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  1. If you want to know who loves you the most, lock your dog and your wife in the boot of your car for an hour...
  2. There's nothing wrong with the CVT, don't believe the motoring journalists who think acceleration has to be accompanied by a rising, wailing engine note. My neighbour has a new BMW M140, it sounds like a beast, he loves mutt car, my best mate has owned Porsche Boxters, Nissan 350Z, Audi something similar to Audis and BMW 635 coupe, he drove my IS and was seriously impressed, so much so, I thought he was going to cry.
  3. I feel for the guy, he's obviously made a good job of it. It does say that the timing belt has been changed, that is the cam belt.
  4. You could buy a clamp that's long enough to stretch from the wheel spoke to the back of the caliper! Align the wheel correctly and you're fine as long as the caliper can be observed clearly.
  5. I did mine on level ground with the parking brake off, box in park. Even loosening the wheel nuts didn't move the car. If you apply the parking brake out won't make any difference, the caliper will still move for the check.
  6. I did a quick test today to make sure my caliper slide pins were running freely. If you follow this quick guide there's no need for any stripping of the brakes as long as you don't find one that's seized. You only need to remove each wheel. All you'll need is a jack, obviously, and a pry bar or long flat bladed screwdriver and or, a clamp. Use the pry bar, screwdriver or clamp to compress the brake caliper until it moves toward the offside of the hub, or toward you, then, if the pins are running freely you'll be able to grab the caliper and check that it's moving freely.
  7. They are beautiful cars and I'm still impressed every time I get in mine. One thing I found, you need to program the phone contacts with the full name of the person you want to call with voice activation, then the system has an easier time recognising the prompt. For instance, my son is called Darren, if I leave his contact name as Darren, it doesn't work, but if I store him as Darren Brooksbank, it calls him.
  8. I could have bought a silver IS on a 2015 plate from Ford's of Winsford for less than I paid for mine, it's still on their site now if you take a look. The car is literally 8 miles from me but ... It was MOT'd last September, on an Isle of Man number plate, then it arrived at Fords in October with very few miles on the clock since the test. It has sat there for months at the same price. It may be a good car, but Fords only give a 3 month warranty and with it sitting around for so long? I know it'll be bullet proof, but the Isle of Man to Cheshire thing screamed "auction" to me. As you know, once you've dealt with a good Lexus dealer, you don't go anywhere else! Lexus Stoke are deservedly very highly rated, so I paid a bit of a premium for mine, but I sleep soundly at night and I've just had the 12 month warranty extended by 3 months by that nice Mr Lexus. If you're going to buy into a premium brand, and I honestly think Lexus currently occupy the position that Mercedes enjoyed in the 1970's, which is just about the pinnacle of quality, then why scrimp and save on a few quid? By the way, as I've previously stated on here, Crewe where I live is the home of Bentley and previously Rolls Royce. That factory has been bought, sold and horse traded more than the average corner tart. Their quality (Bentley) is about 20% above the car they're based on, the Audi. Mercedes and BMW are run by accountants these days, long gone is the engineer in charge. Take your pick, but if I'm spending a lot of my cash, I know what I'm doing.
  9. WHAT? Good God, some people shouldn't have an electricity supply!
  10. Barry, I hate to tell you this, but I live a mile and a half from the factory and there's no craftsmanship these days. Their leather work isn't as straight as Toyota or Lexus, or even Hyundia. Everything on them is Audi, even the window switches. Now, I know Lexus and Toyota share parts, but they don't have starting prices of circa 150K.
  11. I've recently bought a September 2013 F Sport with 22,800 on the clock for £17,000. It's immaculate. Electric heated and ventilated seats and auto dipping mirrors. The only thing I haven't got is lane control and radar cruise. I'm getting 42 mpg town and urban and 58 mpg at motorway speeds. The seats are very comfortable and its very quiet. You won't get the full luxury spec for less than 20K on a 16/17 plate. But don't be put off by a slightly older car, they're bomb proof and if supplied by a Lexus dealer, it'll be fine.
  12. I read an article today in which it was claimed that 85% of all French and German cars built are still on the road. Then I turned the page to discover that the other 15% made it home! 😌
  13. I bought an IS300h at the end of December 2019, a 63 plate with 22,800 on the clock. Having owned both Honda and Mazda previously, the Lexus feels far better built than the others, and they are pretty well screwed together! The mileage I do is fairly similar to yours and I'm having no issues at all, with no battery problems and on the coldest days I was getting 38 mpg around town and suburban. The Honda Civic gave me 28 to 32. On a long motorway run to St Albans on a very cold January day I got 58 mpg at almost warp speeds, the Civic gave me 48 mpg at best. Currently in lock down conditions I'm only doing the across town run and I'm on 44.5 mpg. Bear in mind that I'm running the F Sport which has wider tyres, hence a little less mpg than the standard saloon. I have no issues with thoroughly recommending any Lexus to anybody. My colleagues who run German stuff, and that's all it is, are somewhat kicking themselves right now and every single one of them who've ridden in the Lexus has been totally gob smacked. Buy the IS, it's the only car I've ever owned where I'm impressed every time I do so much as click the seatbelt on.