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  1. Passed it MOT today with two advisories . Brake pads getting low on the front and a tyre . So, albeit it will have been done to death , I would be grateful for any recommendation of both please chaps . I see on the Lexus genuine parts site ,pads for £ 45 ?? Ill look tomorrow at the tyres but if they are all low, then all four at once me thinks. Cheers !
  2. This guy has the same tool and housing , also the same crappy fit !
  3. I think it was made for this type of housing...mine isn't like this one .
  5. Hi Chaps, I bought an oil filter removal tool from ebay a while back. Came to do a filter and oil change but this tool isn't quite what I thought . It's an ally casting with three grooves either side . I thought these cut-aways would fit over the two wings on the filter housing , but it seems not . The tool did actually remove the filter just on the flats of the housing bit its a very sloppy fit . So have I bout the wrong tool ? Is there a tool that locates on the flats and fits over the wings >>??
  6. The one on ebay is £30 inc post and looks a bit tatty , also it is in Lithuania. It isn't just a clip-on cover, it is attached to this steel rod with the spring on it.
  7. Hi guys, just noticed a broken piece of plastic on the car side of the boot latch . It has broken to the left hand side and reveals a light spring and a stainless rod about 3mm in diameter ? Only had a quick look but it seems accessible by means of three screws in the boot ?? Is this a common thing and can I buy the parts ?? Any help, pictures etc muchly appreciated as usual . Cheers !
  8. Fuchs Titan Sintopoid FE SAE 75W-85 Manual Transmission Fluid Gear Oil GL5 1L This should be ok I reckon ??
  9. Thanks for that John, that's what I was thinking to be honest. I bought the Toyota gear oil at £75 for 5ltrs but that was a bit different.
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