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  1. Passed it MOT today with two advisories . Brake pads getting low on the front and a tyre . So, albeit it will have been done to death , I would be grateful for any recommendation of both please chaps . I see on the Lexus genuine parts site ,pads for £ 45 ?? Ill look tomorrow at the tyres but if they are all low, then all four at once me thinks. Cheers !
  2. This guy has the same tool and housing , also the same crappy fit !
  3. I think it was made for this type of housing...mine isn't like this one .
  5. Hi Chaps, I bought an oil filter removal tool from ebay a while back. Came to do a filter and oil change but this tool isn't quite what I thought . It's an ally casting with three grooves either side . I thought these cut-aways would fit over the two wings on the filter housing , but it seems not . The tool did actually remove the filter just on the flats of the housing bit its a very sloppy fit . So have I bout the wrong tool ? Is there a tool that locates on the flats and fits over the wings >>??
  6. The one on ebay is £30 inc post and looks a bit tatty , also it is in Lithuania. It isn't just a clip-on cover, it is attached to this steel rod with the spring on it.
  7. Hi guys, just noticed a broken piece of plastic on the car side of the boot latch . It has broken to the left hand side and reveals a light spring and a stainless rod about 3mm in diameter ? Only had a quick look but it seems accessible by means of three screws in the boot ?? Is this a common thing and can I buy the parts ?? Any help, pictures etc muchly appreciated as usual . Cheers !
  8. Fuchs Titan Sintopoid FE SAE 75W-85 Manual Transmission Fluid Gear Oil GL5 1L This should be ok I reckon ??
  9. Thanks for that John, that's what I was thinking to be honest. I bought the Toyota gear oil at £75 for 5ltrs but that was a bit different.
  10. Diff oil change time.....which oil goes in there ??? I think it takes 1.2 ltrs ?? Torque settings ??
  11. Hi , is there a particular thread for the bolts holding the plastic coverings on under the car or are they just 10mm hex head self tappers? Mine are rotten. Zuke
  12. Thanks for that Declan....that was my understanding but best find out for sure ! Vlad , it is being done at The Hinds Head Garage in Chorley , cost £100 .
  13. The car is going in tomorrow for the oil and filter change in the box. One thing I'm not sure of , the oil level on refill , is is with the engine running or not . Is the level plug replaced when the oil begins to "glug" . Alan
  14. Hi Guys, the two chrome tail pipe covers , do they come off ? The chrome is shot on mine , wheres the best place to get a new pair ? Maybe stainless ? Any idea of the pipe O/D ? Cheers !
  15. Thanks Jeff , just priced the oil , saves me £ 25 inc post !! Cheers !!
  16. Hi Mike , I have been recommended the Hinds Head garage Chorley by another Lexus owner , the owner Paul has a lexus himself . Small family firm with good reviews ! My car is going there next week to have the transmission filter changed .
  17. Hi Vlad , the filter , or to give it Lexus' name "strainer" is located behind the transmission sump plate. On mine (IS250) it doesn't look like a difficult job to be honest , if you have a ramp or can get the car fully off the ground like the guy in the video . I'm just on with making something to get mine off the deck and level (and safe) There really isn't much to these strainers and they are readily available for a fraction of the Lexus price, mine was £17 . 50 I think..the gasket was less than £4 . According to Lexus it is a sealed for life unit , but as I said in another p
  18. I have heard some stories of ebay oil being fake? Sounds hard to believe but there you go! So I'm doing a Transmission service and want (obviously) to but genuine Toyota specified oil. Any advice ? I'm going to buy 6 litres IO think , just to be on the safe side. So it it just go to the dealer or ebay? Is there a part number of something to identify the correct oil ?
  19. Thanks a lot guys for getting involved in this discussion, its been an education ! Great to talk to you guys who have done and got the tee shirt for these jobs! So I will getting this done ASAP , makes sense to me !! Thanks Again Guys !
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