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  1. Hi! The issue in picture format: From what I've read on various forums, it seems to be fairly common that the wheels on the 3rd Gen GS (and also other models such as the IS) suffer from cases of corrosion. This was something which my own 2008 GS300 also unfortunately was a victim of. Being in the scenario that my tires would require changing in maybe a couple of years, I wanted to fix this with two primary parameters in mind: * Not too expensive since the tires (and then maybe also wheels) would require changing in some time anyway. * Not something I wanted to spend w
  2. I bought these a couple of months ago: I am very satisfied with my purchase - easy to replace and works like a charm.
  3. This is apparently also true on the 3rd Gen GS (which I discovered after struggling with changing mine). Here's a photo from the manual:
  4. Car: 2008 GS300 Issue: Heavy condensation in one of the headlights (passenger side). Especially after washing the car or after heavy rain - a lot of condensation would appear in both headlight housings on one side. Picture below: To the left is the affected headlight, to the right is the unaffected one. I've seen multiple threads where this issue has been discussed, so I thought I'd also write about my troubleshooting journey. 1. Condensation appears in the passenger headlight. After a couple of days (depending on the weather) it would reduce, but very slowly. This nee
  5. Hi! Quick question to which i presume the answer will be no but just to make sure: - Will TPMS-sensors from a 4th Gen Lexus GS (or even newer ES) work on a 3rd Gen? My specific case is that I have a 2008 GS300 and have been offered a set of 4 sensors made for a 2019 ES300h for a great price, but I assume that the sensors are not interchangeable between model generations? / Chris
  6. An update: After charging the battery I put it in the car again and it started without any issues. However - I only got about 12.6V at idle, so clearly I had a charging issue. Revving the car made the voltage increase though, but not to desired levels. I therefore ordered a new alternator from Germany, but after waiting a couple of days I got a message from the seller that it was no longer in stock. So i decided to buy one at Lexus instead, and also paid them to change it for me (I currently have no garage and the weather here in Sweden was not "outdoor-mechanic-friendly"). This set me ba
  7. Hi! I purchased a 2008 GS300 about two months ago and so far I'm very pleased with my purchase. However, a couple of days ago my car died on me and left me stranded on an airport (not very fun). What happened was that the "Check Charging System" as well as the "Battery Warning" came on when on idle, and after turning the car off (stupid) it wouldn't start again. I bought a new battery since the one installed was the one that came with the car originally, and voilá the problem went away. However today the same issue emerged with the new battery. Scenario: When turned off the batt
  8. Steve

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