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  1. I remember reading something on this possibly on the US forum. It's possible but not a straight swap. You may be better of with an aftermarket unit - think that there are some that look very similar to the oem one but run on andorid - like this one
  2. The main difference for me is the sportier look of the F-sport vs the (slightly) more luxurious interior of the SE-L. The vented seats don't seem to be doing a great deal so they're not a major loss if you decide to go for the F-sport.
  3. Guess I'll have to live with it until it finally gives up (hopefully in a long time from now 😁) From what I've seen on YouTube and when I inspected my amp it's not a difficult job to remove it, just a few 10mm nuts
  4. Not sure a Lexus forum is the right place to sell a Merc, but there is a "for sale" page that would be more fitting 🙂 check the rules too Good luck with the sale!
  5. Only listen to Radio 1 and haven't heard much news going on there, but I share your view on news - ignorance is bliss as they say
  6. My first call was to check the amp but couldn't find anything wrong with it from a visual check...and it bugs me that the issue is just with playing radio
  7. Hi, I have an odd issue with my stereo when playing radio stations. It seems that at times the sound goes through only a few speakers and you can hear it when sometimes appears to be switching on more speakers. It's not triggered by going over bumps or on rough roads so not sure it's due to a loose connection but still checked the leads going in the amp and they all seem fine. This never happens when playing music via bluetooth (added a bluetooth module on the second cd magazine port on the back of the stereo) or via CD. for context he car is 55 plate and it has the ML stereo Has this happened to anyone else and found a fix for it?
  8. When I did mine the bolt that snapped on the rear breaks was the one at the bottom. It comes through on the other side on the brake carrier (I think that's the part...) so I removed the brake disc and extracted it from behind. The caliper itself was fine. In hindsight I'd much prefer taking it to a shop now rather than doing it again as the pins were all siezed and could have broken at any point. But then again I'm not a very competent DIYer when it comes to cars.
  9. Buy yourself a kit of front and rear sliding pins in case any will break. When I did mine the rear bottom one snapped and had to remove the brake disc to extract it. Was lucky enough to have a friend with a spare pin/bolt, but I'd say be prepared for the worst
  10. Can confirm the vlands will pass the mot. My is250 came with them fitted and the car just passed it's second mot in my ownership. Have the vland tail lights too and they're great.
  11. Hi, the short answer is no. The navi head unit has different wiring so it will need mending with the wire looms to get it working. You may be better off looking for an aftermarket unit as those tend to be made for the non-navi units. The OEM navi unit is a bit useless on it's own anyways as it's quite old technology.
  12. Attached a pic to show you. Use some trim removal tools or a very thin flat screwdriver
  13. The frosted plastic cover on top of the lights comes off if you pry it open from the bottom (near the individual LED ligts). You can then change the lights easily. I did this on my 2006 and worked great.
  14. @ahmed24 thought I wouldn't be keen on the blue carbon fibre but it actually looks great in combination with the blue elements! All looks really great! The one thing that bothers me is that you've left the small handle on the ashtray cover chrome 😄
  15. I'm thinking of doing it with plasti dip / hyper dip as a friend wrapped his chrome window trim and it was a pain. Plasti dip are now doing a black gloss spray and seen that if you go with a wet coat it dries up to a smooth texture. But I think I'll wait for warmer weather to do it. If you want to go the wrap route I've seen there are narrow strips of vynil for sale on Ebay in different lengths. One thing to note is that you'll probably have to cut away the black bit that covers some of the chorme window trim
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