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  1. Did you leave all the cats in? I've heard that a less restrictive system will result in a relatively sizeable power gain on these. Any good threads or advice about this here?
  2. 1.5 month update. Best car I've ever owned. I've driven 2000 miles and I don't even need a car for my commute. I've to try limiting myself to one tank of petrol a week as I just keep going on pointless drives. Shockingly quick yesterday too even against another dream car of mine, an Alfa Romeo Giulia QV. I thought he would leave me for dead. The dealers have been very impressive. The original dealer agreed to do a few jobs for me through my local Lexus dealer. They also paid for a full set of new tyres as I wasn't happy with the ditchfinders. That local dealer damaged my freshly refurbished alloys while changing the tyres. But they told me about it, booked it in for repair and gave me a brand new is300h for two days while they repaired the wheels. All that might make me even happier is a cat back system.
  3. Here are a few photos. I'm absolutely loving it now. I know I'm enjoying a car when I am driving it everywhere! I've almost 1000 miles done since I got it and almost all of those were for pleasure.
  4. One thing that is annoying me is when I open the door to get out, all the other doors remain locked. So when I get out and go to open the boot or the back doors I have to reopen my door and press the unlock button. Anyway to change this? Or why is it doing it? I've never had a car which does this before.
  5. I'm ordering tyres for this now. Goodyear eagle F1 Asymmetric 5 at 235/35/19 and Asymmetric 2 275/30/19 at the back. Anyone with good tyres knowledge see a problem with that?
  6. The maps are well out of date. I asked the dealer to put the latest ones on and he said they were no updates which was obviously bollocks, but at least I got him to say the latest available were on it so he will have to update them if I can prove otherwise [emoji849] Are there current maps available for the ISF?
  7. That makes it two ISF in Cork now. I never thought I'd see a post 2008 one in this country.
  8. Good to know. The tyres seem quite skinny at 255 for such a powerful car. I'd imagine that's half the reason it spins tyres so much. Anyone out anything faster on the back?
  9. Collected it today. What a machine! It's quite intimidating. Didn't help that I mashed the throttle merging on to the motorway as I left the garage and got the tail sliding in traffic. Never felt that happen in a straight line at 60mph before! That scared and quietened me for a while...[emoji1751] Car seems really tight. No rattles and the handling seems spot on. The power is immense! Re: 12 month warranty. I called another Lexus dealer who had a 2008 rx450h on the forecourt. I asked him how long the warranty was and he said only 6 months also. I probably should have insisted on it anyway though but I didn't so hopefully it doesn't come back to bite me in the arse. Sent from my moto g(7) power using Tapatalk
  10. Good spot indeed. I will be saying it to them. They actually got the wheels refurbished on the car a few weeks back so obviously he did the same thing. Sent from my moto g(7) power using Tapatalk
  11. Indeed. I don't trust car salesmen either but it does seem like as genuine a car as I am likely to find. Sent from my moto g(7) power using Tapatalk
  12. It is a Lexus main dealer. The car is 12 years old on January 1st so that's why I assume it's not "Lexus approved". Sent from my moto g(7) power using Tapatalk
  13. Will do. How often does the water pump need to be done on them? Sent from my moto g(7) power using Tapatalk
  14. I've seen the records already. They are all there for every year the car has been owned. The car has only had one previous owner. It wasn't just the sales man I was dealing with who told me it was the sister who owned it, but also one of the junior salesmen who was sent out with me on the test drive. He seemed like a total car nut having owned Supras, RX8s and the like. We had a good chat, he didn't seem like a liar. So unless he was briefed on quite an elaborate lie them I'm willing to take them at their word. Now obviously they could be faked, but if I was a Lexus dealer and the only owner of a car like that for 11 years then I'm pretty sure I'd take advantage of the free servicing and look after it. Sent from my moto g(7) power using Tapatalk