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  1. Hi Jimi, welcome to the LOC. ✋ Hope you enjoy your new RX, I purchased mine in December and I've loved driving every minute of it so far 😀
  2. I shall be looking forward to that Luigi! 😉
  3. Thought I would finally post some more pictures of my RX450h, from a recent touring trip around Cornwall. Fantastic journey there and back, very comfortable on the motorway. The radar guided cruise control was a boon on the long motorway and A-road stretches as well. Overall economy took a hit on the shorter journeys down there (4 adults and 1 toddler plus luggage and numerous hills brought it down to about 26 MPG on occasion), but the cruise back home was just shy of 39 MPG, which I was very impressed with (those long sections of 50 MPH roadworks on the M6 helped there) 😀
  4. I recently bought a pre-reg 2019 RX450h and got a 250-odd page paper User Guide, plus a service and warranty book with the car. As has been mentioned above the main owner's manual and infotainment manuals are available online.
  5. Love the colour, looks great in the Sun ☀️ Congrats on the new car 😀
  6. mikey2001


    Hi Maurice, and welcome to the club. I found the relevant area in the CT handbook, is this any help?
  7. Hi Bartek, welcome to the club! 🤝
  8. Hi Alan, welcome back to the club 😀 You've certainly had a varied list of cars 👍
  9. Hi Les, I just tried this on the https://www.lexus-mapupdates.eu site and the button does pop up for me. Does your web browser block anything that might prevent the button from displaying?
  10. I got the 2019 spec because I bought a pre-registered (September 2019) RX450h in the middle of December. Although not new, it only had delivery miles on it and am very happy with my purchase so far 😀
  11. Silver for me (specifically Sonic Titanium), but I'm biased as I have one 😉 There was also gold and brown and now a shade of green available on the latest facelift 450h.
  12. I've been fortunate to purchase a 2019 RX 450h recently, and have found the transition from electric to petrol and back again very smooth and I'm hardly aware it is happening (only 450 miles on the clock so far). The system is much smoother than the stop/start system on my previous car. Do you find this more noticeable when the engine is cold?
  13. I like this site too, contains some very useful information. Members may already be aware of another, https://www.carfolio.com/, that also contains a wide variety of specifications of many different makes and models.