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  1. Happy Birthday Kavey!

  2. I've just gone and reversed into something, ahem, breaking my RHS smoked chrome cluster. :tsktsk: My two options are perspex replacement, or entire new rear light cluster. Anyone know where I can get one for a decent price - Japarts have quoted me abotu £75 inc vat for the shell (without bulbs etc) Kavey (yes I know i've not been around for years :P)
  3. thought the one in my car came out?
  4. Southern convoy for me :) Kavey - K8VEY - Silver Altezza with Bling Wheels
  5. I shouldn't read posts like this. It'll get me all flustered and stuff especially after I abandoned getting the s/c a while back.
  6. I think Dave's saying it will fit, but you gotta dis- and re-connect an A/C pipe. If I'm right and that means re-gassing the A/C - that's not really an issue - it need's doing anyway... I haven't re-gassed in 4 years (don't use it much) but this summer's been hard on it, and it's been on quite a bit. And the eggy smell is telling me to sort the filter too...
  7. Nice one Dave. I'm still not sure if it will fit an RS200, but I think it probably will. I'm willing to come visit you for a fitting if that's possible, to save messing about, and if it fits, take it there and then? Have we got a cost yet? Let me know :)
  8. Yeah I'm interested too, depending on make, quietness etc.. what's the ride height adjustment range as a matter of interest - is it 0-70mm?
  9. If it fits a SC'd IS200, i'd imagine it should fit over the 4 Cyl NA engine.... I'm happy to test :)
  10. Me too if it fits Altezza :D I've emailed
  11. I think the autoleads one is about £25-£30 If you have an Altezza without heated seats like me, then you can use the JDM Fascia plate. As I didn't have a separate amp (1999 car) all I needed was a Toyota > ISO harness (from auto leads). If you have a separate amp I think you need a different harness.
  12. http://www.lexusownersclub.co.uk/forum/ind...howtopic=14589& :winky:
  13. That's hardly a fair comparison, with a 4WD turbo'd scooby vs a 2WD NA Altezza.... Given my 2WD NA Altezza is pushing around 250BHP now, I'm sure it'd give good competition to any car in a similar class... even Fargo's NOS'd up IS300 :winky: The boy got a reprieve this weekend at Santa Pod when the rain came..... next time sonny, next time.... ;)
  14. The stock head unit has no line level inputs or outputs. You could hack the speaker out lines from the stereo (I don't think a 2000 model would have had a separate amp) and use some funky electronics to attenuate the signal down to line-level RCA sockets, but then you entering a whole new ball game of aggro, and are likely to get noise and other sound artefacts ;)
  15. Thanks guys.. such a damn shame when stuff like this happens.... reminds you of the ugly side of society, Anyone have any advice on products to try to have a go myself before breaking the bank on a respray?