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  1. I tried this today on my IS300h and it worked. I did try it a few weeks ago, but I got mixed up with the full up and one notch down positions, I was allowing the lever to go back to centre. Thanks for the info. Now, all I need to know is how to get the car to move forward! 😁
  2. Good God it beggars belief. Maybe she really wanted a number plate that reflected her name and tendencies? I struggle to believe that motoring journalists are so eager to put the Lexus down in comparison to the German "premium brands." I've owned three German cars and all of them have been seriously flawed. They are companies that are run by accountants, the lot of them. The problem being, the accountants provide the motoring press with luxury accommodation in the Alps with unlimited food and booze in exchange for a good review.
  3. Do not buy an SLK, they rattle like hell, break suspension springs and the brake callipers seize regularly, it's the worst car we've ever owned. We went back to an MX5 very quickly. And BMW? Get another mortgage to cover parts failures and taxi journeys.
  4. A pressure plate or damper between the engine and CVT would cause this kind of problem. The Honda Civic has a frequent occurrence of juddering when starting off after being stood for a week or two. The damper is a dry plate and condensation gathers on the plates and it can linger for some time especially in cold weather. Your sudden stop may have activated the damper, allowing moisture into the mechanism. Normal driving wouldn't cause the damper to fully deploy. I wouldn't lose faith in the car after one incidence like this, Lexus will find the problem or cause and maybe they won't tell you, but they'll fix it.
  5. Exactly. I deal with 75 staff plus awkward union reps, I get into my ISh and my heart rate goes all normal, even in heavy traffic. I also find myself looking down on BMW and Mercedes drivers, even to the point of feeling sorry for them!
  6. DON'T use WD40 for anything except cleaning glue from stickers or Cellotape from surfaces. It isn't a lubricant, in fact it solidifies into a black solid mess when it dries. You need something that will keep the slight movement required between the sensor inner and outer as it needs to be, Vaseline or silicone spray is ideal as it takes years to degrade. WD40 should be banned as a lubricant and water repellent as it only works for a few minutes. I used it on the points in my motorcycle once and after ten minutes the engine stopped, the black residue completely insulated the contacts and had to be removed with emery cloth.
  7. Train Driver? Me too, but Driver Manager now in Crewe. 😁
  8. Maybe the Lexus has evolved to identify some of your acquaintances as dodgy and decided not to read their texts! I was going to adopt a kitten to surprise the wife, I'm so glad the car didn't read their text which was "Your new pussy is ready, we know not to tell your wife."
  9. Further to my previous, my brother in law went to QF for an MOT. He dropped the car off at 09.00 and walked into town. Ten minutes later QF ring him and tell him that his Cat is knackered. So he rings me and tells me that they must be right because the guy is holding it while he's on the phone and rattling it to prove the point. I advised him that there's no way they could take a red hot catalyst off the car and hold it to shake it about after ten minutes.
  10. I once went for an interview at a tyre and exhaust centre, I was told that I'd be expected to extract £300.00 from each customer, and that was back in 1997.
  11. I have an IS, my mate has an RX, he's quite right when he says it's like driving a nuclear bunker.