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  1. 2000 grade wet and dry with a good dollop of soapy water to remove the surface of the plastic, then spray them with clear lacquer.
  2. If you've got any scuffs on your red leather interior, try this stuff for a tenner, buy the cherry red 34, it matches the Lexus rose red perfectly. Dries quickly too.
  3. That is really good work and commendable. I can turn my hand to most things but electronics baffle me. I did however find my distance control switch, it looks like this....
  4. The answer is simple, if not a bit cheeky. One is a VW, the other is a Lexus, so your worries are over mate.
  5. A bit like Lytham-St-Annes on a Sunday? But without decent fish and chips. We sat there one day and watched a bloke park up a perfectly restored Austin Healey 3000, until his son tried to show off and slammed the door so hard that the handle fell off. Not Monaco I know, but affordable and amusing.
  6. If you want to know who loves you the most, lock your dog and your wife in the boot of your car for an hour...
  7. There's nothing wrong with the CVT, don't believe the motoring journalists who think acceleration has to be accompanied by a rising, wailing engine note. My neighbour has a new BMW M140, it sounds like a beast, he loves mutt car, my best mate has owned Porsche Boxters, Nissan 350Z, Audi something similar to Audis and BMW 635 coupe, he drove my IS and was seriously impressed, so much so, I thought he was going to cry.
  8. I feel for the guy, he's obviously made a good job of it. It does say that the timing belt has been changed, that is the cam belt.
  9. You could buy a clamp that's long enough to stretch from the wheel spoke to the back of the caliper! Align the wheel correctly and you're fine as long as the caliper can be observed clearly.
  10. I did mine on level ground with the parking brake off, box in park. Even loosening the wheel nuts didn't move the car. If you apply the parking brake out won't make any difference, the caliper will still move for the check.