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  1. thanks a lot for your advise, quite helpful Thomas I love your videos. Very impressive. I visited your youtube page and noticed you have done a number of luxury car reviews Whats your comparisions on lexus vs the luxury segments ??? please share
  2. Hi Guys I am looking to buy my first ever lexus after driving one over the weekend and was completely blown away. I went to a local dealer, who told me its a family franchise and would be totally separate and independent of all other dealers in the UK. I am looking to finance or bank loan either a 2016 or 2017 IS 300 or 250 petrol/Hybrid (Which is outside warranty), the sales person, gave me a comprehensive quote, which he said was better than what a bank could offer me, as at any point in time of my finance if the car developed a fault, I could always opt out and return the car or opt out of the finance I noticed the lexus dealers are far more expensive than what I see on autotraders and other car dealers within the UK My major concern is reliability as all cars at one point do break down and I commute 2hours (roundtrip) to work everyday and 5hours roundtrip to see my daughter 3 times a month Please advise 1. What do I look out for ? 2. Is it better to go for the more expensive dealer option (who offers me 12months) rather than autotrader (offering 3 months) 3. or is there a way to get an extended warranty ? (based on 2 above) 4. Is there anything I might be missing ? many thanks E
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