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  1. I've used Aviva to cover a car temporarily in the past (not an LS400 though). The eligibility criteria below would suggest you would be covered - including the maximum engine cc, just about! 😉
  2. Although my RX was only 12 months old at the time, Lexus Stockport inquired if I would like the 2-4-1 warranty extension last September. I did wonder at the time if the price was going to go up, or whether the scheme might be dropped at the end of 2020, but after some thought decided to go for it (which I'm glad I did now). This should cover me from the car's 3rd birthday in 2022 until 2024.
  3. Hi John, I had this exact same problem on my RX, and I'm trying to remember how I resolved it. I could be wrong, but I think the Travel Time/Arrival Time only appear once you start driving on your chosen route, not before you set off. I'll try and check my navigation tomorrow and see if I can spot anything else.
  4. "Failure is not an option!"
  5. So true. I always remember when James May referred to the Scorpio as "gopping" on a Top Gear episode that featured it 😆 Had me in stitches at the time.
  6. Not sure 🤔 Maybe something from FSO Polonez, derived from a Fiat of some description?
  7. To put people out of their was a Lea-Francis Ace of Spades...only half a dozen built, and not a pretty design for sure!
  8. Yes, it really isn't a looker in my opinion too. I was tempted to put it into the thread on this forum about ugliest cars ever! 😄
  9. Close, but not quite. The car in question did use a Jaguar engine though.
  10. No, but only a handful were ever made.
  11. As Phil has mentioned above, try the Martin Lewis site - there are some good suggestions on there. One example is tweaking your job title to another than is similar and could apply to the role you are in currently, this could help reduce your premiums.
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