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  1. I have my eye on this one: I already have my local car audio installer on standby if/when I purchase it. I believe it's pretty much plug and play with only minor modification required.
  2. Have you got a link? I'm going to purchase one in a few weeks but I can only find IS specific models.
  3. Have you tried this site:[0]=65 A member previously linked the website and I saved it for future reference 👍
  4. Yep East Cheshire and it will be an 80 mile round trip if I decide to use them.
  5. Lex-Tek Autos in Sheffield, I have spoken to them a couple of times and they came across well. I'm Still 50/50 whether to go down dealership servicing route or use them. Interested to hear your thoughts if you take a look at them.
  6. That I'm glad they took ownership of the issue and agreed to compensation. I've just received confirmation my refurb payment has been processed and will be in my bank by the end of the week. Fair play to the supplier they have looked after me and I would use them again, however I be will keeping a very keen eye on the next tyre fitter!
  7. I did just that, comparison below: 50k service £375 with Lexus, specialist £240. 60k service £875 with Lexus, specialist £600. 32% saving on average isn't huge, I think I may go with Lexus this time and then revisit the question next year.
  8. Thanks for all the input, I was 50/50 yesterday before asking the question. By 5pm I was in the no brainer Lexus service camp, now I'm back being 50/50 🤣🤣🤣 I plan on having the car for 7+ years as I do like to hold onto my cars and when I come to sell it I expect the car to be 10+ years old. I've owned nothing but Lexus cars for the past 18 years and in all that the time the only thing I've had fail on me (excluding consumables) are ball joints on my first Lexus (IS200). I appreciate previous non F ownership may not be that relevant, but to me I have confidence in the brand and how reliable they are.
  9. I used code TREAD10 to get 10% off my order with Tyres on the Drive, worth checking to see if the code still works 👍
  10. Spent a bit of time reading Pistonheads re performance car servicing and it seems a 50/50 split between dealership and specialist indy garage based on a few threads. A lot of the indy posters prefer invoices etc and don't trust dealership and their stamps. I had a previous Lexus serviced at Lexus and once they quoted me £600 for a new water pump due to a leak, took it to a local garage as it was a common issue and he replaced a pipe for £25 which fixed the problem. Since then I've always been a bit dubious of dealerships.
  11. Thanks for the responses and sounds like it's a no brainier to maintain a Lexus service history. I would happily purchase an F car from a private seller with a full non-Lexus service history, however I thought I would be in the minority and based on the answers above, I sure am. I will look into service plans, I was offered one at a discount when I purchased the vehicle, however I declined it as I didn't fancy a 300 mile round trip for every service!
  12. I have a few weeks until a service is due on my RCF and I don't intend to take out an extended warranty once my Lexus warranty expires. With this in mind I'm toying with the idea of getting it serviced at a Lexus specialist semi-local to me. I've spoken to the garage and they came across very well and have I've read nothing but positive reviews/feedback. They are ~40% cheaper than Lexus and use genuine Lexus parts 👍 I plan on keeping the car for several years, adhere to the service schedule and keep all invoices/receipts for all work carried out during my ownership. Do you think the above is a good idea? Would it put you off buying an F car that had been serviced at reputable specialist garage rather than a dealership? I appreciate the garage isn't what Litchfield is to Nissan GT-Rs, but they are a Lexus specialist nevertheless. Interested to hear your thoughts.
  13. Bloody fitters! I hope you get it sorted at no cost to yourself.