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  1. Hi all, i regret to say that on thursday an idiot overtaking round a blind bend caused me to swerve causing me to plough my pride and joy through a hedge and into a field. Due to me having insufficient funds and a lack of time, i have decided to sell her. it has bodywork damage on the drivers side, effecting the driver and rear door with some light damage to the front bumper, fender and sill. i have only had this car for a month so as you can imagine i am well and truly gutted. Mechanically fine but could do with 2 new tyres at the back. drivers wingmirror damaged, but still moves and heats indicator repeater ripped off but connector is still there in tact rear bumper ripped off but in fine condition passenger side untouched interior very good condition just ticked to 140000 almost 1 years MOT remaining. 100% drivable photos are attached 500 ONO (let me know if i am breaking forum rules by posting this) Many Thanks
  2. hi all, quick update after a busy weekend; ticking noise fixed after top up of the ps fluid kurust applied to boot (amazing stuff) Just worth checking the ps system if anyone else has the ticking at cold start. many thanks
  3. Cheers for the help guys. knowing it's just the washer bottle puts my mind at rest. any help on my other issues would be greatly appreciated. the cold start ticking is driving me mad 🙄 Many Thanks
  4. Hi all i am proud to be a new is200 owner and part of the club 😁 There are a few things that i think require attention but I am in IT not a mechanic 😂 Could you guys help me with the following Ticking straight after start up for a few mins (sounds as if its coming from alternator area) Roof strips missing - is this a problem or can they be left? Power steering fluid was empty - luckily i has only covered about 20 miles in it - have i done any damage? plastic covers cracked above exhaust manifold some sort of filler with foam-looking substance in the bottom is empty (as pictured in 20191229_132751.jpg and 20191229_132749.jpg) rust in right of boot Thanks all in advance for any help. Thanks
  5. Welcome to Europe's Leading Lexus Club! Please Enjoy!