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  1. Prices increase every year, the 60k service last year was £875. Service plans are fixed and exclude price inflation, it's one of the key selling points and looking at the increase I'm glad I locked in the £875 via a service plan.
  2. Clarkson on the GSF: His closing paragraph: I wouldn’t blame you at all if you went off and bought a BMW M3 or M5 instead. They’re both tremendous. But don’t assume they’re the best of breed. Because in my book this flawed old-school charmer has them beat.
  3. Clarkson really liked the GSF and said it was a better drive than the M5, yet hated the RCF with the same drivetrain and similar weight. He was expecting the second coming of the LFA with the RCF, but completely missed the point of the car.
  4. During one of his McLaren reviews he mentions the 675LT and then goes onto state he doesn't know what LT stands for 🤦‍♂️ How can a supposed petrol head not know that.
  5. Thanks for the link and the offer of fitting. I may purchase said unit once we are in more certain times.
  6. My thinking as well, but surely at those prices people will switch to momentum and they won't clear their high cost stock for ages.
  7. I've just visited my local petrol station, colossal difference in price for V-Power compared to standard unleaded.
  8. It does state 98, however it also states 95 can be used with no detriment to engine durability or driveability. I've used VPower, Momentum and normal unleaded over the past 18months and never noticed an increase in performance (daily driving) or mpg when using premium unleaded. My friend has a Porsche and he says he can't run it on anything less than 98, personally I think you should do what's makes you comfortable and in my case I'm comfortable using 95 unleaded 👍
  9. I believe you only experience a slight increase in performance right at the top of the rev range. I rarely take my car to the redline so have always gone with normal unleaded (shell) as per the owners manual. The engine has direct and port injection which eliminates carbon build up unlike Audi V8's etc.
  10. I'm that bored, I've decided to clean my engine bay.
  11. I'm also fortunate as I work in medical communications and for the most part its business as usual. I also work from home on a regular basis and I count myself very lucky.
  12. I'm not panic buying, merely discussing what is currently going on in society. With regards to panic buying you are preaching to the converted.
  13. Luckily I've got a few days left of supplies, but I'm climbing the walls and need to get out for my own sanity. I'm hoping it will be quiet and expecting minimal stock, anything more will be a bonus 👍
  14. I've spent this week in my house adhering to Government advice during this national emergency. I am heading to the local Sainsbury's later for a weekly shop (if there is anything left) and looking forward to beating on F during this essential trip. 7pm can't come soon enough!