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  1. Accord 7th is more reliable than 8th gen since it have non Electronic power steering, but its older car now.... - so let me summarize if i get accord it will driven in lpg so if we make the bill it will cost me same price as lexus for fuel or even less, or i will get already converted to lpg, if we are talking about bigger engine 2.4 if its smaller engine which is 2.0 petrol it will probably be driven in petrol fuel which on highway with 140km/ per hour it will be around 6 litres which i guess lexus will be very close i have seen ct200h average fuel at 5.5 on high way and faster speed i guess it will consume more, car wont be driven into town, or it will be in extremely rare not often, the main goal is reliability, and RUST PROOF, and less issues problems, exept the cat - steal i dont remember or i dont know any other problem with ct200 for example their EPS - i hope is good not like 8 th of accord failing all the time, , about cat locks criminals can remove even cat lock so no warranty, and since insurance doesnt cover it, it will be just luck i dont have private garage or parking space to place the car so it will be into the streets. i have seen 8th gen in 30-40k miles cars with full service book accords with some rust so its not rust free unfortunately...
  2. Greetings, you can still get accord if u live in the USA or if u import the car from Abroad for EU its discontinued - probably lack of sales i assume i have drive my old accord for more 12 years and even new ones have rust issues, So i wonder Does LEXUS have better rust protection have anyone with ct200h have any rust at all ? I have seen Accord from same year 2011 or up with some small rust already thats why...
  3. I do understand that its little bit hard to compare but They cost on the used market almost the same even honda is little cheaper, and yes lexus is a hybrid, but in highway driving honda can give u around 6litres per 100ml fuel consumption and lexus will give u around 5.5 or something, depends how fast you drive it. also both cars have simular suspension, lexus uses compact double wishbone honda uses non compact since its larger car. both engines uses chain cam, of course honda can be ordered manual, why lexus only auto, i am more worried in terms of rust, is lexus better in rust protection than honda or. also honda cats were never stolen and lexus ones - i got friend who last week CAT CONVERTOR was stolen so... its little nightmare with these cats...
  4. Does LEXUS CT200H have better rust protection compared to honda accord ?? one major issue with ct200h is that cats are stolen like crazy in every country in the world. which is huge and expensive problem insurance where i live doesnt cover that.. no option to cover it either....
  5. Hi people, which car do you think is better since i am considering getting either one of these two, lexus is way more hard or impossible to find where i live , i should bring it from abroad, accord is more popular i am talking about 8 th generation european accord not improrted from usa. That accord is made from 2007 till 2013 , tell me what do u think which is more reliable and which is better, accord is more roomy, ct200 is very tight in the rear seats...
  6. I dont believe in charts but i believe that lexus is far better than audi 🙂
  7. From this post we see - lexus brand in general not specially for ct200h - which is same as toyota auris - with few more extras/options 🙂 and systems... so is the suspension made of steel/metal or aluminum 🙂 ?
  8. lexus 430 is made before several years ago, ct200h its made in year 2011 started production always older technologies and engines will be more reliable than the newer ones..... So approximately how much life would be left in that small 4 cylinder engine , approximately do they last till 500,000miles at max or less or 🙂
  9. i am simply considering the car i have not yet bought it - arent engine reliable or not, who will buy at max specs lexus ct200 and use it as a taxi , i heard about prius but ct200h? what failure i should expect of the parts since its very high mileage.
  10. Hi there, Sellers never tell when or what its fixed or not, repairs are fixed at small village by the seller - so not lexus autorized repairs. What do you mean This is a very high mileage car with a small engine, synonymous with short life.???? Can you clarify, i was thinking these engines are rock solid, how much miles they can last are they unreliable or something ?
  11. Hi i wonder, what is lexus ct200h suspenion is it aluminium or? Also how reliable is it compared to audi and other brands .
  12. Hi people, here where i live in europe outside uk, we drive only left hand drive only, i recently found ct200h top of the range mark levinson audio stereo, including, year 2011 , the car is 300,000miles - at least it have service book, which is a lot, i have not checked it in real since its far away from me but i plan to see it soon, car cost around 10,000gbp keep in mind that in most parts of europe lexus is expensive even used, in service book i only see how many miles its been done service - but i dont know whats changed whats not i dont know if they were using outside that service book some non genuine parts- in such extremely high mileage - is it worth that car and what problems issues i should expect? should i replace all suspension like shocks/strusts all of them and brakes etcs or ? Please advice... also car have some real usage into the cabin plastics ,seats and other parts as well. owner told me thats its imported car and it had some minor front bonnet damage which he repaired and now he sale the car..
  13. Hi there i was meaning used, 2nd hand in my countrie they are not offered at all. i am looking for ct200h, in good condition with mark levinson audio package..
  14. So car is bought used it had several owners, in regards of timing chail will i see check engine light on or how i will find out if its time for change? Also, can someone somehow check if ct200h have vdim or not because i cannot find other than information that all lexuses in the range have fitted with that but how i can be sure if it wasnt additional extra option per cost?
  15. Hi people, where i can buy lexus ct200h low milleage left hand drive please advice. if not in uk abroad?