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  1. An update: After charging the battery I put it in the car again and it started without any issues. However - I only got about 12.6V at idle, so clearly I had a charging issue. Revving the car made the voltage increase though, but not to desired levels. I therefore ordered a new alternator from Germany, but after waiting a couple of days I got a message from the seller that it was no longer in stock. So i decided to buy one at Lexus instead, and also paid them to change it for me (I currently have no garage and the weather here in Sweden was not "outdoor-mechanic-friendly"). This set me back £590, but the car now works perfectly. For future readers: This video was excellent in describing the process of changing the alternator:
  2. Hi! I purchased a 2008 GS300 about two months ago and so far I'm very pleased with my purchase. However, a couple of days ago my car died on me and left me stranded on an airport (not very fun). What happened was that the "Check Charging System" as well as the "Battery Warning" came on when on idle, and after turning the car off (stupid) it wouldn't start again. I bought a new battery since the one installed was the one that came with the car originally, and voilá the problem went away. However today the same issue emerged with the new battery. Scenario: When turned off the battery read 12.0 V. Starting it and keeping it at idle made the "Check Charging System" light go on. Revving the car made it go away though. As of writing this I'm charging my new battery, but with a feeling that my alternator might have gone bad? I presume that I still should be getting 14+V at idle if my alternator would be working correctly? And if the issue would be the alternator - is this a job that could be recommended as a DIY? I replace my oil, filters and the occasional brake caliper by myself but have never changed an GS300 alternator before. (it looks quite tight down there in the engine bay...). Thanks in advance! Best Regards Chris from Sweden
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