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  1. noby76, you can read the same thing for the other systems 🙂 The ABS section of the manual explicitly says "You should not trust it or depend on it, as it will not work on mud, snow, ice..." (will make you a photo at some point) Although I would love to continue this discussion, private may be better place as I already bought an LS460 with all bells and whistles. The only question is what to do with the GS. From the first 1K miles I can say that the car is amazing and even more boring than the GS .. and much faster .. and those systems are better ... The lane control is definitely worse than that of the brand new Volvo S90 that I had from the insurance company, but otherwise this car is soooo much better and scarier! Anyway, thanks everyone! Oh btw. The insurance company will pay me 2800 of which they will take 320 for the buyback of the GS430!
  2. I bought one with the wind noise issue, which I will resolve this weekend - basically a bump down of the window does the job and there is a gap on the inside, that I will remove tomorrow. Will also fix the plastic triangle just in case, though that was not the problem in this case ... Hope there are no other issues, but from what I have seen and felt for the 1K miles I made this week, there is nothing fishy. Thanks and mods, you can close the topic ... will ask my other questions in another one.
  3. You are invoking the troll in me! 🙂 Noby, how were we driving before the power steering, the abs, the traction, the stability control, the cruise control, the breaking assist, the active suspension, etc.... They all remove the driver intuition (all of my trackday cars, and my first 3 street cars, have been and will be with none of those), yet I can promise you that without half of those you will be quite unhappy. ACC is no different - let me explain, because you obviously have not had one of those ... When you are driving on the motorway you have 3 options: 1. pedals, in which case your concentration goes to that and your right foot is on the throttle. Unless you drive with both legs, which I highly doubt, in case of an emergency you need about half a second at best to react and position your foot on the break pedal, and then because your foot is not there and you are rushing for it, you usually overdo it and that on its own, with a high probability can result in the rear car ramming you, not to say what happens if you are actually not on a straight at that point. 2. you drive with CC, in which case your foot is on (or near) the break most of the time, but your concentration is divided between the pedals, the wheel and the buttons - to match the speed the car in front (that is one control more than needed and especially with the behavior of the trucks here, leads to unhealthy annoyance on a long trip). Then when that car in front accelerates faster than you can click buttons, your annoyance moves your foot off the break pedal to press the throttle ... this is when bad things happen. 3. you are driving with ACC, which keeps its distance from the car in front much better than you and compensates for speed changes reasonably. In the mean time your foot is on the break and you can react much faster and more adequately than in the other two cases. You are not distracted by speed fluctuations and can concentrate on the important things. Then come the next two features: Is your concentration really better than that of the electronics, after driving the most annoying road possible for 5 hours? No it isn't, electronics will always be more reliable than human for simple tasks. I know about at least two people that have died or killed someone else because they fell asleep (even if just for a second) behind the wheel - one crashed in the car in front, with a bit too much speed difference and killed his passenger, the other just hit a truck and was smashed by the one behind ... More importantly, the ACC in Lexus of that generation comes with collision avoidance breaking system, which although doing only up to 0.3G of breaking, can still reduce your speed enough in the right moment and give you time to press the breaks - been there, done that. Keep in mind, that on a motorway, you are traveling your breaking distance before you hit the breaks. I am not speaking about trusting the ACC here, exactly the opposite - trust nothing in a car, but use the max available.
  4. Being the happy owner of a, now crashed (not by me), GS 430 2005, for 3.5 years. I am looking for the next car and considering my previous experience (and I have seen some cars), I would like it to be a Lexus. Ideally the car will be a V8 hybrid, 4x4 with 7-8 seats, ACC, a massive trunk, will be comfortable and ... probably will fly and be suitable for deep dive ... However, the very few that match that for cheap are Audi, Mercedess or Volvo. One thing I missed there - I want it to also be reliable, so no luck. So I had to strip the seats and will live just fine without the 4x4 .. and that leaves me with LS460 as the only reasonable option. What should I look for and be careful with, when I am viewing them, and how to diagnose it in place? Also, I have a viewing either tomorrow or the day after and the only thing the owner mentioned was: A rattle in the front left when accelerating uphill. - does anyone know what that means? Thanks everyone!
  5. I won't even try to convince you 🙂 However, for me that is a MUST HAVE!
  6. Hi again guys, I am looking at one LS460 on the market and I have a question: What does a rattle in the front left side mean when accelerating uphill? (also: should I put this question in the LS section?)
  7. well, it is here, so I am investigating the options to restore it ... we will see - worst case I will sell it a parts seller. I will never fully trust it, but that is not the point - the idea is to not have the constantly adjust to the variations of speak that the traffic is having and that reduces the annoyance. It is something like an usable CC. However, the automatic breaks, that stop the car at no more than 0.3G in case of an imminent collision, have saved my ***** at least twice, just because they react faster than you can. The LS 460 question still stands 🙂 what should I be worried about?
  8. Ok, as expected the insurance guys tried to trick me on step 1 - they declared the car to be sent for scrap and called me in 5:51 to tell me that I have 9 minutes to confirm it, but they can do nothing about it anymore ... the call then went south, so I will get it tomorrow ... That brings the next question - where can I buy the panels? any chance to get them new from somewhere? I am right now poking ebay for the second hand parts that are needed and will check with the local garages tomorrow whether it is reasonable to fix it and to what extent - worst case I strip it bare and make a trackday car from it (inefficient, but will be fun)
  9. https://photos.app.goo.gl/3Am4jSCPJNNzVHnD7 for the curious people 🙂 at first glance it looks like a bumper and it probably would have been if she hit straight ...
  10. There is structural damage although not too much and if curious I can show you some more detailed images ... it is repairable but will cost more than they will want to pay for it. I have not yet received the quote and I will certainly not agree with it, whatever it is lol Will investigate the buy back option in a bit more detail, thanks.
  11. Welcome to Europe's Leading Lexus Club! Please Enjoy!

  12. This will be a long story, so please don't read it all if you don't want to waste your time 🙂 but if you can - answer the question! I've had some cars throughout the years, but then in 2004 I stopped at Honda - I still love their engines, suspension and reliability based on simplicity .. but this is a story for another time. Then about 5 years ago I had to come to the UK and bought a Mazda 323 for 300 - sold it for 180 ... 7 months later, but it did the job. Then I got a BMW E46 323 for another 700 (what a piece of ...); sold that a year later for 350 - did the job as well, though it costed me much more to keep it driveable. At that point it was time for me to buy a better car and considering that I have to commute from Durham to Sheffield and Cambridge, I wanted something that is relaxing, safe and I can put my family in without fearing for their lives all the time. So I started looking for the car with ACC and enough power to make it easy. I ended up with a 2005/6 GS 430 with basically everything that can be imagined, including that automatic stop that actually saved my ***** twice when I was gonna be late for the break. A silver tank with creamy leather seats and a V8 with enough power for the daily chores 🙂 It was an insanely good bargain back then, because I also got if from its first owner, who was pedantic about maintenance to an acceptable level and excluding the rust and some small chips here and there the car was had no single flaw (ugh and the lumbar support of the driver seat). Initially the whole thing was scary. I mean can I afford this? The fuel consumption was a bit higher than I was used to, the insurance was almost 1K, the tax was higher, the tires were bigger, the parts and consumables - may be expensive ... you probably know what I am speaking about. After 3+ years with this Lexus I can say two things: This is the best car that I have ever had, and also this is the cheapest one to maintain! Don't get me wrong - I wanted it perfect so, best tires possible got changed twice during this 3 years; Timing belt, oil pump, water pump, alternator, battery, radiator, spark plugs, exhaust, all brake disks and pads replaced with best non-sport I could find; polished the headlights and replaced their bulbs; and probably a dozen other things, that I did because I have the tools, need to release pressure and wanted to keep the beast in perfect shape ... ... And then two days ago a neighbor lady decided to crash into my car in the middle of the night and the insurance company will write it off ... So for Christmas I am completely screwed - my car is gone and I will be paid peanuts for something very valuable. There's no chance I can find anything similar for the money they will pay me. Now I need to find a replacement and after a good investigation on what's on the market, I am lost. I want something that is not worse then the GS430 as consumption, ride, space - actually I'd need a bit more boot as the kids are now 2 and it will be beneficial. That however means the hybrids are not an option. It also must have ACC and I can not go down from V8 again - that's an addiction. So here comes the question: It seems like my only solution is to go bigger with LS460 again fully packed. However, I have heard some rumors that the gearbox is its weakest link and (considering that this was the biggest problem of the GS) am worried about the rust on the chassis. What should I be careful with, and look for, except whether all the features are working, when I go to buy LS460? I can see it appearing from 5 to 13K (the older generation), where is the reasonable middle ground? Is there a model that I am missing and is a really good bargain?