  5. Thanks for that Declan !! not been able to find anything more about this on here , loads on another Lexus site. Silly question but could you give me an idea of the size and thickness of the piece if rubber you used please , knowing me I will try to jam a tyre in there lol !! Cheers Mate !!
  6. Hi Guys , I have a Veeeeeeeery annoying rattle from , I think , the centre section og my dash . It happens when I drive over bumps or just an uneven road surface. Its driving me NUTS !!! It seems to stop when the car / dash gets warm ?? Maybe some expansion going on?? Is this common ?? there is this guy on youtube who has the same problem
  7. Hi guys, opened the boot this morning via the button , got to where I was going and nothing ??!! Opened it with the key . Tried the switch on the dash..nothing .. and still nothing at the boot . Any Ideas ?? Cheers !!
  8. Thanks for the reply !! Could you, or would you, recommend a good protector ??
  9. Just looked on ebay for DODO JUICE , £21 for 500ml cleaner and 250ml sealant ....... but in on of the otherwise glowing reviews there was this : Having successfully used Autoglyn leather cleaner and leather balm for over 10 years I thought I'd give this product a try. After testing on an inconspicuous area on my 5 years old Lexus RX450 I gave the drivers seat, which was not particularly dirty, a clean according to instructions. You can imagine my horror when it removed a lot of the the dye from the cream leather. The seat now looks patchy losing the car considerable value. Be wary! Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: New
  10. And All The Very Best to You And Yours !!
  11. Hi Chaps , Sooooooo many products out there to choose from for leather cleaning an treatments, vinyl and plastics , dash cleaners and such like. One guy on youtube recommends cleaning with a magic eraser , another says don't !! One demonstration, again on youtube recommends WOOLITE to clean leather. Having said all that , I believe modern leather has a coating that is almost a vinyl , so making it a waste of time and money actually treating leather with such as Autoglym Leather Balm etc .... So, what do you chaps reckon ?? Cheers in Advance !! PS. got the wheels powder coated the other day ...looks great !!