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  1. He doesn't, looking forward to what he thinks of his new car.
  2. Used the exsisting gaskets and the bolts supplied with the exhaust. The stock bolts don't work due to the QS exhaust not having weld nuts installed.
  3. With the help of mate, installed a quicksilver exhaust this morning. Really simple job and took no time at all. Makes a big difference and my neighbours now have a new alarm clock 👍
  4. Meet Dav today and saw his new motor, stunning car and sounded fantastic!
  5. Thanks for the quick sale and I'm looking forward to hearing it post installation next week 👍👍👍
  6. An interesting link below detailing the IS250
  7. Just after some advice!!! I went to get the battery in my key changed this morning but was informed by a battery/watch repairer he didn't want to touch it as there is an 15 second window to change the battery and if he exceeds this time the code for the key will be wiped! To me this sounds like rubbish but he insisted on not changing the battery. I am struggling to lock & unlock my car at the moment, it takes about 20 seconds of constant button pressing to do it. My spare has never worked from the day I bought the car so I need to get this changed as well. I just wondering do Lexus need to change the battery or can anybody do it??? I presume the latter but would like conformation. Cheers and thanks for the advice!
  8. I bought my IS200 last year at the ripe old age of 22. At the time when I insured my Lex I had 2 years no claims and a clean license, I checked out approximately 10 insurance companies and received quotes between £630 to £2,200! I opted for Eagle Star, which I think has now changed to Zurich and paid £630 :D last year. Its up for renewal in March so I am hoping for more of the same. I just shopped around a lot and in the end got a great deal, I was paying £500 TPF&F on a Clio 16v before the change to Lexus! Dave
  9. Cheers for the advice, I will pass it on to my brother tonight.
  10. Just after a bit of knowledge and/or advice on my brother’s behalf. He snapped his key in door lock of his Saxo last night, the part that’s snapped off has remained in the barrel but he can still lock and unlock his car by inserting the rest of the key and can still start the engine because a different key is required. When he first got the car I was like for the :tsktsk: , using two different keys to enter and start the car very strange! He was only given one of each key and has no spares, he enquired about having a spare cut but was told £100 because it is coded. There is no security light on the dash and the car doesn’t have any immobiliser or alarm you can't arm or disarm at the touch of a button. So I am unsure whether this is true or not, to me it just looks like a normal key with a Citroen badge. He is unable to put petrol in his car as the key that’s snapped opens the petrol cap. I was just wondering if anybody has had the unfortunate experience of snapping their key and how did they rectify the problem. Any help or advice is greatly appreciated! :
  11. That’s what I was thinking, it only costs £60 and if it produces results like the above then I would expect it to be standard on all vehicles. Cheers for your opinion!
  12. When getting into my Lex this morning I was given a leaflet regarding "Fuel Cat" It's a catalytic fuel treatment that says it gives you more power, better fuel consumption (8-15%), carbon deposit build up is eliminated ensuring cleaner engine oil & lower emissions. It also states that using high octane petrol is a thing of the past as the Fuel Cat compensates for the drop in octane when switching back to standard unleaded. You can either place into your fuel tank, or it fits into your fuel line and is very simple to do. I was just wondering if anybody on here has one fitted to their car, or know any information good or bad. If it claims can be backed up then I reckon it will be a purchase in the not to distant future. Cheers, Dave
  13. I thought I would post some information that I hope will be helpful for young drives thinking of buying an IS200. I am 22 and bought my IS200 SE ( Platinum Ice, V Reg) in March 2004. I have a well paid job but nothing out of the ordinary. I have decided to compare the cost of running my old car (Clio 16v) and my IS200 which I hope will prove useful for prospective buyers. Loan cost per month - Clio 16v £175 Loan cost per month - IS200 £225 (£11.5k over 5 years) Petrol cost per month - Clio 16v £90 Petrol cost per month - IS200 £100 (Optimax, 350-380 miles per tank) Insurance cost per year - Clio 16v £550 TPFF Insurance cost per year - IS200 £630 FC Servicing cost per year - Clio 16v £100 Servicing cost per year - IS200 £100-£400 (dependent on type of service) Running Cost per year* - Clio 16v £500 Running Cost per year* - IS200 £220 (2 new tyres actual), £200 estimated *Tyres & mechanical repairs etc I had my 60K standard service 2 weeks ago which cost £398, no mechanical faults were reported by Lexus but I have included a provision of £200 just to be on the safe side. I am approx £67 worse off per month excluding servicing and running costs, but I am provided much better insurance on a more valuable car. I can’t recommend the IS200 enough, I read people saying a BMW is a better ride and the IS200 doesn’t have enough power etc. But for me pound for pound there is no better car excluding the IS300! I really have been taken in by the IS200 and my girlfriend thinks I am mad, but to me the car has a soul. When I walk to my door I always turn round and have a quick look at my IS200, the quick look makes my smile inside and out and confirms I have made the right choice. Sod the money if you think the IS200 will make you feel the same then it’s worth every penny. Just one more point then I have finished rambling on, the LOC has really made owing a Lexus even more pleasurable. IS200 + LOC = motoring at its best!!! Here’s to many years of happy motoring!!!!