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  1. Hi Guys, the two chrome tail pipe covers , do they come off ? The chrome is shot on mine , wheres the best place to get a new pair ? Maybe stainless ? Any idea of the pipe O/D ? Cheers !
  2. Thanks Jeff , just priced the oil , saves me £ 25 inc post !! Cheers !!
  3. Hi Mike , I have been recommended the Hinds Head garage Chorley by another Lexus owner , the owner Paul has a lexus himself . Small family firm with good reviews ! My car is going there next week to have the transmission filter changed .
  4. Hi Vlad , the filter , or to give it Lexus' name "strainer" is located behind the transmission sump plate. On mine (IS250) it doesn't look like a difficult job to be honest , if you have a ramp or can get the car fully off the ground like the guy in the video . I'm just on with making something to get mine off the deck and level (and safe) There really isn't much to these strainers and they are readily available for a fraction of the Lexus price, mine was £17 . 50 I think..the gasket was less than £4 . According to Lexus it is a sealed for life unit , but as I said in another post , what exactly does LIFE mean? Aisin who make the box recommend oil and filter change at 40-50k . And as you say, not all of the oil comes out either with the drain plug out ( bit of a poor design because it is recessed and is above the height of the actual sump) I don't know just yet how much comes out with the sump off , the job will be getting done soon, I'll let you know when I know Vlad. So because all the oil doesn't come out , maybe less than half , it might be a good idea to "refresh" the oil every 20k-40k or so?? This by removing just the drain plug , catching what comes out , measuring the amount... put the same amount ( plus half a ltr???) getting the box to the correct temp and removing the level plug . I think this is what I will be doing anyway Vlad. Just out of interest , I see you are in Gr Manchester ? I'm in Warrington. I knew a Vlad that worked at Getrag , that you by any chance ??
  5. I have heard some stories of ebay oil being fake? Sounds hard to believe but there you go! So I'm doing a Transmission service and want (obviously) to but genuine Toyota specified oil. Any advice ? I'm going to buy 6 litres IO think , just to be on the safe side. So it it just go to the dealer or ebay? Is there a part number of something to identify the correct oil ?
  6. Thanks a lot guys for getting involved in this discussion, its been an education ! Great to talk to you guys who have done and got the tee shirt for these jobs! So I will getting this done ASAP , makes sense to me !! Thanks Again Guys !
  7. Had a ring around today to see what I could learn about these transmissions (A960E) Tried to speak to Aisin directly but it proved impossible , but did get to speak to a firm of automatic transmission specialists in Cornwall of all places . JPAT Automatic Transmissions Ltd. They deal a lot with AISIN , they told me according to Aisin, the A960E should have an oil change at 40k AND a filter. Spoke the the guy for some time on the phone , very knowledgeable !! Anyway they strongly recommend an oil and filter change . Lexus oil filter is £85 .... they fit, and have never had a problem with an American after market filter at £17.50 bit of a difference ! The gasket is £3.60. So am I to understand that , with the drain plug out I will only be able to get about 1ltr of oil out of this box? Is that the same with the pan off ?? Guy on youtube reckons he dropped nearly 6ltrs from his??
  8. There is indeed a lot of opinions and advice as you say. Lexus say its a " sealed for life transmission" Having worked for Getrag transmissions for 34 year (manual only) I have seen the state of the oil after about 60k YUK ! The box is made by AISIN I believe and they recommend the filter and oil changed at 40k . Getrag called there transit box a sealed for life , but what does "life" mean? Is it the entire life of the box ? or the life of your warranty ? Expensive job , £83 for the filter , oil about £60 ish plus labour . But how much is a replacement box ? Got me scratching my head whether to have it done or not ??
  9. looking to identify the transmission used in the 2006 six speed automatic? The believe it is made by Aisin but need to know more info to try and locate a filter .
  10. Can anybody point me in the right direction here ? Looking for a good quality or OE transmission filter ?? Priced one with Lexus main dealer @ £ 97 seems a bit steep tp me ??
  11. Hi Mike ! my daughter lives in Chorley and her next door neighbor owns a Lexus 430 , had it for years I believe. He recommended Hinds head to me but that is the only reason, What I have been looking for and asking for on here is a specialist "trusted" and know to you guys for me to go to. I am an engineer myself , worked on transmissions for the last 34 years and I can see that oil and filter change in the tranny is no big job , but I have no access to a ramp and its not really a job to do on yer back !! There seems to be some process needed to be followed regarding the refill as well. So yes, that's the only reason Mike . If you know anybody you can recommend by reputation then I would be happy to try there ? This forum is a great place for this type of info, like the post above from Paul . Asked lots of times about engine oils but that seems a matter of taste and opinion ? maybe I should get the stuff from Toyota like the gearbox oil ? Cheers Mike ! Alan.
  12. Thanks for that Paul , that's great , if a little scary info. I'll be buying the oil and filter from a Lexus / Toyota dealer , they have it on ebay (8217) for £21 for 4ltrs , having said that, I have heard some scary stories about ebay oil being blag ?? So it's dealer to be safe I think for both. This is the kind of stuff I need to know before I go ahead with this kind of work so thanks for taking the time to post that for me Paul, muchly appreciated !!
  13. Hi guys, the car (IS250 Auto) is running fine but Im looking to get it serviced . What I'm looking for is having a full service , plus the oil filter in the gearbox changed and the oil in the back axle . I have a garage in mind which in the Hinds Head Garage in Chorley (unless you know or can recommend a better one?) . It has Magnatec oil in at the moment so I may stick to that (no pun intended ) but again if there is a better recommendation ? Engine oil filter ??? Mann? Wix ?? And the gearbox filter , I have seen this changed on youtube and there is an oil filter replace with an after market "copy" again, recommendations please ! Transmission oil , should it be from the dealer or another ?? Back axle oil, same again, which is best ? Finally..... anybody give me an idea as to cost for all this to be done ? I'm in Warrington but if you know of a highly recommended garage, please let me know ! Cheers, Alan
  14. Hi guys, I'm looking for a good honest Lexus mechanic not too far from me ( Cheshire) My car will need servicing soon and I want a few other jobs doing by somebody who knows what they are doing and won't rip me off ! So a full service , oil filter change in the gearbox (auto) back axle oil , I think there may be a tappet that needs adjusting , if they can be adjusted ? Any recommendations ? I have been recommended a garage near Chorley , I think it's called The Hinds head garage but I know nothing of them . Cheers !
  15. My wipers are quite noisy , no idea if they are original or not. I was going to replace them with silicon ones , if they are available . If these are original how will I identify them? Are the replacements you mention silicon or rubber and where did you buy them?? Cheers, Alan.