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  1. I am sorry I did not explain myself correctly, I have a Lexus boot mat already, I meant a boot liner for the sides of the boot and rear of seats for protection when my dogs are wet and muddy.
  2. Hello, can anyone recommend a boot liner for the Rx450h, I have been looking but can't make up my mind which one to get
  3. I plan to take out the extended warranty well worth it for peace of mind, but it is annoying as you say paid twice for a years cover, never mind enjoying the Lexus.
  4. Heard back today from Customer Relations, unfortunately they say as I bought the car from a dealer and not from a private sale they cannot transfer the Warranty, although I cannot see what difference it makes.
  5. I have been in touch with Lexus Customer relations today, awaiting their reply
  6. Hi John it was in the extended warranty explanation FAQ's the part you referred to: Is a LexusCare Extended Warranty transferable? Yes, the LexusCare Extended Warranty are fully transferable if the person to whom you sell or give the Protected Vehicle does not buy, sell or repair cars by way of business. For a 25 fee, a new owner can enjoy the same benefits if you decide to sell your car during the warranty’s lifetime – giving a genuine boost to the car’s resale value.
  7. Called Lexus Aftercare Warranty they will not transfer remaining 13 months warranty as I purchased a car from a dealer, so anyone buying a used Lexus beware warranty NOT transferable as they state in their guidelines.
  8. Hi John, I will give them a call tomorrow, thanks for info, will keep fingers crossed.
  9. I was in the Lexus dealer today showed them the contract but they could not advise me as they said that did not know, they are a relatively new Lexus dealership and were only Toyota previously, I cannot find any contact details on the contract
  10. Hello everyone, I have just bought a 2013 Lexus RX450h from a non Lexus dealer and looking through the paperwork I found the paperwork for a Lexus extended warranty until November 2021, does anyone know if the warranty stays with the vehicle and can be transferred to the new owner or not.
  11. I have converted my RX350 from air suspension to coils, I just left the height sensors as you need them for the headlamp height adjust, also just disconnect the compressor cable at the compressor, also I put black tape over the green light in the height display (keeps flashing as it thinks there is a fault), clocks and plastic lens easy to remove and the height display and flashing light now not visible. been running like this for over 6 months no problems.
  12. I had the exact same leak with RX350 I think I have cured it seems ok for the last week, I put a small amount of body seam sealer on the panel joints above the boot strut and the panel joints at the top the tailgate seam below the hinges I pulled back the boot seal to make sure I could access all of the joint its been a week of rain and all seems ok absolutely dry, the water was seeping in and running down the double skinned boot panel and leaking under the rear lights by the body seam you could see the marks where it had been leaking, I hope this may be of help
  13. I took the air strut off the car today removed the rubber bellows cover and can now see why the struts leak, it was very corroded around the top where it joins the air bag and the metal is so corroded and thin its not sealing, very poor design, I used to be a commercial mechanic have worked on lorry air systems and changing an air bag takes minutes they could have designed the Lexus air bag the same but I guess it is just a built in lifespan designed to fail after 10 years and cheaper to make.
  14. Yes new battery right way up, when I press the unlock button key light flashes yes its the 3 button key, I read a few blogs and there was a routine opening shutting drivers door key in/out of ignition none of these seem to work it think they are for USA spec cars will get there eventually.